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A woman in Texas has offered $10,000 to anyone who helps her find a husband.

She took some heat for that stunt, but at least she has a sense of humor about it.

The same can't exactly be said for a wedding photographer named Romeo Rose.

He's created a website titled Sleepless in Austin and tells visitors that he will give them a $1,500 "Finder's Fee" if they set him up with a girlfriend.

Romeo Rose Picture

But he has some VERY specific demands. To wit, he writes:

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Paul Karason, a man known for his blue skin, passed away Monday. Reports indicate that he died of a heart attack and stroke in a Washington hospital.

The "blue man" known as "Papa Smurf" was born a fair-skinned, freckled boy with reddish blond hair. But later, he developed skin with a bluish tinge.

This was the result of a rare medical syndrome known as argyria or silver poisoning from dietary supplements, which he says he took years ago.

In a 2008 interview, he said the blue tinge started more than a decade earlier when he saw an ad promising health and rejuvenation through colloidal silver.

He drank about 10 ounces a day of the substance, dissolved in water.

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There's a new super dad in town. A parenting hero like none other. A man who wrangles children and drops knowledge on your dome like it's his job.

It's BatDad.

A man whose wisdom in the ways of child-rearing is literally limitless (save for the seven-second limit on Vine), he frequently dispenses tips online.

Watch this compilation of BatDad vines and learn from the parenting master. Oh, and yes, he is dressed in a Batman costume as he does his thing:

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, BatDad is Blake Wilson, a Caped Crusader who traded crime fighting for a wife, four kids and a Honda Odyssey.

The kids are really into the antics of their superhero father as he speaks in Batman’s signature husky voice while driving them all over creation.

Who can blame them?

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A couple in Northern California waited several hours before reporting to the police that their 10-year old daughter had been shot on Friday.

Why? They believed she had simply suffered her very first period.

According the official police report, the girl was sleeping in her bed around 2 a.m. when a stray drive-by bullet struck her in the buttocks.

The girl awoke in pain and had blood in her underwear.

However, Sgt. Mark Ormsby says the victim's parents "had no reason to believe" the blood on her person was anything but period-related.

However, after the girl continued to complain, the couple investigated her bedroom and found bullet holes, eventually taking her to the hospital.

She remains there, in stable condition.

While quite an unusual situation, the girl's physician acknowledges the bullet wound was small and could easily have been mistaken for menstruation.

At this time, no arrests have been made in the shooting.

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A 430-pound gorilla named Patrick is on the move from Dallas to South Carolina. But he isn't taking a vacation to check out the sights.

Deputy Dallas Zoo Director Lynn Kramer says the animal was neglected by his mother and raised by humans - and, as a result, has had difficulty bonding with other members of his species.

Especially, the females.

“We’ve made a colossal effort to work with him,” Kramer told The Dallas Morning News. “He’s definitely a staff favorite and he would have been a successful leader for a troupe here. But it was not to be.”

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Where is Samuel L. Jackson when you need him?

A tiny Mandarin Rat Snake was found in the passenger cabin of a Quatas airliner Monday, prompting the company to cancel the flight and put all passengers up at a local airport while they tracked down a replacement jet.

The 20-centimeter, mildly venomous animal was eventually apprehended and taken by quarantine officials for analysis.

"The Department of Agriculture is looking into how the snake came to be on the plane, but isn't able to speculate at this time," the Department said in a statement.

So not exactly stuff of horror movie legend, but still. It's nice to know someone got that mother effin snake off that mother effin plane. It could have caused some damage.

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A levitating magician in a Pepsi Max ad? Confusing and misleading, but not exactly controversial.

That same qualifier can't be said for a new poster sponsored by the beverage company, however, as we're pretty sure it's in promotion of Pepsi's partnership with Japanese clothing company A Bathing Ape's line AAPE.

But we can't be totally sure because... well... just look at the font choice that was somehow settled on:

Confusing Pepsi Ad

This image first appeared on Reddit and Pepsi is yet to respond to various requests for a comment.

In the meantime, we'll at least assume the distributor is not supporting sexual assault and we'll strongly urge it to go with Times New Roman in the future.

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Avril Nolan is positively irate.

Because she is not HIV positive.

The model is seeking $450,000 from Getty because it used her image in a quarter-page Division of Human Rights ad that appeared this April in the newspaper amNewYork, one that reads: “I am positive (+) … I have rights.”

Nolan says the poster implies she has this disease, adding that the picture in it is from a fashion shoot two years ago and never meant to be used in such a manner.

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Leith, North Dakota, is becoming THE destination for white supremacists.

With a population of just two dozen in a mostly white county in the Upper Midwest state, Leith is attracting members of the U.S. National Socialist Movement.

The group hopes to turn the disintegrating town into an all-white enclave.

Group members plan to introduce themselves to the community in what their organization's leader, Jeff Schoep, calls an "act of good will and faith."

"We have every intention of legally assuming control of the local government," said Schoep, a member of America's largest neo-Nazi organization.

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You know how some people never learn?

The first FIVE times Rose Ann Davidson got busted for drunken driving, she managed to avoid lengthy jail sentences. Not the case with the sixth.

She's going to prison. For life.

Rose Ann Davidson Mug Shot

The Austin American-Statesman reports that a jury gave the 44-year-old Texas woman a life sentence in court this week in a truly shocking move.

On the other hand ... six. Just saying.

Davidson's first conviction came in 1996, and the one that landed her the life sentence occurred in 2012. That's a long track record of acting dangerously.

And it's over.

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