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Here's a THG feature we haven't seen in awhile. We show you a star wearing a sexy black Georges Chakra gown and you see if you can tell which one!

At the Hollywood Style Awards last week, one CW actress was leaving very to the imagination, thanks to the see-through lace running down her side.

Who do you think it was, Gossip Girl's Blake Lively, Hellcats' Ashley Tisdale, Melrose Place/GG's Katie Cassidy or 90210's AnnaLynne McCord? Vote ...


This celebrity body belongs to ...


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An an event like Us Weekly's Hot in Hollywood party, maybe we shouldn't be surprised that a certain young star came dressed to impress (or turn heads).

The question is, who does this hot, lingerie-clad body belong to? It could be anyone! Well, it could be a lot of young starlets. Or at least a handful.

Can you tell who it is? Vote below!


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We love to rag on celebrities for the plastic surgery they get, but let's face it, a lot of them keep their figures by working out like madmen! Or women!

Take this star for example. She exercises quite a bit, actually, even if that's not what she's known for or seen doing too often. Can you tell who it is?

This stretching celebrity is ...



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Thumbs up is right!

This guy has it made, relaxing on the beach and putting his arm around a certain bikini-clad celebrity on a sunny New Year's Day. But who is it?

Who is this blue bikini babe? See if you can guess in our survey below!

Thumbs Up, Man!

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NOTE: After taking part in the poll, you can follow the jump to see more photos of the pretty celebrity in question kicking it on the beach ...

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A certain celebrity was spotted in L.A. this week, getting some things out of her car (looks like a Prius) She was clad in blue jeans and a stylish jacket.

Who is this laid-back star? From this particular angle (not that we're complaining), it's kind of hard to tell. See if you can guess in our little survey below!

This celebrity is ...



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One of The Hollywood Gossip's favorite stars was seen out jogging recently. She's gotta stay in shape for ... whatever it is she does.

Who is this blonde, fitness-conscious celebrity? From this angle (which has its merits), it's kind of hard to tell. Take a guess below!

This celebrity booty belongs to ...