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A legitimate ethical dilemma was raised on NCIS Season 12 Episode 8.

It centered on an ex-Navy corpsman who was charged with a crime… for saving the lives of two folks injured in a car accident?!?

Yes, a law actually exists that is meant to prevent unlicensed medical workers from giving attention to those in need. It’s meant to protect the public from posers, but this NCIS episode showed how it can be misapplied.

Once Gibbs learned that a veteran was under arrest for acting as a Good Samaritan, he did all he could to clear her name. And he mostly did, at least ensuring that Anna Dillon doesn’t spent time behind bars.

But the district attorney still made Dillon agree to community service in order to keep the law intact and not set a precedent that it simply be broken when certain situations call for it.

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A lot was accomplished on NCIS Season 12 Episode 7, as this CBS drama juggled a trio of storylines in an hour that definitely played off the theme of Veterans Day:

  1. The missing remains of long-dead Marine Sergeant Charles Kent has to be recovered.
  2. The Gibbs-Bishop relationship took a major step forward.
  3. There was an investigation into the murder of retired Master Sergeant George Hawkins.

We can start with the Case of the Week first: SNOOOOZE.

This typical investigation centered on a smooth operator who chose to kill a retired Navy man due to money issues.

He had a girlfriend who lived in Vietnam, too, which allowed Gibbs and Tony to look into the homicide while also paying respects to Marine Sergeant Charles Kent.

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Let's start with our one complaint regarding NCIS Season 12 Episode 6:

How dare the series not show us Abby's Halloween party?!?

All that talk and then only the sights of Bishop as Sandy from “Grease” and Tony as James Bond. What a letdown!

Fortunately, the rest of this terrific hour easily made up for it, as Bronson Pinchot portrayed George Burton, a creepy murderer who perfectly played a serial-killing cannibal.

Perfect Strangers, this was not. The dude ate his dog as a kid. Enough said.

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A man was found overboard on NCIS Season 12 Episode 5, his body discovered 60 miles from the nearest ship.

On NCIS Season 12 Episode 6 next Tuesday, however, Tony is the one who may be going over... to a new woman!

Awkward segue aside, the point remains valid, as you can see in the official CBS trailer for "Parental Guidance Suggested."

Fans can look forward to the NCIS squad looking into the murder of a Navy commander's wife during the hour, as they attempt to answer an important question:

Was she killed due to her occupation of a therapist? Or was it an act of terrorism, considering the commander's name on a Jihadist target list?

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We had to suspend a bit of disbelief on NCIS Season 12 Episode 5.

With Agent Abigail Borin teaming up with Gibbs and Tony once more, we witnessed this trio taking part in a training exercise… that took a fatal turn when they spotted a corpse floating in the water near the ship.

Or 60 miles away from the ship, to be precise.

Talk about impressive vision, huh?!?

Gibbs and company therefore tracked down the boat from which this dead man came, only to speak with a captain who clearly shady from the outset.

There was also an "engineer" who was shadowing the first mate on this boat, but Gibbs saw directly through him due to his canvas shoes.

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Consider yourselves warned, NCIS viewers:

This is not a drill.

So teases/warns the following promo, which hypes NCIS Season 12 Episode 5.

Titled "The San Dominick," the upcoming hour of television's highest-rated drama will center on a joint Coast Guard and NCIS training exercise at sea.

Except it will devolve into something far more dangerous than a mere exercise after Gibbs and CGIS Agent Borin spot a deceased man overboard. He's discovered to be a missing crew member from a ship 60 nautical miles away.

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What is a garrote?

That question was immediately answered on NCIS Season 12 Episode 4, as we opened with a research scientist sitting on a park bench, helplessly anticipating her imminent death via this strangling device that ended up taking her head off. OUCH!

This Case of the Week felt more like filler than anything, even if we had affection for the Russian counselor (Pavlenko) and his lying/misdirection.

We were already aware of his love/hate relationship with international assassin Sergei Mishnev, though it remains unclear if he realized the extent of Mishnev's involvement with the murder of the scientists.

Yes, the way in which they died was designed to send a message to Benin (Join us... or else!), but was there another message there meant for LJ Gibbs and company?

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Wait... Ducky used to hate bow ties? And didn't always want a career studying dead bodies?!?

We learned a great deal about this beloved character on NCIS Season 13 Episode 3 last night, an installment that took viewers to London for a bulk of the hour.

Where will we head next Tuesday evening? Back to Russia. Sort of.

Look for the NCIS team to be assigned to a joint terrorism task force by the Secretary of the Navy on NCIS Season 12 Episode 4, as a Naval research scientist is murdered and the chief suspect is wanted by the Russian government.

Gibbs and DiNozzo will run interference with task force leader Leia Pendergast. Get your first look at upcoming footage now:

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It took only 12 seasons, but NCIS finally delved into Ducky’s past on NCIS Season 12 Episode 3.

On an hour titled “So It Goes,” viewers watched as a body was found in a car registered to Ducky's old best friend.

Fortunately, the victim did NOT end up being this former pal. But, with his friend missing, Ducky ventured back to England as the team attempted to figure what happened.

This helped us get to know Ducky even better than before, as we flashback to a younger version of the character (played impressively by lookalike Adam Campbell) and learned that Ducky and this former friend, Angus, had a falling out over a girl.

In present day, the victim turns out to be one of Angus' employees, prompting the NCIS unit to wonder if he was bringing files to Ducky since the car's navigation system had the Navy Yard programmed into it.

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The Case of the Week wasn't all that enthralling on NCIS Season 12 Episode 2.

It centered on a murderer lieutenant was on his way to visit his basketball buddy... the President of the United States.

This connection, as you might expect, forced Gibbs and company to work especially hard (and covert) in order to determine the killer and whether or not POTUS was in danger.

In the end, however, the resolution was fairly anti-climactic: there were some government secrets involved... a company that yearned to keep everything quiet... and a company manager who was willing to commit homicide to ensure all remained hush-hush.

There was some misdirection involving a mugger, but it wasn't difficult to determine that the company CEO was involved as soon as we met him. 

So this aspect of the episode was a bit boring and very predictable.

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