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You have a very long way to go, Oprah Winfrey.

While that talk show maven covers the latest issue of her self-named magazine with a large afro, it's nothing compared to the 'do donned by Aevin Dugas of Napoleonville, Louisiana.

Measuring four-and-a-half feet in diameter, the hair has been named Largest Afro in the World by The Guinness Book of Records.

It took Dugas over 12 years to grow out and it takes over two days to dry. Watch the following video now for a look at these locks in all their impressive/VERY long glory:

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Very sad news this week out of New Brunswick, Canada.

A 100-pound python escaped from its cage inside a pet store, found its way through a ventilation system and then fell through the ceiling of a room where a five-year old and seven-year old were sleeping.

The brothers had been visiting the apartment of a friend and were strangled to death.

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Today alone, we've talked about a guy who called 911 on McDonald's and another guy who tried to sell a baby on Craigslist. And now this sad story:

A California community is in shock after a group of thieves cut the lock off of a bike (or adult tricycle) and stole it from a deaf man in the neighborhood.

The man's bike is specially equipped for him and was his only form of independence. He has cerebral palsy, making it difficult for him to get around.

Via a sign language interpreter Troy Gellis said he fears he'll "never see his bike again.” His mom Tammy sadly seems to share that sentiment.

“Troy was very independent. Whenever we would try to help him up a hill [he'd say] ‘No no I got it.’ He didn’t want any help," she said of her 27-year-old.

"The sense of pride he had being able to ride that bike is not replaceable."

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Turns out, the guy who called 911 last week because McDonald's messed up his order is NOT the dumbest criminal of the summer.

Nope. That dishonor falls to Paul Marquez, a 23-year old Staten Island resident who twice tried to sell his girlfriend's baby on Craigslist last month because its asthma was starting to get truly irritating.

"I have a 2-month-old baby, she loves to play and have her little fun, but there's one problem," the ad read.

"Doctors say she has asthma and if she turns a certain way she can stop breathing. She's really getting on my nerves and I don't want her."

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The mother of a terminally ill 2-year-old Pennsylvania boy who served as his parents' best man at their wedding last weekend confirms that he has died.

Christine Swidorsky Stevenson says on her Facebook page that little Logan Stevenson passed away in her arms at 8:18 p.m. Monday at their house.

Logan S

Christine and Sean Stevenson in Jeannette, about 25 miles east of Pittsburgh, and were married at their home with Logan as best man in the ceremony.

A family spokeswoman, Sylvia Johnson, confirmed the boy's death to the AP.

His mother says on Facebook, "He is with angels and he's in no more pain."

She posted that her son was doing poorly. His breathing was rapid, then slowed. After an exam, the mother was informed that he did not have much time.

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Unlike a certain horse in England, Larenzo Riggins may not have been turned away from McDonald's when he stopped by the fast food joint on July 30.

But after a bizarre incident that left the Georgia resident in the custody of police, he likely wishes he had been.

Riggins placed an order for seven McDoubles late last month, only to realize on his way to his truck that he had been short-changed a burger.

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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has purchased the Washington Post for $250 million. It is a personal acquisition for the web entrepreneur; Amazon is not involved.

Publisher Katharine Weymouth made the announcement at a staff meeting Monday. She will stay on as publisher, and editor Martin Baron will also retain his job.

Bezos, who is worth $25 billion, also bought the Washington Post Company's other newspapers. The company's non-newspaper properties are not being sold.

Post Co. CEO Donald Graham, whose family has owned the Post for generations, said in a statement that the economics of the print industry led to the decision.

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Let's say you weren't impressed by the movie trailer proposal. It wasn't nearly as public, or perhaps nearly as "internetty" as you like, or maybe it just didn't include enough commissioned art. 

Well thankfully Reddit user, technocracy, is here to save the day.

Internet Proposal

He took to the social news site to propose to his girlfriend in a unique manner, using only well known internet memes and plenty of commissioned art featuring the couple. Everyone from Confession Bear to Success Kid and even Cool Guy Greg made an appearance.

Sadly there was no Chemistry Cat or Insanity Wolf but there is such thing as an embarrassment of riches so perhaps it's for the best.

Despite many naysaying fellow redditors, the proposal seemed to work its magic and the happy couple are now engaged. Huzzah!

+1 Social Interaction

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Kendra McKenzie Gill, an 18-year old who earned the crown of Miss Riverton last month, was arrested on Saturday for making homemade bombs and throwing them at neighbors.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, the local fire department received calls on Friday night about folks tossing incendiary devices out of a car, with at least nine such incidents reported.

Authorities arrived on the scene and discovered water bottles filled with aluminum foil and toilet bowl cleaner.

Gill was arrested the following day, along with three friends, and charged with 10 first degree felonies, including construction of an incendiary device.

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A bus fight between students in Gulfport, Florida is causing ripples today through the Internet, partly due to the savage nature of the beating... but largely due to the actions of the bus driver who witnessed it.

As the video below depicts, John Moody is heard calling authorities for help and telling them to get "somebody here quick, quick, quick."

But Moody himself just stands around and watches three 15-year olds attack a 13-year old, eventually breaking his arm and stealing his money.

Reports say the 13-year old had earlier told school officials that one of the attackers had tried to sell him drugs.

The unnamed 15-year olds were arrested and charged with aggravated battery.

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