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Remember Draven Rodriguez?

The senior at at Schenectady High School in New York who posed for an AMAZING photo with his cat, Mr. Bugglesworth, and petitioned for it to count as his official portrait?

Sadly, his request got denied. But, heroically, the school’s principal, Diane Wilkinson, stepped in with an unexpected and truly inspired counter-offer: 

Would Rodriguez and Mrs. ​Bugglesworth want to pose with her and her chihuahua, Vivienne?

They could include their photograph in the yearbook as a way to raise awareness for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and rescue animals such as Mr. Bugglesworth and Vivienne?

So, how did Rodriguez respond to this opportunity? How do you think?!? Check out the finished product here:

Student and Principal Pose with Pets

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Lauren Harrington-Cooper, a 31-year-old married Pennsylvania teacher convicted of having sex with two students, apparently enticed them with the most ridiculous line ever:

"All the candy you need is right here."

Harrington-Cooper, a high school English teacher, was sentenced to 9-23 months in jail this week, according to the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader.

She pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual contact with students and two counts of corrupting minors. She admits having sex with males ages 17 and 18.

The younger student she met while teaching in the Wyoming Valley West School district, where Harrington-Cooper reportedly performed oral sex on him.

There were four total victims, Assistant D.A. Jenny Roberts said.

School officials say sexual contact didn’t take place on school grounds, but police said she uttered the quote about “all the candy you want” in school.

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A Pennsylvania woman has been sentenced to jail time for helping the man she lived with tattoo a smiley face and a derogatory word on a 12-year-old girl.

Getting a Tattoo

The Meadville Tribune reports that 30-year-old Melissa Becker, of Centerville, Pa., was sentenced on Tuesday of this week by a Crawford County judge.

She will serve four months to two years behind bars.

The girl told police that Charlton tattooed the smiley face and a vulgar term for a woman on her left forearm when she spent the night at their residence.

It is not clear why the 12-year-old stayed with them.

Officials say Becker's sentence will also require two years' probation for what she and 33-year-old Randall Charlton III have pleaded guilty to.

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Attorney General Eric Holder, a prominent member of the Obama administration since it began, will resign his post Thursday, according to multiple news reports.

The President is expected to announce the resignation this afternoon. Holder will stay on until his successor is confirmed, a White House official said.

Holder has long signaled he plans to leave the job by the end of this year, and has had several discussions with Barack Obama about his exit.

Among those mentioned as possible successors is former White House counsel Kathyrn Ruemmler, according to people familiar with the discussions.

Other candidates being considered by the White House are Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, along with Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara.

The first African American attorney general, Holder is one of a few remaining cabinet members whose tenures date back to Obama's inauguration.

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We're all for sex education, but, well... read the following story.

A Reddit user named “JPstudly” has relayed the story of a female friend of hers who teaches second graders. 

When the kids in her class are good for a week, she rewards them by asking a parent to bring in snacks as a treat. She just never imagined one of these parents would bake those treats in the shape of a vagina.

Vagina Cookies

Here is how the teacher explains what transpired:

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Two Florida women caught in a viral video apparently stealing someone's beach gear this summer are suing mad ... and their target is Fox News, obviously.

The video (above) was shot by the beach equipment's owner as he called out the Florida women stealing his stuff, which they insisted they were not.

After the man pressed them and said yes, in fact, they were breaking down and about to make off with his belongings, he was apparently accosted.

The women are now suing, of course, lamenting they've been treated unfairly - not by the YouTube video uploader but by a cable news network.

Middle-aged sisters Kathleen Duffy and Linda Duffy Kelly, now viral and infamous superstars, say Fox News unfairly portrayed the duo as thieves.

One anchor called it an "attempted theft," while some other (accurate) references to the video said they were "caught stealing" or "caught red handed."

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NASCAR star Tony Stewart will not face criminal charges resulting from the death of Kevin Ward Jr., who was struck and killed by Stewart in a race this summer.

A grand jury investigating the case decided earlier today to close the potential case against Stewart, citing no evidence of legal wrongdoing on his part.

On the night of his death, Kevin Ward Jr. was killed by Stewart's car, a tragedy by any measure, but one that many felt also may have been a criminal act.

Ward got out of his car and aggressively moved toward Stewart's vehicle, which hit him seconds later and was seen in a video that shocked the sports world.

There was suspicion after the accident that Stewart was angry with Ward Jr. over an incident earlier in the race and may have intentionally swerved into him.

He denied this, and apparently the grand jury agreed, determining that it was nothing more than an accident and declining to pursue a case against him.

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A woman was arrested Tuesday after Broward County Sheriff's Office deputies pulled over her car and found her baby in the trunk of a car, according to reports.

Breona Watkins, 19, said she passed her 5-month-old to the back seat where a 14-year-old placed the baby in the trunk via an opening in the back seat.

The report states that cops pulled Watkins over because of a broken headlight and for stopping in an intersection, forcing other vehicles to drive around her.

Watkins also did not stop her car right away, and when she did, provided deputies a fake name, which she later says she did because she lacks a valid driver's license.

It wasn't until she was placed in the back of the squad car did deputies hear what sounded like a baby crying coming from the trunk of her vehicle.

The infant was found on top of bush-cutting shears, a rusted tire iron and a rusted metal hanger. A used gas can and fuel pump were also in the trunk.

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What is... things we did not expect to write about today?

Ken Jennings - who made over $3 million during his incredible run as a contestant on Jeopardy - is facing major fire today for a totally random and very insensitive Tweet.

Proving that even smart men can make dumb decisions, Jennings took to his social media page last night and wrote:

"Nothing sadder than a hot person in a wheelchair."

Ken Jennings Photo

Jennings did not put his quote in any kind of context (not that any would really excuse it; safe to assume he simply saw an attractive handicapped person) and it instantly drew a rebuke from followers.

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Matthew Gibson, a 55-year-old North Carolina man, finally came clean about a 1997 murder he committed after receiving some texts from Walmart.

Say what now?

Matthew Gibson Mug Shot

Gibson, 55, showed up in Arizona's Winslow Police Department, where Det. Alicia Marquez discovered him "sitting in the lobby, scared and sobbing."

"He wanted to talk about crime he committed more than a decade before," Martinez said, and he recalled meeting a woman one night in Bullhead City, Ariz.

They went back to his trailer, where she became "loud and obnoxious" and he asked her to leave. When she refused, Gibson "bludgeoned her to death."

Using a Maglite flashlight, he killed her just like that, then threw her body into the Colorado River, where he buried his secret, seemingly for good.

Until Walmart texted. And called. And even sent a hard copy of a letter saying that a prescription for Anita Townshed was ready for pickup, anytime.

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