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If you haven't seen Prince's post-Super Bowl performance on Fox's funniest comedy, follow the link and watch New Girl online right now. It's worth it.

If you caught it last month, you know that the reclusive rocker guest starred and performed a song titled "FALLINLOVE2NITE" with Zooey Deschanel.

The song marked the occasion where Deschanel's character, Jess Day, and boyfriend Nick Miller (Jake Johnson) exchange I love you's for the first time.

Prince and Deschanel also recorded a full-length version, which the Purple One released this week. While written mostly for laughs, it's totally a real song:

The single is now available via all major digital retailers and is being pushed to radio by Epic Records' promotion team, which is pretty hilarious.

Funny as it is, Zooey is also a serious musician.

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New Girl Season 3 Episode 10 was an absurd installment of the FOX hit comedy. Titled "Thanksgiving III," it sure upped the ante from the previous two years.

Feeling emasculated by Coach, Nick suggests a group camping trip on Thanksgiving to prove he's a man's man ... who brought only 96 warm beers along.

Yes, Nick insisted that the gang forage and/or kill their own food in celebration of this true American holiday. And how woefully wrong that went.

By the end, Jess was hospitalized for food poisoning, but wasn't mad at Nick at least, while Coach and Schmidt made peace and Winston was there too.

Watch New Girl Season 3 Episode 10 from start to finish, and try not to lose your lunch at the recurring sight of Nick's fish, by clicking the photo below:

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New Girl Season 3 Episode 9 saw Coach take CeCe on a WNBA date and Schmidt predictably tweak, even though he suggested he was cool with that arrangement.

Fortunately, devoted friend Jess was there to keep the guy distracted and do whatever she could to keep him from crashing their outing at the Staples Center.

She had to hit him with a motor vehicle, but hey. Do what you gotta do!

Elsewhere on New Girl Season 3 Episode 9, Nick accidentally lost Ferguson and Winston did not take it well, though it helped him make a new acquaintance.

Watch the latest episode of the Fox comedy with one click below!

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On the New Girl Season 3 premiere, we learned some important things from new lovebirds Nick and Jess, along with roommates Schmidt and Winston:

  • Running away from your problems doesn't make them go away.
  • A hilariously absurd comedy can be also be heartwarming.
  • Puzzles are so hard.

When Jess and Nick are the healthiest, most normal-seeming people around (even after they ran off to Mexico on a whim) that sums up this crew.

Compared to Schmidt and his two girlfriends and Winston's apathetic, color-blind, seemingly painkiller-induced daze (which was never really addressed)?

Nick and Jess seem like straight shooters.

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