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Karla Begley, the Canadian mother of Max, a teenager with autism, was the subject of a shocking hate letter earlier this month. Now she's taking a stand.

An anonymous missive from a person in her neighborhood suggested her autistic son should be euthanized, shaking the community and going viral.

How do you fight back against that kind of intolerance and hate?

Begley does not hurl insults or express anger. Rather, she seeks to end ignorance about special needs kids and families, enhancing the public conversation.

She spoke with Love That Max, a site where blogger Ellen Seidman writes about her experience raising a boy (also named Max) with cerebral palsy.

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Disturbing news this week out of Montana:

Stacey Rambold, a former high school teacher convicted of raping a 14-year old student who later committed suicide, was sentenced by a judge to just 30 days in prison.

According to The Billings Gazette, the 54-year old was guilty of at least three sexual encounters with Cherice Morales in 2008.

Weeks prior to her 17th birthday in 2010, the victim killed herself, with Morales' mother testifying that her relationship with Rambold played a major role in her child's suicide.

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CVS hears your hilarious complaints, Internet.

The chain has responded to numerous photos online of consumers with unusually lengthy ExtraCare receipts, with one holding up a 38-inch long strip of paper ... after purchasing a pack of gum.

"As part of our commitment to find ways to provide you with even more value, we’ve gone LONG on savings," CVS wrote late last week on Facebook.

"And, as you’ve noticed, our receipts have gotten lengthier too."

"So, we’ve found a way to reduce the size of the ExtraCare portion of your receipts by 25% while still providing you all the coupons and rewards.

"The smaller, value-packed receipts will start printing in the coming weeks."

See, this is how you use the Internet, people! It is far healthier and more productive than slamming Liam Payne's girlfriend.

CVS, meanwhile, has faced issues over its receipts in the past. A woman sued in April for emotional damage suffered when a racist slur was printed on her slip.

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The Apple rumor mill is churning like crazy once again amid gossip and speculation that the brand's new iPhone 5S may be released September 20.

The next iPhone's release date, gold and graphite phones, and a "revolutionary" patent that could replace hinges (seriously) are all unconfirmed.

Still, why let that stop us from excitedly guessing? The latest Apple rumors:

  • The iPhone 5S will be released three weeks from Friday, September 20.
  • The iPhone 5C, a new, cheaper and more colorful plastic-cased handset, will also be released, a report in Japan's Nikkei indicates.
  • Apple is to announce the devices September 10, according to speculation, and the products' release 10 days later is standard iPhone procedure.

Elsewhere in iPhone land...

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A mom blogger recently responded to a note left on her car window - accusing her of not being disabled - in a blog post that has gone viral.

The brief, anonymous note expressed "shame" on the mom for parking in a handicapped spot, when she "clearly" does not need to do so.

But the author missed a key point: Her young daughter, who was with her at the park, is very much disabled. She uses a wheelchair, in fact.


Anonymous Note on Car Window

As if that weren't enough, the mom's older daughter also has special needs and is allowed to use the disabled parking permit for different reasons.

All of this led to an all-time rebuke by Suzanne Perryman.

Read the full text of the Huffington Post blogger's response, and watch a video interview in which she discusses the incident, after the jump ...

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NBA Hall of Fame member Scottie Pippen has been cleared in the incident this summer in which he got into a fight with an overzealous fan in Malibu.

The 47-year-old Pippen mixed it up with autograph seeker who authorities say was drunk and exaggerated his injuries including faking seizures.

Thus, the L.A. County district attorney's office said there was insufficient evidence to bring assault charges against Pippen for the altercation.

Camran Shafighi approached him at Nobu, a sushi restaurant and celebrity hangout on the beach in Malibu, back on June 24, reports indicate.

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A homeless burn victim who came to Reddit to share his story walked away with a bunch of new friends and generous donations from the community.

Chris Tomlinson, 28, hosted an “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit on Sunday and users were so inspired by his experience that they’ve rallied around him.

They have already donated nearly $2,000 to support Tomlinson.

The candid survivor shared the horrific details of how he was burned on more than 98 percent of his body as a baby and how he still faces obstacles.

When he was nearly 2 years old, he slipped out of a swing in his Florida backyard and ventured to the family's shed when his mom wasn’t looking.

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It must have been the heat drugs.

Robin Moretz Campbell, a 20-year old in Orange County, was arrested yesterday after police caught him walking his dog naked and explained his reason why by telling an officer: "This is God's house."

Campbell then admitted he had taken mushrooms (shocking!) and resisted arrest, even jumping back to life after getting Tasered. Learn more about the unusual incident in this report:

Incredibly, this isn't the first time this month that a nude man has clashed with cops.

In California, some dude in his birthday suit was washing his car when he tried to toss bug spray into the eyes of law enforcement officials before fleeing into his home and being apprehended.

Then there's the case of the Naked Breastfeeding Mom... but that's a whole other story.

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Twerking has enjoyed a pretty strong week. At least in terms of notoriety.

First, Miley Cyrus Twerking all over the MTV Video Music Awards stage Sunday night inspired up to 300,000 Tweets per minute by some estimates.

Now the Oxford dictionaries have listed as an official word: Twerk, verb.

Robin Thicke, Miley Cyrus

The well-respected dictionary does a quarterly update of "current English," adding terms that its editors say have been absorbed by popular culture.

Twerking made the cut, along with fauxhawk (i.e. the David Beckham haircut), phablet (phone and tablet combined) and selfie (see any Jenelle Evans photo).

As for the definition of Twerking?

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If you think PETA reached a new low when it placed a lettuce bikini on Courtney Stodden, well...

The organization is pushing for the National Buffalo Wing Festival to ban pregnant women from competing in its chicken-wing eating contest… because consuming this item may cause their unborn sons to develop small penises.

"Pregnant women may want to think twice before chomping on those chicken wings, or their sons could come up short," PETA Associate Director of Campaigns Lindsay Rajt said in a statement.

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