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Justin Timberlake is bringing sexy back with his new single cover art.

But in a subtle, artistic manner.

The artist has released the photo that goes along with his latest single "Tunnel Vision" and while it may at first glance look to be a close-up of the singer's face… look harder. Look deeper. Look from the top left and curve down to the bottom middle and...

... yup, that's the shape of a naked woman! No one tell Jessica Biel.

Justin Timberlake Single Art

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For Steve Perry, the Journey isn't over just yet.

The 64-year-old rocker revealed in an emotional blog post that he was recently diagnosed with serious skin cancer, but he believes he's going to be fine.

Steve Perry Picture

"Three weeks ago a routine mole was taken off my face and the lab report came back melanoma skin cancer," wrote the legendary Journey frontman.

"I've had two surgeries in two weeks to remove all the cancer cells and I've been told they think they got it all and no other treatments are required."

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Austin Mahone, 17, is an exuberant young pop singer who first became popular in 2011 due to viral videos online and is starting to make it to the mainstream.

Sound familiar?

Austin Mahone Photo

It's no surprising that the baby-faced Texan has drawn the inevitable comparisons to Justin Bieber following his rise to YouTube fame in the last two years.

Austin Mahone's path is similar to that of Bieber's, and while Mahone is flattered by the comparison, he tells Today that he hopes to set himself apart.

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Ted Dwane was rushed to the emergency room yesterday after suffering blood clot on his brain, with Mumford & Sons releasing a statement that updates fans on the condition of its bassist:

"Our friend and bandmate Ted has been feeling unwell for a few days, and yesterday he was taken to a hospital to receive emergency treatment," the band says, adding:

"The scans revealed a blood clot on the surface of his brain that requires an operation. Ted is receiving excellent care and we are being assured that he will recover quickly from surgery."

Ted Dwane Image

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Look out, country music world. Here comes Kelly Clarkson!

The pop superstar placed her foot squarely in the country music world over the weekend at the CMA Festival in Nashville, debuting the track "Tie It Up" and telling the audience:

“I’ve been nervous all day because I wanted to be good for you!”

Did the original American Idol have cause to be concerned? Listen to the song now and decide for yourself:

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Beware, people of Earth: This will soon be Kanye West's universe - and we'll be lucky just to live in it.

The rapper has a new album coming out on June 18 and, in case you have not yet heard, he and Kim Kardashian will welcome a child into the world some short time after that.

And yesterday the artist got the Summer of Kanye off to a rousing start by introducing a couple new tracks at The Governors Ball in New York City.

One is titled "On Site" and the other is titled "I Am a God" because come on… of course it is. Give both songs a listen now:

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They aren't just livin on a prayer. They are touring the country.

And you can go see them live this summer!

With Bon Jovi about to head to an arena near you as part of its Because We Can Tour, THG is teaming with AEG Live to offer TWO (2) readers TWO (2) tickets each to a concert of their choice.

Bon Jovi Tour Poster

This giveaway is free and easy to enter.

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Carly Rose Sonenclar has given us a second version of a One Direction classic.

The 14-year old former X Factor sensation takes to the piano in the following video and puts her own unique spin on "Stole My Heart," making it sound entirely different than the version made famous by this British boy band.

Not that they mind one bit, however.

"@CarlyRoseMusic you are an incredible talent..and thank you for doing the cover," Tweeted Niall Horan in response to the rendition.

Watch and be impressed now:

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Last week, Tyler the Creator took the heat for Justin Bieber's alleged joy ride, Tweeting that he was driving the singer's Ferrari when neighbors complained it was speeding around town on Memorial Day.

Now, Tyler himself is under fire for comments made in Australia.

It all started with feminist protester Talitha Stone petitioning to have the artist's Visa revoked because there are rules in the nation against visitors who “vilify or incite discord” and “songs advocating rape and extreme violence against women."

In response, during yesterday's concert Down Under, Tyler told the crowd there was someone trying to give him the boot and said:

“I wish she could hear me call her a b—-, too, f—ing whore.”

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Justin Bieber just can't get anything right these days.

The singer announced a slew of new international tour dates yesterday - with reckless driving and paparazzi cursing charges against him, can you blame the guy for wanting to get away? - but he left Venezuela off the list.

Biebs, The

Feeling snubbed by the inclusion of nearby Latin American countries such as Colombia and Brazil, fans in that nation expressed outrage over Twitter.

By mid-afternoon, the hashtag #Venezuelawantsbelievetour was trending worldwide.

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