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Attention, Keith Olbermann: You can stop searching now. We've tracked down The Worst Person in the World.

Meet Romeo Rose. This Texas-based bachelor recently started a website called "Sleepless in Austin," telling readers they can receive a $1,500 finder's fee for helping him meet a girlfriend.

Provided she isn't fat... or promiscuous... or has ever slept with a black man, that is.

And the request landed Rose on Huff Post Live, as he conducted an interview today that makes the Barilla Pasta chairman seem tolerant.

Rose described overweight women as "repulsive" and compared African-Americans to monkeys, while insisting he isn't racist because he wears a Black Panther t-shirt.

If you can stand it, watch the full Q&A with Rose now and try to resist the urge to throw your computer out a window as you do:

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A Chinese man whose nose was damaged by infection is receiving groundbreaking treatment by his doctors, who are "growing" a second one on his forehead.

Forehead Nose

The 22-year-old patient, identified only as Xiaolian, had his nose damaged permanently from an infection he suffered following a car accident.

His doctors decided the only way to reconstruct his nose was to surgically form a new one on his forehead, where it will match the tissue of his face.

Tissue expanders were placed under the skin and then cut to resemble a nose. According to news reports, doctors expect to implant the new nose soon.

Forehead skin is used to help reform noses because it is the closest match to skin on the nose. However, usually the nose is reformed during surgery.

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We may soon have another Chick-fil-A situation on our hands.

In an interview on an Italian radio show today, Barilla Group Chairman Guido Barilla said his company would never run an ad with a "homosexual couple." He then explained why:

"Not for lack of respect but because we don’t agree with them. Ours is a classic family where the woman plays a fundamental role."

According to a Reuters translation, Barilla said of any firestorm that may come his way as a result of this stance: "If [gays] don’t like it, they will not eat it and they will eat another brand."

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George Zimmerman's wife Shellie says she has doubts about his innocence in the Trayvon Martin case, and there's a very specific reason for that.

Shellie Zimmerman, who stood solidly by husband George during his trial for killing Trayvon, is singing a different tune nowadays when it comes to him.

Not surprisingly, she says she saw him in a different light after an incident at their home this month when things got heated and she called the cops.

She claimed that an irate George was threatening her with a gun, only to change her story after officials came to the scene and began asking questions.

Zimmerman was detained by police but not charged in the incident.

The fear heard in the George Zimmerman 911 call (below) was real, though, and Shellie says that gun or no gun, she can no longer trust the man.

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This can't be real... can it?

In an Instagram photo posted to EpicFail (dot) com, an Internet user has taken a screen shot of someone's text message exchange with his wife:

Awkward texts

His VERY awkward text message exchange, we should say, considering it opens with the man saying he has to break up with her... only to then backtrack.

He actually meant those words for someone else, he says.

Oh, okay. Phew... right? Wait... WHAT?!?

The World Wide Web has fooled up before (darn you, epic Twerking fail!), so check out the text messages now and decide: Did this really happen?

You be the judge, THGers ...


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A baby deer was recently delivered safely via c-section after its mother darted into oncoming traffic and was accidentally struck and killed by car in New York.

Baby Deer

Being an experienced hunter, the driver opted not to leave the deer on the side of the road, and saw an opportunity to salvage the fresh venison.

Eating road-kill in New York State is illegal, but regardless, he began to salvage the carcass when he came upon what he thought was tumor in the abdomen.

What he discovered was an entirely different sort of growth.

It wasn't a tumor, but rather a fawn, still alive! The stunned hunter contacted authorities at this point, and the baby was passed off to trained professionals.

The young one is still alive and improving, slowly but surely.

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Man's best friend?

Or man's most dangerous friend?!?

A 19-year old man was shot this week when hunting birds in Minneosta, with authorities confirming his dog was actually the one who pulled the trigger. By accident... we assume!

The puppy reportedly jumped on to his owner's shotgun inside a boat and his paw hit the trigger, causing a cartridge to blast into the victim's leg.

The Star Tribune describes the man's injuries as non-life-threatening, but should this incident be cause for concern across the pet kingdom.

In February, another man was shot by his dog in Florida, making us wonder if canines are trying to send a message. Perhaps they want more Kibbles than Bits? Be careful out there, owners.

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Big Freedia helped orchestrate a new world record as 358 people simultaneously Twerked their rear ends off yesterday in Herald Square in Manhattan.

Yes ... the Twerking World Record was set.

The New Orleans hip-hop diva officially broke the record for "Most People Twerking Simultaneously" Or, better put, a "Record Breaking Booty Shaking."

Big Freedia, who you may know from RuPaul's "Peanut Butter" music video, set out to gather hundreds of people to twerk, together, for two minutes.

That's less time than we saw Miley Cyrus Twerking on Robin Thicke last month, but with 358 people going hard at once, it got this particular job done.

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A mall in Nassau County was the sight of a tragic shooting this afternoon, as a man believed to be 63-year old Sang Ho Kim killed his former boss and injured an ex-colleague.

Police have described Kim as a "disgruntled contractor" who had been working for a the lighting company Savenergy. He allegedly walked into a store where four employees were present; entered a room; and shot the store's owner, along with another man.

He then fled the scene in a white Honda.

"At this point and time we believe that this suspect is armed and very dangerous," Nassau County Police Chief of Department Steven Skrynecki told reporters. "Right now we are involved in a very massive hunt for this individual."

Skrynecki added that this appeared to be an isolated, personal incident that stemmed from some kind of "bad business deal."

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A testicle-eating fish known as Pacu has been turning up further and further from its native Amazon habitat, with sightings reported in Scandinavia, France and Illinois.

And now Northern New Jersey.

Tom Boylan hooked a 10-inch-long Pacu at Third Ward Veteran's Memorial Park in Passaic, N.J., just 10 miles from NYC, according to The Bergen Record.

The species is known for its wide teeth shaped like molars and strong jaw muscles that allow them to bust open tree nuts and other tough aquatic foods.

Terrifyingly, however, they mistake human cojones for tree nuts. Two men in New Guinea reportedly died from blood loss after a Pacu chomped on theirs.

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