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More disturbing details have emerged about a possible motive behind the alleged killing of former Ramones manager Linda Stein by her assistant Natavia Lowery.

Lowery is pleading not guilty to the crime, despite the fact that she reportedly confessed to police soon after Stein was found dead.

Now, sources are saying that Lowery was also tealing from Stein for months before the murder, taking out tens of thousands of dollars using her boss's ATM card; she may have sent the cash to her boyfriend in Virginia Beach, who also happens to be the father of Lowery's unborn child.

What a mess.

Natavia Lowery is accused of murdering her former boss, Linda Stein.

Police believe the theft may be a motive for the murder and have enlisted a financial forensic analyst full time from its fraud division to the murder case.

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There's been an arrest in the murder of Linda Stein, slain "Realtor to the stars."

Police say Stein's former assistant, Natavia Lowery, "made statements implicating herself" in the killing. Lowery was taken to the 7th Precinct in Manhattan.

The former manage of The Ramones, Stein was found bludgeoned to death in her $3 million 5th Avenue apartment on October 30. Among her celebrity clients in the real estate business were Madonna, Angelina Jolie and Elton John.

Lowery handled the computer work, setting up appointments and handling some of the financial details. Why did she allegedly take Stein's life?

"It was that Linda just kept yelling at her, over everything" the law enforcement official told The New York Times. "They fought. It was like a continuous thing, like a buildup."

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