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Tovar Rascon, a 33-year old “banda” musician, was shot and killed at a restaurant in Mexico City last night.

Tito Torbellino Image

The Phoenix native was dining inside Ciudad Obregon, according to The Associated Press, when two gunmen entered and show him at close range.

He died on the way to the hospital.

It’s tragically not unusual for singers in Mexico to be murdered, but these victims typically perform “narcocorridos" that celebrate the exploits of drug traffickers; or have ties to local gangs.

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This may leave a mark.

During a concert in Charlotte last night, Luke Bryan was performing at the PNC Music Pavilion as part of his "That's My Kind of Night" tour.

He was bouncing around, singing, having a lot of fun… until Bryan took a tumble and fell off the stage! 

Watch the fall, and then click through to see other artist concert falls, now:

Luke Bryan Falls from Stage
OUCH! Luke Bryan is having a fun time in this concert video. Until he falls off the stage, that is.

Like a pro, however, Bryan finished the track and then remained seated for the remainder of the show.

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Ahhh, the '90s. Parachute pants, puffy vests, singers with bleached blonde hair, BOY BANDS.

And for many of us high school dances. Would we be wallflowers all night, relegated to sitting on the bleachers? Would that cute guy from Algebra finally notice us and ask us to dance?

Would it be more fun to stay home and wash our hair? 

(The answer to that last question is unequivocally yes. Yes it would be more fun to wash your hair than worry about just how bad your acne will look in the dim lights of the high school gym and whether or not your bangs will stay teased and lacquered in place all night long.)

But since it IS Flashback Friday, let's take a very, very awkward walk down memory lane with 31 slow dance songs from the 1990s that we had no business slow dancing to at all ever and especially not at the tender age of 14. Looking at you, "2 Become 1."

(God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time on You - NSync
Here's Justin Timberlake when he was a member of N*Sync with "(God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time on You."

Fun facts about some of these videos:

N*Sync's "(God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time On You" is actually about a mother and her son, is set in the early 1900s, and features an angelic-looking boy band comprised of Justin Timberlake, Lace Bass, Joey Fatone, J.C, Chasez, and whoever that dude is with the dreads.

Backstreet Boys totally ripped off their all-white look for "I Want It That Way" but that's cool since Backstreet Boys basically ripped off everything N*Sync did.

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Bret Michaels has suffered another medical scare.

The 51-year old rocker, who had a brain hemorrhage in 2010, collapsed on stage at the Palace Theatre in Manchester, New Hampshire last night.

A Type-1 diabetic, Michaels had performed three songs with an “extremely low” blood sugar, according to guitarist Pete Evick, who said paramedics rushed to the singer’s aid and helped transport him to the hospital.

Bret Michaels in NYC

“Bret looked at me and looked like he was gonna die,” the musician wrote in a text to Metal Sludge.

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Justin Bieber appears to be spending more time inside supermodels these days than inside a recording studio.

But somehow the singer has still found time to produce new music, as he actually debuted a fresh track last night.

It features rapper Migos and the collaboration marks one of Bieber’s first full releases since his Complete My Journals compilation in December. Listen now:

Just a few days ago, Bieber teased a different new track, “You Know What You Do to Hurt Me."

It appeared to take a jab at Selena Gomez in the refrain, which talked about someone knowing just what to do to "hurt" Justin.

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We doubt Casper Smart is cheating on Jennifer Lopez.

Why not? We present the following music video as proof.

It's for the track "First Love" and it features J. Lo sizzling in a desert location.

Rolling around on the ground in a revealing bathing suit, the American Idol hottie romances a mystery man while singing:

"I wish you were my first love because if you were first, baby there would be no second, third or fourth love."

Seriously, who would cheat on this?!? Be amazed that Lopez is 44 years old now:

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O-Town has answered the prayers of music fans everywhere.

The group announced this week that it will release an album in August, its first set of new work since 2002's "O2."

And just as O-Town prepares for a comeback, rumors of a One Direction breakup are everywhere today, following a leaked video of members Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson smoking pot.

These contrasting stories serve as the latest reminders that the lives of boy bands can be memorable and long-lasting... or forgetful and fleeting. But always very handsome.

Which groups have stood the test of adorable time? Which do we miss the most? Which did you forget ever existed?

Click through the following gallery and reminisce: Don't you wish some of these singers never went bye, bye, bye?

O-Town shocked fans in the best possible way in the spring of 2014: after a 12-year-long hiatus, they announced a new song AND album is on the way! YES!

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Macaulay Culkin probably wishes he spent this weekend home alone.

At least then he could have just worn his Ryan Gosling shirt in peace.

Instead, however, the actor and his band The Pizza Underground, performed as part of the Dot to Dot Festival in Nottingham, England. Much to the chagrin of those in attendance.

This Velvet Underground cover group scarcely got through a few tracks before the audience booed and actually threw beer bottles on stage.

Culkin tried to joke about the rude behavior at first ("Why are you throwing those?" hr asked. "I'd rather drink them."), but the unruliness would not stop.

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Perhaps Solange Knowles should attack Jay Z every month.

As the entire Internet knows by now, Solange violently confronted her brother-in-law in the elevator of New York's Standard Hotel on May 5.

Punches were thrown. A purse was whipped. Kicks were... kicked.

Oh, and record sales subsequently exploded!

According to Nielsen SoundScan data for the week ending on May 18, Solange’s digital sales went from 600 downloads to 2,000 downloads in the course of seven days.

That’s an increase of 233 percent!

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