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Did this video of a dog continuously fetching a tennis ball into a giant leaf pile not get you excited for autumn?

That's a shame. But perhaps Janessa Leigh can help.

The singer has posted an impressive parody on YouTune of her very own version of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off."

The track is titled "Because It's Fall" and, yes, it will also get stuck in your head for the next few days.

That’s okay, though, because the witty lyrics reference crunchy leafs… pumpkin spice lattes… apple picking… Thanksgiving… and the donning of a lot of flannel.

Because it's fall, people. Because it's fall.

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Justin Bieber is apparently All About That Bass.

The musical superstar has put his own touch on Meghan Trainor's massive hit, coming out with a remixed version that brings the pop single into a whole new genre.

Bieber also changes some of the lyrics, as you'll hear below:

"I’m all about that bass, no treble," sings Bieber above. "We gonna take it to a whole 'nother level … We know that sh-t ain’t real. We know it’s Photoshopped."

You heard the man, Selena Gomez! You better go get one of those Kim Kardashian butt lifts if you wish to keep Justin happy.

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Kids are positively killing it these days.

Did you catch that 11-year old who moved and grooved and blew us away with her dancing to All About That Bass?

Or the 8-year old who recreated every step of Patrick Swayze's part in the iconic Dirty Dancing finale scene?

Now, we’ve come across another 11-year old, this one a girl name Sapphire who needs nothing but her guitar to cover Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.

Like the original version, will this one get stuck in your head for hours on end? Probably. But it's well worth it.

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Bono is eating a healthy plate of crow right about now.

On September 9, via deal with Apple, U2’s "Songs of Innocence" album was automatically downloaded to iTunes on ALL Apple devices, whether users asked for it or not.

Bono and The Edge

Many were unhappy with the intrusion, prompting Apple to actually come out with a tool to remove the album from one's iTunes Music Library if so desired.

And during a Facebook chat yesterday, user Harriet Madeline Jobson wrote to the band, asking:

"Can you please never release an album on iTunes that automatically downloads to peoples playlists ever again? It's really rude."

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At midnight today, Taylor Swift released "Out of the Woods" on iTunes, the second track off her upcoming album, "1989."

The chorus continuously asks whether the singer and an unnamed paramour are “out of the woods yet,” a question that could likely apply to any of Taylor’s ex-boyfriends.

But many astute listeners believe the single is centered on Harry Styles, pointing to a couple instances where Swift is clearly making a reference to her time with the One Direction hunk.

FIRST, Swift croons about how “last December, we were built to fall apart.”

And those in the know recall that Taylor and Harry pretty much went public in December 2012, holding hands in New York City and going to tattoo parlors together.

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Ready to have another Taylor Swift song stuck in your head for weeks at a time?

The singer has shaken off criticism of her cat and released "Out of the Woods," her second single off the upcoming album 1989, which will be available on October 27.

And while Swift's initial album release (the very, very, very catchy "Shake It Off") addressed her critics, "Out of the Woods" turns her attention back to Taylor's favorite single-writing subject:


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Mark Bell has passed away.

The electronic music pioneer, who rose to fame with the group LFO, was 43 years old.

Mark Bell Image

Warp Records, LFO’s record label, confirmed Bell's passing via a statement on their website, informing fans of the sad news via the following message:

"It's with great sadness that we announce the untimely passing of Mark Bell of LFO who died last week from complications after an operation. Mark's family & friends request privacy at this difficult time."

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Looking for the major difference between Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato? Here it is:

Late last week, Miley fell down drunk during a concert in Australia. Conversely, Lovato was proposed to by the world's most adorable five-year old.

During a show in Illinois on Saturday, Lovato spotted a very young man holding up a sign. She called him on stage. She learned his name is Grant. And then she showed him how to get down on one knee in order to pop life’s most important question.

“Oh and by the way guys…… I’M ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Demi wrote on Twitter not long after the concert ended. "Thank you to my future husband Grant… #CUTESTEVER #demiworldtour."

Sorry, Wilmer Valderrama. This is a tough way for Demi to break up with you, we know.

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The full list of nominees for the 2014 American Music Awards has been unveiled.

Iggy Azalea leads the way with a total of six nods, while John Legend, Katy Perry and Pharrell Williams nabbed five each and other big names up in major categories include Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Luke Bryan, Drake, Eminem, Imagine Dragons and Lorde.

Who will take up the trophies on Sunday, November 23? Scroll through a list of ALL the nominees now...

American Music Award logo

Iggy Azalea
Luke Bryan
Imagine Dragons
John Legend
One Direction
Katy Perry
Pharrell Williams

5 Seconds of Summer
Iggy Azalea
Sam Smith
Meghan Trainor

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Earlier this week, Miley Cyrus admitted that she often drinks prior to taking the stage. A lot.

"I got so drunk at other shows, puking at the side of the stage," Miley told a crowd in Australia, adding:

"You can't be under the influence at shows when you're gyrating on f--king cars, so I'm sober. Well, sober-ish. I'm trying to create some memories for you motherf--kers here!"

Cyrus then went ahead and fell on her giant fake butt:

Miley posted a video of the mishap on Instagram and wrote as a caption that it "never gets old."

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