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How similar is Katy Perry’s new hit “Roar” to Sara Bareilles’ recent single “Brave"?

Similar enough to have some fans crying ripoff after she roared to #1 this week.

"Brave" merited a tweet from Perry at the time of its release this year, as Katy included a link to the video with a message that read “I heart you @sarabareilles."

More than a few of the 3,500,000 Katy Perry "Roar" listeners on YouTube have noted its similarities to Bareilles' song in key, tempo and loping beat.

Listen to them both above and see what you think ...

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Lady Gaga fans are known to be the music world's most rabid, but a series of Craigslist ads regarding how far they'll go to meet her is a little disturbing.

  • Lady Gaga Topless Photograph
  • Gaga Craigslist

This week, the singer announced on Twitter that one lucky Little Monster will be her guest to the iTunes Festival in London if they buy her new song “Applause.”

Simple enough, right? Well, she added that they'll improve their chances of being picked if they buy MULTIPLE copies ... of a digital single on iTunes.

Someone really wants to beat Katy Perry's "Roar" and be #1.

Because many Little Monsters are certifiably insane, a number of them are going to absurd lengths to rack up the most iTunes receipts for "Applause."

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Eminem is back with "Survival," a song to be featured on the forthcoming game Call of Duty: Ghosts. That would be noteworthy enough, but his collaborator is adding to the buzz.

Liz Rodrigues, an unfamiliar but luring vocalist, sings the hook:

"This is survival of the fittest / This is do or die."

Liz Rodrigues is a member of the New Royales, an up-and-coming group that has also worked with 50 Cent, Jay Electronica, Slaughterhouse, Pitbull and the Clipse.

Dr. Dre has reportedly  deemed the New Royales "the new crack," and they haven't even put out their first mixtape, Freedom's For the Brave, yet.

How long until the music world gets hooked? And what do you think of Rodrigues' collaboration with Eminem for Call of Duty: Ghosts? Comment below!

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If you've turned on the radio at all in the last six weeks, you've no doubt heard Anna Kendrick's "Cups".

The song is everywhere! It has spent five weeks now in the Top 10 of Billboard's Hot 100!

A song from a movie overtaking the music world isn't new, but from a movie (Pitch Perfect) that opened almost a year ago? That's unheard of.

Anna Kendrick is just as stunned by the song's popularity as the rest of us and took to Instagram to try and vocalize her feelings.

We understand Ms. Kendrick. Many of us have that same reaction. 

Of course that's right before we start singing along as we drive down the road.

If you are one of the few who haven't heard "Cups" well then click through the jump and join the rest of the world in getting it stuck in your head.

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Lady Gaga has now an official lyric video for her just-released single, "Applause."

As you might expect, it's as elaborate as most people's actual music videos.

While it doesn't show Lady Gaga topless, that's about all it doesn't show.

On Monday, the same day the single dropped, Gaga headed out to Micky's, a West Hollywood gay bar, and urged fans to meet her there via Twitter.

While there, she filmed clubgoers, drag queens and revelers partying.

And that's how you got this work. Lady Gaga is a woman who lives for the applause - and her fans - and no one can ever take that away from her. Ever.

Question is, though ... will she hear "Applause" for the single itself?

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Kelly Clarkson gets fun and personal in the official music for the track "Tie It Up."

The artist - who is engaged to Brandon Blackstock and who looks downright gorgeous in this engagement photo - plays a wedding singer in the video, bopping around on stage while couples exchange vows and celebrate the monumental occasion in front of her.

Yes, a few of these couples share the same sex.

Will this generate some controversy? Most likely. But kudos to Kelly for simply not caring. Watch now:

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It's ON now.

Diddy just put Kendrick Lamar on BLAST on Instagram, taking issue with a claim he makes on Big Sean's "Control" where he calls himself the new King of New York.

Diddy disagrees. In hilarious, meme-tastic form:

Diddy Mocks Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar's verse of the Big Sean track - in which he SHREDS Lindsay Lohan, Drake, and everyone else - has been the talk of the web for the last 24 hours.

Diddy wasn't name-checked or threatened with murder (he's one of the few) on "Control," but he took issue with Lamar's lyrics about reigning over NYC.

That's Diddy's role, b!tch.

We'll leave the argument over who the real ruler of the Big Apple rap game is up to you, THGers ... but we have to give Diddy props for his retaliatory style.

Jay-Z had no comment, but based on the photo above, his pal's pretty much implying there's no daylight between their respective positions on Lamar.

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Tan Mom is back with a new music video.

Yes, the New Jersey raisin otherwise known as Patricia Krentcil is continuing the musical career that began with "It's Tan Mom" with a follow-up single.

Watch/listen to "Life of the Party" below and prepare to spend the rest of your day wondering how this actually exists, and why you watched it:

Tan Mom kicks this off in style, sucking face with gay pop star Adam Barta and drag queen Skyla Versai a la Madonna, Britney and Christina.

Just wrong.

Promising to "rock your world," Tan Mom says she'll drop her top "at the beach or on the town, Malibu to Jersey Shore," though she "don't do anal, not a whore."

Subtle shot at Myla Sinanaj and/or Farrah Abraham? You bet. She disses Farrah personally later on, then proclaims her sobriety while wearing a thong.

The music world will never be the same.

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Kendrick Lamar shook up hip-hop and became the talk of the celebrity news world with his verse on Big Sean's "Control," far outshining Sean himself.

Big Sean isn't worried about that, though, claiming he not only "orchestrated" the Kendrick Lamar "Control" verse, but feels it's crucial for the genre.

He gave his fellow MCs props, saying “Of course Kendrick spazzed on it, of course Jay Elec spazzed on it ... I feel like we all added our own flavors to it."

"I knew what it was for hip-hop culture. I knew how important it was.”

He decided to leave his verse intact even after hearing Kendrick Lamar call out fellow rappers (and even Lindsay Lohan) in the fiery lyrical tirade.

“I’m not a ho ass ni**a. I wasn’t gonna change my stuff for nothing."

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Michelle Obama is about to drop KNOWLEDGE on you ... in the form of a 19-track hip-hop album geared toward children and focusing on her signature issues:

Eating healthy and exercising regularly.

The First Lady of the U.S. teamed up with a handful of big names in the music business, including Jordin Sparks, Ashanti, and DMC to record the album,

Its title: "Songs for a Healthier America."

Michelle Obama, who does not rap or sing on the album, is releasing the collection in conjunction with her “Let’s Move” program, which she formed in 2010.

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