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Rayna cleaned up at the CMAs on Nashville Season 3 Episode 8... much to the jealousy of her future husband.

Elsewhere, Avery and Juliette's relationship grew strong, as did they confidence in their future parenting ability. Ready for a rundown of events?

It was clear right away that tension existed between Rayna and Luke, especially after the former discovered a prenuptial agreement and kept bringing the topic up on the way to the CMAs.

Prior to stepping on to the red carpet, Rayna and Luke decided that everything either one of them earns becomes split down the middle between them. But will husband eventually take wife for all she’s worth if they get divorced?

Luke's later actions made us quite fearful this could occur.

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Rayna and Luke finally spent a weekend together on Nashville Season 3 Episode 7, following months apart.

So it was all peaches, cream and butterflies for the couple, right? Not quite.

It all starts when Luke’s tour returns to Nashville. He’s excited to see Rayna after her appearance on Dancing with the Stars, who touches down in time to join Maddie, Daphne, Sage and Colt for breakfast.

Luke is all about leaving the kids with the nanny so the couple can get it on, but Rayna has some bad news: she’s gonna have a Rolling Stone reporter in town soon for a cover story.

They can still talk wedding stuff and have a lot of sex... but they won't have all that much privacy over the next few days.

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Well, that's one way to tell someone they're about to be a father.

On Nashville Season 3 Episode 5, Juliette couldn't hide her pregnancy for much longer. Her tour outfits were too tight and she just wanted to lie on the couch all day, but Emily kept reminding her boss that Avery has a right to know about his child.

So Juliette texted him the news. Just like that.

He received the life-changing message while doing community service on the side of the highway and then screamed about it outside Juliette's movie set trailer after she wouldn't let him in.

Glenn, meanwhile, returned and dressed down Avery (with Juliette looking on in horror), telling the young man:

"Juliette was raised in chaos. There’s no way I’m gonna let the same thing happen to her child."

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Rayna and Sadie FTW!

On Nashville Season 3 Episode 4, we watched as these two ladies sang a duet, acted sassy toward the paparazzi and came across as our new favorite couple on the ABC drama.

Due to Juliette’s pregnancy likely pausing her career for a bit, Rayna pursued Sadie Stone as a potential Highway 65 artist on “I Feel Sorry For Me.”

She had a competing offer from Edgehill, however, and tagged along with Rayna as she thought about it.

We’re then treated to some Thelma & Louise-like action after these artists come upon the paparazzi and make a run for it in Sadie’s car.

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On Nashville Season 3 Episode 1, we learned the identity of Rayna's fiance. She chose Luke to be her future husband.

On Nashville Season 3 Episode 2, meanwhile, we learned the identity of Juliette's baby daddy. It is... we're gonna make you wait for it.

We’ll start instead with Will, who is psyched his album knocked Rayna from the top spot. But he’s less psyched about having a depressed wife, as Layla is peeved her husband is gay and angry that she was duped into marriage.

After failing to land a role in the new Patsy Cline biopic - and after Jeff runs into Sadie Stone, maybe the next big thing - Layla lays into Will.

“You owe me everything. I own you,” she says, ordering him to take her on tour and help get her career going… or else.

"I do not care about you. I hate you," she concludes. Well then.

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Luke or Deacon? Deacon or Luke?

All summer long, Nashville fans wondered who Rayna would choose, considering she faced TWO marriage proposals on the spring finale of this fun ABC series.

So... who did she choose on Nashville Season 3 Episode 1? Let's build the suspense, shall we?

We begin things a Saturday evening, as Rayna is pondering both of the rings pressed into her palm at the end of last season.

We then cut to Juliette chopping off her own hair, going on and on about how “stupid” she is. From there, the action cuts to The Bluebird, where NPR is gearing up to record a live special featuring Will and Deacon.

We then see Rayna talking to one of the men who popped the question and saying she'll see him later.

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Dancing With the Stars professional Derek Hough is coming to ABC's Nashville in the drama's upcoming third season this fall, according to TV Fanatic.

Derek Hough Photo

On the country music show, Derek Hough will play Noah West, "a beguiling and disarming movie star who will cross paths with the players of the music realm."

How he'll do that remains to be seen, but he certainly does look the part!

The Emmy-winning choreographer, 29, shared the exciting news about coming on board the series on Twitter on Thursday, saying he "Can't wait!"

Retweeting a message from @NashvilleWrites, he adds, "So excited for @derekhough from @DancingABC to be joining our fantastic cast! Get pumped, #Nashies!! #ABClove."

Hough will also be returning to Dancing With the Stars Season 19 along with fellow pro veterans Mark Ballas, Karina Smirnoff, Cheryl Burke, and more.

Derek, the older brother of dancer/actress Julianne Hough, previously appeared on the ABC comedy Better with You and in the dance flick Make Your Move.

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Teddy Conrad's first annual Music City Festival is mired down in the Wentworths when Julliette is named the main act on Nashville Season 2 Episode 10.

This was the stage set for the ABC series' midseason finale.

How did things play out between Teddy and Rayna? Teddy and Deacon? Rayna and Luke? Scarlett and Avery? Avery and Gunnar? Juliet and ... everybody?

We won't give it away here, but there were some shockers on Nashville Season 2 Episode 10, and perhaps a final farewell to at least one big character.

Watch "Tomorrow Never Comes" by clicking below ...

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Wednesday's Nashville Season 2 Episode 9 saw Juliette Barnes rock on with her bad self.

Whether that constitutes the best version of herself or not is an open question, however.

Hayden Panettiere's character is one of TV's best, and in "I'm Tired of Pretending," we saw exactly why, as the country queen hit more high and low points.

Watching her smack down Layla was nothing short of awesome, yet it's also fun to see her softer side, when she shows the vulnerability deep inside.

The same is true of some of her music counterparts in one of the best dramas around.

Did you miss Nashville Season 2 Episode 9? Want to watch it a second time? You're in luck. Click below to see the installment from start to finish ...

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Nashville Season 2 Episode 8 saw Luke Wheeler's tour open up in Tampa with young Scarlett opening for the big time country star and Gunnar writing for him.

After Gunnar writes a hit duet with an assist from Scarlett, Rayna performs it on stage with Luke and uses the performance as leverage in her feud with Jeff.

Elsewhere, Avery, ever the good friend, helped Juliette deal with the Wentworths and the surprising situation she found herself in at the end of last week.

Also, Peggy pretended to miscarry the baby she used to lock down Teddy, making for an eventful, musical and soapy Nashville Season 2 Episode 8.

Want to see it for yourself? Or watch it again if you already saw it last night? Just click the image of Scarlett below to watch "Hanky Panky Woman" ...

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