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A waitress who picked up the tab for two National Guard soldiers affected by the government shutdown was paid back by Ellen DeGeneres - and then some.

Sarah Hoidahl of Concord, N.H., said she just wanted to do a nice thing for the soldiers she was waiting on, so she recently picked up their lunch tab of $27.75.

On Friday, after the story went viral, Ellen interviewed Hoidahl and paid her $27.75 in cash. Then she threw in a check for $10,000 and a 50-inch television.

An emotional Hoidahl buried her face in her hands and thanked Ellen, who replied multiple times, "You're a good person." And right she is. Watch it unfold:

DeGeneres heard of Hoidahl's gesture when the New Hampshire National Guard posted a picture on its Facebook page and the story spread quickly online.

The government shutdown ended after more than two weeks with the passage of a temporary budget agreement, but tensions could resurface in early 2014.

In the meantime, it's nice to hear at least one good thing came out of it.

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A former Walmart worker says the retail giant fired him for trying to help a woman from being attacked in the parking lot of a southeastern Michigan store.

Kristopher Oswald, 30, tells WXYZ-TV that the Hartland Township store managers gave him papers saying they were dismissing him for "policy violations."

Oswald says he was on break at 2:30 a.m. Sunday. He saw a man grabbing a woman and asked her if she needed help. The man began attacking him.

According to Oswald, he was able to get on top of the man, but two other men started attacking him. County sheriff's deputies arrived to halt the fight.

A spokeswoman for Bentonville, Ark. corporation said that while the management team understood Oswald's intentions, his actions violated company policy.

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A seven-year-old Seattle-area boy dressed up for Halloween as a different kind of superhero. He went as Dr. Jay Rubenstein, the doctor who saved his life.

Landon Browne turned up at Seattle Children's Hospital on Wednesday wearing a lab coat, stethoscope and surgical gloves to surprise Rubinstein.

"He worked on both my ears and he's a great surgeon," the little boy explained, saying that the doctor has helped give his life true meaning again.

Landon Browne Photo

Rubenstein performed two cochlear implant surgeries on Browne, and in turn the little boy has become an important part of the doctor's research.

"I'm pretty grateful to him for all the efforts he's made on our behalf, and for him to do this makes it clear that he feels the same way," Rubenstein said.

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Charles Walker and Joseph Jenkins, both 34, are considered "escapees" by authorities after being released from prison erroneously using forged documents.

Investigators discovered forged motions to reduce the duo's respective sentences and bogus court orders granting the request, according to reports.

A "vigorous and thorough review" will be conducted of other releases, officials say, to ensure that no others have been freed with falsified documents.

Both motions bore the forged signatures of the Orlando-area state attorney's office, a statement from Ninth Circuit State Attorney Jeffrey L. Ashton said.

The judge's order granting the release of Jenkins and Walker bore the forged signature of Judge Belvin Perry, coincidentally the judge in the Casey Anthony trial.

Ashton served as the case's chief prosecutor, and is now involved in more national headlines, as is Perry, who told CNN he wasn't entirely surprised.

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Horrific photos and videos of an alleged rape in progress bear Ohio University have been shared on social media, while no one bothered to report the crime.

The woman seen receiving oral sex in the pics and videos reportedly had no idea what happened until the next morning when she saw the images online.

Alleged Rape in Progress

Crowds at the Athens, Ohio, homecoming celebration chose to take pictures and videos and send Tweets about the sex act rather than stopping it.

Many of the graphic pics of incident have been taken down by the Instagram users who originally posted them, but Buzzfeed has published them.

The woman documented in the online materials contacted the police on Sunday morning and reported the rape to the Athens police department.

Police have confirmed that a sexual assault was reported on Sunday, but they have not said if the victim in question is the woman seen online.

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A 17-year old girl was caught shoplifting at a Victoria's Secret in New York City yesterday.

And when authorities confiscated the young woman's shopping bag, they found a dead fetus inside of it.

After spotting Tiona Rodriguez and a friend snatching lingerie from this Herald Square store, security guards confiscated the bags being held by these shoplifters and were shocked at what they discovered.

According to Rodriguez, who was transported to Bellevue Hospital for evaluation immediately after this incident, she suffered a miscarriage the day before and did not know what to do with the fetus.

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The parents of a young Florida girl arrested for bullying 12-year-old classmate Rebecca Sedwick so much that she killed herself insist she is innocent.

Vivian and Jose, who are not revealing their last name to protect their child's privacy, say their daughter played no role in the Rebecca Sedwick suicide.

This despite an incriminating message on the girl's Facebook account that states, "Yes, I know I bullied Rebecca and she killed herself but I don't give a [blank]."

In the aftermath of Sedwick's death, that message led to the girl's swift arrest, along with another girl (one is 14 and the other is 12) for aggravated stalking.

Yet Vivian and Jose say they are certain their daughter did not post this.

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An 82-year-old enrolled in college classes after her husband died, and inspired her fellow students so much that they voted her Homecoming Queen.

Frances Wood enrolled at Mid-America Nazarene University in Kansas, to take classes in finance, history and literature after her husband of 59 years passed.

"I was beginning to get just a little lonely and depressed," the grandmother told KCTV. "I needed something different to do and, believe me, this is different."

She's quickly won hearts all over the campus, handing out homemade business cards with her number and email address so students can reach out to her.

"We feel loved by her," said student Konner McIntire, who was inspired to write a story about her new friend, whom she calls the most popular girl on campus.

"She's like a grandma away from home."

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An artist's rendition of what Barbie would look like without makeup is going viral online, and for good reason. The classic all-American girl doll looks natural!

Well, mostly. Ridiculous body proportions aside.

Take a look at Barbie with no make up below ...

Barbie With No Makeup

While Barbie's face is still freakishly out of proportion with your average young woman's, she does look a bit more human without the blue eye shadow.

Take away that, the lipstick, the penciled-in eyebrows and the fake eyelashes and what do you have? A doll that looks a lot more like the girl next door, for sure.

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A bomb threat shut down San Francisco's Union Square yesterday for approximately two hours.

The incident took place around 11:45 a.m. when an unattended backpack was discovered along Stockton Street.

San Francisco's Union Square

In response, authorities ordered a multi-block area in the city to be closed, as workers in the vicinity were asked to remain inside their businesses and tourists were ordered to avoid the area. Cable car service was also stopped during the investigation.

Fortunately, bomb-sniffing dogs and their human colleagues did not find anything dangerous inside the suspicious device, which was sitting near a text that had been set for this weekend's women's marathon.

"It's better to be safe than sorry," Police spokesman Albie Esparza told The San Francisco Chronicle of why a shutdown was ordered. "We take these incidents really seriously."

Union Square is a major tourist draw in San Francisco. It is visited by millions every year and is comprised of many high-end retail stores.

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