It's not everyday that someone crashes through the ceiling of a golf shop.

At least we didn't think this was something that took place on a frequent basis, but - based on the following footage - perhaps we made a false assumption.

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A fatal shooting took place yesterday at a movie theater in northern Tampa Bay, with one man being killed and his wife wounded.

According to various reports, retired police officer Curtis Reeves has been taken into custody and charged with second-degree murder after he got into a fight with Chad Oulson, who was texting prior to the start of Lone Survivor.

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Harvard? Nice try. Yale? Give me a break. Michigan State? Nice Rose Bowl win, but come on.

The college creating all the buzz right now is High Point University in North Carolina, which has undergone a $700 million renovation and which looks rather beautiful, doesn't it?

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Death is no laughing matter, let's get that out of the way right now.

But Brad Davis, a 33-year old resident of McLoud, Oklahoma, was arrested yesterday and charged with the killing of his stepfather.

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