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Minibar, an Austin, Texas drinking establishment, is under fire for a sign outside the door that jokes, "I like my beer like I like my violence: domestic."

Domestic Violence Joke

After Austin resident Seetha Kulandaisamy shared a picture of the sign on Facebook and Instagram, the image went viral and grabbed national attention.

"I walked by the sign on Friday night, and my first response was just anger," Kulandaisamy said. "I currently am a volunteer at the women's shelter in Austin."

"My sensitivity is extra high, but I think my reaction would have been the same regardless. Not only was it offensive, but it was also just bad humor."

It's true. Unless the sign is being ironic and implying it doesn't like domestic beer (there is a Heineken logo up top), this is just an epic fail all around.

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Lynne Spalding, the California mom who mysteriously vanished from her hospital bed last month, has reportedly been found dead in a hospital stairwell.

The body of Lynne Spalding, 57, was discovered at San Francisco General Hospital where she had been treated for an infection, KGO-TV reports.

She'd been missing for almost 18 days. The hospital did not immediately confirm the person's identity, but the facility issued the following statement:

"A woman's body was found in an exterior stairwell on the hospital campus."

"The person is deceased. San Francisco Sheriff's [officials are] leading the investigation, with assistance of the San Francisco Police Department."

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The father of the 9-year-old Minnesota boy who ran off and successfully boarded a Delta flight to Las Vegas with no ticket admits that the boy needs help.

"I don't have an angel, okay? I have a 9-year-old," the father said.

"To me, he's got a behavioral problem."

In fact, the father, who asked not to be identified, told a local CNN affiliate that the family has been trying unsuccessfully to get the boy help for years.

It was reported that before the Vegas stunt, the boy had a similar history, sneaking into a local water park and even stealing and crashing a vehicle.

"I miss my son," the father said of the boy who reportedly is still being held by child welfare authorities in Vegas, where he was detained. "I love my son."

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This. Is. AWESOME.

In a prank cooked up by the producers of this month's Carrie remake, patrons at a Manhattan coffee shop this week were treated to a shock of grande proportions when a girl seemingly got REALLY mad at a guy who spilled his drink on her computer.

She responded by magically throwing him against a wall and later by using her mind to move tables and books.

Yes, there were wires, stuntmen and false walls involved… but customers weren't aware of that at the time and their reactions are amazing. This is must-watch footage:

Where does the Carrie prank rank when compared to this Ring prank and this drive-thru invisible man prank? Decide now!

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Yes, this was once a prank Jim pulled on Dwight in an episode of The Office.

But it's also a very real story confirmed by Kuwait's Director of Public Health.

The nation is developing homosexuality-detecting technology that it plans to install inside international airports in order to prevent gay travelers from entering the country.

The proposal will be officially unveiled before a Gulf Cooperation Council committee on November 11. Explained the director, Yousuf Mindkar:

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An undercover police officer was arrested Tuesday after allegedly lying to police about his involvement in last month's biker attack of an SUV in New York City.

Wojciech Braszczok, 32, was charged with riot and criminal mischief.

The veteran detective originally told police he didn't arrive until after the attack on Alexian Lien. However, video viewed by the NYPD told a different story.

Video shows the undercover officer was involved, as he can be seen banging on the window of the Range Rover, unnamed police sources say.

"It shows him punching the back window," an unnamed source said. "And then as the camera is moving it catches him maybe throwing a kick at the side of the car."

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Miniature horse Judd and young Tyler Cribbs are best friends, but unlike most people and animals who share a special bond, theirs is rather specific.

Boy and Horse

Judd was born at the Capital Area Therapeutic Riding Association in Grantville, Pa., with a condition that prevents him from supporting his own weight without splints.

The association offers horseback riding as therapy to patients with disabilities. Ironically, in the case of Judd, CARTA saw an opportunity to do the opposite.

"It's our turn to give therapy back," CATRA's Ben Nolt said. "There are horses who have had this in the past and recovered normally. We're sort of a wait and see."

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A Texas dad made his son hold a pink sign declaring "I am a bully" on the side of a local highway because he says frankly, "we don’t need another Columbine.”

When Jose Lagares found out that his son got in trouble for bullying in his fourth grade class, he sent the boy out to a major intersection to make his point.

KCEN captured the video of the fourth grader holding a pink sign that read: “I am a bully. Honk if you hate bullies.” People did, early and often, that day.

“Bullying is also a form of public humiliation,” Lagares told the station. “Maybe he understands that when he humiliates someone publicly that doesn’t feel good.”

“Hopefully the next time he tries to bully someone he’ll think about it twice.”

In an interview after the story gained attention, Lagares said that he had received his share of negative criticism, but he did not regret punishing his son.

Making your child hold a sign like this: Right or wrong?


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A decade after Elizabeth Smart's kidnapping, she is sharing "100 percent" of the intimate details of her 9-month-long nightmare in a new book, My Story.

"I didn't just want to go 10% and sugarcoat the rest," Smart, 25, told CNN.

"I wanted it to be really what happened and what it was like every single day I was there, because I don't think I'm doing anyone any favors by sugarcoating it."

Her motivation for opening up? To acknowledge the "just staggering" fact that one in four girls and one in six boys are sexually abused before age 18.

"I want to reach out to those survivors and those victims," Smart said.

"I want them to know that these things do happen, but that doesn't mean that we have to be defined by it for life. You can move forward and you can be happy."

Case in point? The story that for so long defined her in the eyes of many.

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American Apparel knows how to raise eyebrows with its clothing, that's for sure. But some new t-shirts are pushing boundaries even by their standards.

Case in point? The retail chain's new "Period" shirt featuring a screen-printed, vivid illustration by Petra Collins of a menstruating, masturbating vagina.

One could call this a self-pleasing fashion statement ... or something:

Collins curates The Ardorous, an "all-female online art platform" that also sells a similarly expressive "wet tee" (below) at American Apparel exclusively.

The platform features a lot of (you guessed it) feminist-slanted work.

Half of the proceeds of these tees' sales will go directly to the collective, and you have to respect her ability and willingness to go for broke like this.

As for who would actually wear this? You tell us ...

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