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President Barack Obama stopped to help a pregnant woman on the verge of fainting during a speech he gave on health care in Washington, D.C., today.

Nearly 30 minutes into his speech, under the hot sun, a pregnant female supporter standing behind the Commander-in-Chief began to feel lightheaded.

Fortunately for the mom-to-be, Obama became aware of what was going on over his shoulder and turned around to lend Karmel Allison some support.

NOTE: This type of assistance is not covered under the Affordable Care Act.

"I gotcha, you're OK," Obama said as he put his arm out to steady her, and went on to joke, "No, no. You're OK. This happens when I talk too long."

Quickly afterward, a White House aide came to escort Allison off the stage as the President continued his speech, which came to end shortly thereafter.

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On Sunday, October 6, Davion Only made a prayer in church. And now it looks like it will soon be answered.

This 15-year old attended a service in St. Petersburg and told the congregation he was seeking a family to adopt him.

"I've been in foster care since I was born," said Only, whose mother passed away a long time ago, adding:

"I'll take anyone. Old or young, dad or mom, black, white, purple. I don't care. And I would be really appreciative. The best I could be."

Since then, Davion's plea has gained national attention, with the teenager and his caseworker, Connie Going, ending up on The View this morning.

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A staff member was killed and two students were injured after a student opened fire at a Nevada middle school Monday. The shooter was later killed as well.

Authorities said it was too soon to say what the shooter's motive as, or whether he was killed by a self-inflicted wound or a law enforcement shot.

"As you can imagine, the best description is chaos," said Tom Robinson, deputy chief of the Reno Police Department, of the Sparks Middle School shooting.

"It's too early to say whether he was targeting specific people or just going on an indiscriminate shooting spree," he added of this morning's tragedy.

A 13-year-old student said he saw a student fire a shot at a teacher:

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A 2-year-old girl fatally shot herself over the weekend, and the Fayetteville, N.C., toddler's father faces involuntary manslaughter charges as a result.

Melvin Andre Clark Jr., 19, who was arrested Sunday, also was charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, according to Lt. Todd Joyce.

Samarri Tyana Beauford was playing in the living room of the home where she lived with her aunt and grandmother Saturday when she killed herself.

The little girl found a loaded .22-caliber pistol that Clark had left under the couch, Joyce said. He would not elaborate beyond that, but said the following:

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News reports are hitting the web regarding a hand grenade in a package that has been found in New York City's Times Square subway station off the A/C/E line.

42nd Street stations are being evacuated and trains are being told to bypass the stop, according to reports. NYPD officers and a bomb squad are en route.

Times Square Station

Preliminary reports from the scene indicates that the location of the package is at W. 42 Street and Eighth Avenue, and that the station is being evacuated.

It’s not clear if the other part of the station, at 42nd Street and Seventh Avenue and connected through an underground passageway, is also being evacuated as well.

There's not a lot to go on right now. One Twitter user, Alissa Nichole, said that she was in the station and that “people are standing around, looking all confused.”

“I got out of there and took the bus,” she said. “I don’t understand people.”

Story developing ...

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Rachael Sacks, a 20-year-old Manhattan college student, has ruffled some feathers online with a blog post in which she embraces her family's affluence.

The article's unabashed title, "I’m Not Going to Pretend That I’m Poor to Be Accepted by You,” gives you an indication of where she's coming from with this.

“I’m not one of those people who try to be poor to relate to people,” she writes.

Rachael Sacks Photo

“I am sorry I was born into great financial circumstances and my father likes to provide for me. I am sorry I don’t have to go to a state school to save my parents money."

"What do you want from me?”

What sparked this defense of her privileged upbringing, which landed her on the cover of the New York Post - which she embraced with the same unapologetic attitude?

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Customers inside a California Barnes & Noble didn't need to purchase any books on giving birth last Friday.

Because they were treated to a live demonstration!

An unnamed female entered the Torrance location of this chain late last week and went into labor in the store's lobby.

Torrance Fire Department Captain Steve Deuel said emergency workers responded to a 911 call and were debating whether to take the expecting mother to the hospital when the "baby made that decision for them."

"They went ahead and delivered a healthy baby boy," Deuel said.

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A four-year old girl going by the name Maria, with blond hair and blue eyes, was found in a Roma, Greece in a case that has gained international attention.

Officials raided the area looking for drugs and weapons but an astute prosecutor, along for the raid, noticed Maria's head poking out from under some sheets.

The prosecutor became suspicious because the girl looked nothing like her "parents" and DNA tests later confirmed she was not. So where did she come from?

There is an international search taking place to establish exactly that. Over 8,000 calls have already been placed to the charity whose care she is now under.

Incredibly, the duo registered 14 children in three different Greek regions. In the area where Maria was found, authorities only found two other girls and one boy.

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Same-sex couples in a handful of New Jersey towns exchanged marriage vows early Monday after a court ruling forced the Garden State to legalize gay marriage.

The ceremonies joined couples that have been together for years, and in some cases decades, in hastily arranged ceremonies that remained in doubt until Friday.

Booker, Couple

That was when a unanimous N.J. Supreme Court rejected Gov. Chris Christie's administration's request to delay the implementation date of same-sex weddings.

Last month, a lower-court judge ruled that New Jersey must recognize gay marriages starting Monday, despite the opposition of Christie and others.

The Republican governor, a possible presidential candidate in the 2016 election, asked the state's top court to overturn that ruling pending an appeal.

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The rivalry between the New York Jets and the New England Patriots is a fierce one on the field, and got ugly between fans off the field Sunday as well.

Disgustingly ugly. Following New York's 30-27 win at MetLife Stadium, a man wearing Jets apparel appeared to punch a fan sporting Patriots gear in the face.

That Patriots fan was a woman. Take a look at the video:

There is no sign of security or police in the clip, taken by a passerby as fans exited the stadium, but a team spokesman said the incident didn't go unnoticed.

“We do not tolerate that behavior," the spokesman said. "Parties involved were detained and this matter is now in the hands of the New Jersey State Police.”

Jets fan Rob, who sent the video to Deadspin, recalled:

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