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Makeup is a powerful tool for transformation. It's also a lightning rod for discussion on the web, where the no makeup revolution has become en vogue.

To wit, a set of stark "before" and "after" makeup photos posted on Reddit have brought the question up for debate: Is makeup a good or bad thing?

Redditor water_anus posted two side-by-side photos of a woman, seemingly heavily-done makeup and hair on the right and no styling at all on the left.

The caption: "Make-up. That's it." This posting quickly went viral and has opened up debate amongst Reddit users and beyond on a number of levels.

From criticisms of her unsmiling face to praise for the masterful makeup skills to discussion over the merits of wearing makeup in general, it's got it all.

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Heather Koon, 25, was trusted to take care of little children at an Ohio daycare center. Instead, she stands accused of not only raping them, but filming it.

She faces two counts of rape after police say they found video on her laptop of her "engaging in sexual conduct with an unknown infant," reports say.

An investigation also revealed an additional victim.

Cops found the alleged video of the crime on Koon's laptop at the apartment where her boyfriend, James Osborne, a registered sex offender, lives.

Both Koon and Osborne were arrested October 4.

WKYC reported that both sexual assaults took place at ABC Kidz child care in Elyria, Ohio. Parents said they fear their children may also be victims.

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A nine-year-old in Minnesota ran away from home, got past security at the Minneapolis airport and boarded a flight to Las Vegas with no ticket last week.

The incident took place last Thursday morning at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on Delta Flight 1651. He was eventually busted while en route.

Flight attendants noticed the discrepancy and contacted Las Vegas police, who took the boy when the plane landed and placed him with child protection services.

When police in Minnesota visited the child’s parents, they remarked they “hadn’t seen much of him today.” The boy was slated to return home on the next flight back.

As for how he got past a security checkpoint and boarded with no ticket?

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An 11-year-old Florida girl was sent home from school with a letter informing her parents that she's overweight, a controversial practice by any measure.

But wait until you hear what she actually weighs ...

The girl is 5'5" and tips the scales at 124 pounds.

While that sounds like the definition of normal, the county health department came to Lily Grasso's middle school in Naples, Fla., to screen the kids.

Since Lily's BMI registered at 22, she was put into the "overweight" category and a (pejoratively nicknamed) "fat letter" was sent out, enraging her mom.

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Caitlin Seida posted a photo of herself on Facebook dressed in a Lara Croft costume, thinking it was private. It was not. The photo spread, and spread again.

It rapidly amassed some of the meanest comments you can imagine, and sparked debate over the logistics and legalities of Facebook privacy settings.

Because Caitlin hadn't restricted her Facebook privacy settings to "Friends Only," she didn't have a legal right to the photos she posted on the site.

As such, they could technically be used on other websites, and they were. It's unclear how this one went viral, but it was posted, re-posted and re-posted.

Despite her best efforts, she learned that once a photo goes viral online, it's very difficult to scrub it from existence. It's a shame but a cautionary tale.

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In light of a Red Lobster patron leaving a racist note on the receipt of a recent meal, it's nice to know that not all customers aren't total A-Holes, isn't it?

Case in point: Aurora Kephart, a 25-year old waitress/bartender at Conway's Restaurant and Lounge in Springfield, Oregon was left two unplayed Keno tickets as a tip over the weekend.

She used one and earned $5. She then scanned the second… and won $17,500!

In response, a flustered Kephart told the customer that she couldn't possibly accept the ticket, but "he had me sign it and said, 'You're the only one who can cash it now,'" Aurora told ABC News.

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What is it with women wanting to take their clothes off around Tiger Woods?

During yesterday's final round of play at the Presidents Cup, a woman dressed in a patriotic thong and red, white and blue pasties made like Will Ferrell in Old School on the 18th green.

Yes, she went streaking!

The incident went down right in front of U.S. captain Fred Couples, though it could not distract the Americans from the task at hand:

Despite this unexpected, naked presence, Woods and company bared down and defeated their international opponents by a 18.5-15.5 margin.

Tiger sank the putt that clinched the win, no less.

Seriously, people. While they make for good stories, it'll take more than baby squirrels and naked women to put a dent in Tiger's game these days.

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Sean Phillips, a 23-year-old Michigan father, has been officially charged with the murder of his baby daughter, two years after "Baby Kate" disappeared.

An open murder charge was filed Friday against Phillips. Katherine "Baby Kate" Phillips was last seen on June 29, 2011, at the age of four months.

Baby Kate remains missing to this day.

The infant's disappearance riveted western Michigan after Phillips allegedly took off with the girl following an argument with her mother, Ariel Courtland.

Phillips was arrested the next day at his parents' house, but there was no evidence of Baby Kate. Now "new evidence" has been found to support the charge.

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After a series of failed gender reassignment surgeries, a 44-year-old man in Belgium chose to end his life via euthanasia on Monday, reports indicate.

“I was the girl no one wanted,” Nathan Verhelst lamented to the Flemish newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws, just a few hours before his elective death.

Belgian Man

Verhelst, who was born female, recalled to the newspaper’s reporters how he grew up in an unloving family, feeling like a boy trapped in a girl’s body.

He finally started hormone therapy in 2009 and underwent several reassignment surgeries in 2012, but they only made the situation worse for him.

While doctors did not publicly share the specifics of the surgeries, Verhelst told Het Laatste Nieuws that after the procedures, he felt like a monster.

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Ryan Leak, 27, overheard girlfriend Amanda Roman, 25, tell a friend how she thought it would be cool to get engaged and married on the same day.

So he clandestinely went on her Pinterest page and made it happen.

Leak spent a year trying to figure out a way to make that surprise happen, but being a guy, lacked for the specifics that would make her dream day.

Enter Pinterest, the ultimate virtual wingman!

The collage site that allows people to visually organize pictures, ideas and fantasies by “pinning” them to different “boards" became Leak's go-to.

After he found his beloved’s Pinterest wedding board, on which she had pinned 200 related ideas and inspirations, all he had to do was execute them.

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