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We've seen the Catching Fire trailer, but now EW has released a new image from the film.

It's none other than Katniss Everdeen in a wedding dress!

Catching Fire Image

The Hunger Games sequel doesn't open in theaters until November, but we get the sense things are going to start catching on fire (sorry... couldn't be avoided) really soon. 

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A couple weeks ago we were sounding the rally cry with these Kick-Ass 2 videos. I hope everyone chose sides and is out fighting for their faction, but now it's time to check out the Kick-Ass 2 poster.

Kick-Ass 2 Poster

Jim Carrey (who spoke out recently on the violence of Kick-Ass 2), Chloe Morentz, Aaron Tyler-Johnson, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse all have that "don't cross me or I will mess you up" look in their eyes, which is about right given their roles.

I like it. Not going to lie, I'm a little curious as to what is up with the paint splatter thing they've got going there, but overall, it's a great poster. 

Kick-Ass 2 opens on August 16th.

Want some more movie news? How about this Out of the Furnace trailer featuring former superhero Christian Bale?

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If you saw the Gravity trailer, you know that Sandra Bullock and George Clooney end up in a not-so-enviable position while exploring space.

With this new Gravity image, though, we get a nice serene look at them peacefully doing work on a space station, probably right before everything literally fell apart. 

Gravity image

Awww, isn't that sweet?

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Martin Freeman has waved goodbye to Bilbo Baggins.

But filming is still going strong on The Hobbit: There and Back Again​. In the most recent of Peter Jackson's production diary vlogs, we get a chance to see just how strenous a dwarf workout is.

So grab your sweatbands and bottles of water! If you aren't quite ready to get moving, you can watch the entire video - but if exercise is calling your name, jump ahead to the 5-minute mark.

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If you were to compare Pacific Rim reviews to Grown Ups 2 reviews, there would be little doubt as to who would win the box office this weekend. 

Grown Ups 2 Movie Photo

But in another example of the public disagreeing with the critics, Pacific Rim came in third place this week to a now twice-victorious Despicable Me 2 and Adam Sandler's Grown Ups 2

Even though Despicable Me 2 took an almost 50 percent cut in revenue its second week out, it still beat Guillermo Del Toro's robots... handily.

Just goes to show, you can spend $190 million on making a movie and it doesn't mean you won't get beat out by a giggling Twinkie.

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Leighton Meester will not reprise her role as Carrie Bishop in the highly anticipated Veronica Mars movie. Her character has been re-cast, reports say.

Meester in Marie Claire

Creator Rob Thomas announced that Andrea Estella, the lead singer of the band Twin Sister, will take over the role due to scheduling conflicts.

"Sadly, Leighton was doing a different movie at the same time on the wrong coast," Thomas wrote to his Kickstarter backers. "In the end, she was unavailable."

Estella scored the role because Thomas is a fan of Twin Sister and will be using some of their songs as Carrie Bishop shows off some vocal skills.

Explained Thomas:

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Ladies and gentlemen, we are one step closer to a Sharknado sequel.

On the heels of last Thursday's mega Syfy success (judging by reactions on Twitter, at least) Tara Reid has told TMZ that she would totally sign on for a follow-up to this television movie.

Tara Reid in Sharknado

"I'm just so glad that people saw the humor in it that I did... because it's hilarious," Reid said, adding that she'd appear in future editions of the franchise and:

"This movie was so ridiculous, you know? Like it's almost so bad that it's good."

So bad it's GREAT, Tara.

But would should the inevitable sequel be titled? You tell us:


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Let's be honest: THG is a place you go not only to catch up on the latest news, but to fill a bit of downtime.

I'm sure there's been times you've turned to us and there isn't a new story. It's then you think, such a slow news day, what a bummer.

Trust me, if you take the slow news day hard, please know that we're dying over here!

So instead of just sitting and staring off into space, waiting for retirement... we've taken to YouTube. We do it for you, dearest readers.

Today let's do some movie themes. Like this Man of Steel video. The Man of Steel theme is beautiful but I have to say, I might enjoy this dude's take on it even more. Feelings? The corn background? It's a winner.

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A Sharknado sequel is clearly on the way, possibly as soon as next month, considering the epic reaction on Twitter last night...

... and how quickly Tara Reid would sign up for more work.

But even before an official deal or title is in place, the good folks responsible for such Tawainese animation as this re-enactment of the Tiger Woods scandal and Lil Wayne's near-death experience have compiled their own trailer for a Sharknado sequel.

They call it Sharkphoon. Watch now:

Sharkphoon. It's not bad. But we can do better, THGers!

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Don't get chills when you watch this Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom trailer, I dare you.

See? It's not possible. Even if you knew nothing of Nelson Mandela, just watching that with Idris Elba's voiceover is enough. 

But we do know the man which makes the anticipation and expectation of this movie all that much higher. 

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