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We've already featured one Sharknado trailer, but I think we can all agree, there is just never enough Sharknado​. So without further ado, an extended Sharknado trailer. Enjoy!

Now, thanks to the earlier excursion into the "WTH did I just watch?" realm with the The Rooftop trailer, I'm actually finding myself looking forward to this. 

Nope, that's a lie.

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We've seen Electro photos before but now, in a big way, Jaime Foxx has been officially introduced as Electro in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Jamie Foxx as Electro in Amazing Spider-Man 2

For their Comic-Con preview edition, Entertainment Weekly went competely in your face with Electro and Spider-Man himself squaring off. 

So now that we've seen Foxx's Electro and the new Spidey suit, when do we get an official picture of Paul Giamatti as Rhino?

Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens on April 17, 2014.

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Seventh Son international trailer was released today and it is just as sweepingly beautiful and epic as you'd imagine it would be.

This is a great time to be a fantasy fan. Between the epic TV shows like Game of Thrones and the ongoing Hobbit franchise in film, there's just so much to be excited about.

Now with this new film, fantasy gets a whole new chapter.

Based on the Joseph Delaney novel, The Spook's Apprentice - not the Seventh Son novel by the controversial Orson Scott Card - the movie stars Jeff Bridges as Master Gregory, the "spook", Ben Barnes as his apprentice (the seventh son of the seventh son) and Julianne Moore as the witch, Mother Malkin.

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Outside of Tom Hanks as Walt Disney, it has been a rather slow movie news day.

Enter, The Rooftop. 

It's a Mandarin film about a group of friends who... wait for it... live on a rooftop. They also sing and practice kung-fu. There is a love story, of course, and more singing. 

Check out The Rooftop trailer for yourself below!

There is no way on Earth this will make it to my local theater, but I might just have to see it on DVD. In the mood for another movie preview? How about this Austenland trailer!

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So we know that Christian Bale is done with Batman, now he's got a new film coming out called Out of the Furnace. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we get a look at a new poster. 

Out of the Furnace Official Poster

It not a huge thing but I'm a big fan of the tag line there of "Sometimes your battles choose you". Sets a mood for the film that goes hand and hand with the poster imagery.

Click through the jump for a look at Christian Bale with his Out of the Furnace costar Zoe Saldana on set.

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Despite his purported questionable personal beliefs, not unlike the Orson Scott Card drama, I am a huge fan of Walt Disney. Love the movies, the characters, the entire universe built up around them... I love it all.

So you can imagine my excitement over the upcoming Tom Hanks' movie, Saving Mr. Banks.

Tom Hanks as Walt Disney in Saving Mr. Banks

While we got a good look at the Walt Disney mustache when Hanks popped up on the Martin Short episode of SNL, in this first official release from Saving Mr. Banks, we see Tom Hanks as Walt Disney in his element.

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There's just something about guys xeroxing their junk that is amusing. I don't know why that is, but it is. In this new trailer for James McAvoy's Filth we get that and so, so much more. 

James McAvoy plays the less than honorable cop, Bruce Robertson. As the film's logline says, he "manipulates and hallucinates his way through the festive season in a bid to secure promotion and win back his wife and daughter."

Little known fact: The best way to secure a promotion and win back a wife and daughter is through manipulation and hallucinations.

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There are pranks, like buttering the floor, saran wrapping the outside of a door, and that invisible driver prank; then there are pranks that scare the living bejesus out of a person.

This particular boyfriend has won the non-existent race to the best/worst one of those pranks.

Where do we even begin with this?

One: This was not a spur of the moment kind of thing. This dude had to plan and make a doll and wait for his girlfriend to fall asleep on that couch watching TV.

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In an interview from December that's going viral this week, an emotional Dustin Hoffman shares how the film Tootsie and his character, Dorothy Michaels, came to be.

The 1982 film was both funny and touching. It focused on a struggling actor who can't get a gig and decides to become a woman to see if that helps.

Hilarity ensued, but to Hoffman, it was more than just a comedy.

The two-year process of getting into his character and seeing how life would be different for her changed his perceptions of female beauty forever.

Three decades later, he tears up talking about it.

As a "woman," he felt he was basically shunned because he wasn't "beautiful" in the traditional sense - something we saw this week with Marion Bartoli.

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Gene Wilder may be 80 but he hasn't been seen in a movie in decades. While young fans might not actively think about it, there are generations of moviegoers who have wondered where he's been.

He recently sat down for an interview with Robert Osborne at the 92nd Street Y and answered that exact question, plus some insights into the greatest films of his career.

So it's the swearing.

The proliferation of profanity has kept the comedic genius of Gene Wilder from the big screen. Even as a fan of the English language at it's most bawdy, it's hard not to be saddened by this.

So is the swearing in today's movies out of control? Has it gone beyond serving a purpose and just now and exercise in just how far you can push the envelope? Sound off below!

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