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Quentin Tarantino is suing celebrity gossip site Gawker following the leak of his script for The Hateful Eight, which he is no longer making into a movie.

The famed director filed suit accusing the blog of the following:

"Blatant copyright infringement by the promotion and dissemination of unauthorized downloadable copies of the leaked unreleased complete screenplay."

"There was nothing newsworthy or journalistic" about it, Tarantino alleges.

He is seeking damages reportedly in excess of $1 million for the action.

Furthermore, while Gawker did not post the script to its own site, Tarantino says it would not have been widely accessible if Gawker had not linked to it. Often.

Gawker turned down repeated requests to remove links to download the script, the complaint charges. A Gawker post offering links to it is still online.

The celebrity gossip site did not respond to a request for comment.

The Hateful Eight is/was a Western, the same genre as Tarantino's 2012 hit Django Unchained, which won him an Academy Award for writing.

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A funny video of some Swedish Marines dancing to "Greased Lightning" while stationed in Afghanistan is going viral, and we've got the insight as to why:

They're hot Swedes. Gyrating around military vehicles to the John Travolta number from Grease. It's any girl's dream ... and probably Travolta's, for that matter.

Anyway, check it out below!

It's fun to see how military personnel pass their down time out in the middle of nowhere, and that they keep their morale and spirits high with things like this.

The fact that we get to share in it is great, but the mere idea that they decided to choreograph a musical number, obviously practice it and record this?

It's enough to give you newfound respect for the country of Sweden. Not that you needed any, since it's ranked atop like every list of best everything.

Still, respect, you guys!

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It's early, but the much-anticipated Pitch Perfect sequel is already hitting the right notes.

That's because it has tapped THG favorite Elizabeth Banks as director: the hilarious actress is set to get behind the camera for the first time in order to bring this musical follow-up to life.

Banks and husband Max Handelman will also produce Pitch Perfect 2 - and you can watch Pitch Perfect online in order to be reminded of just why everyone cannot wait for the sequel to drop.

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Milk may be a bad choice on a hot day, but Morgan Hoffmann made an excellent decision during this weekend's Farmers Insurance Open in San Diego.

Teeing off from the classy city made famous by Ron Burgundy, the second-year golf pro paid tribute to a few Anchorman quotes via his set of wedges.

"Got my wedges all dialed in for this week @VokeyWedges #sandiego #anchorman," Hoffman wrote as a caption to the following image, whose presence on social media escalated quickly since the picture went live.

Morgan Hoffman Anchorman Tribute

This makes us want to watch Anchorman online and also to cheer Hoffman on. The young player is only two shots off the lead heading into today's final round.

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Christian Grey has arrived. Or at least he's on the verge of arriving in February ... 2015. Hey, take what you can get for now, and what you can get is this:

The first movie poster for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie!

"Mr. Grey will see you now," the film's official Twitter page teased with the poster. "Start the countdown to Valentine’s Day 2015! #FiftyShades #ChristianGrey."

Fifty Shades of Grey Poster

Jamie Dornan, who plays Christian Grey opposite Dakota Johnson's Anastastia Steele, is seen from behind as he gazes outside his office window.

We'll likely be seeing a lot more of his behind, and Johnson's, in the adaptation of E.L. James' best-selling erotic novel. If you know what we mean!!

We mean sex, people. Although, speaking of the book's steamier scenes, what you read may not be exactly what you get, according to new on-set intel.

Producer Michael De Luca recently implied that the infamous, S&M-laden Fifty Shades of Grey sex scenes may be toned down for younger audiences.

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Milk on a hot day? That's a bad choice.

The origin of San Diego? We all know it involves a female whale's private parts.

About to get into a fight with a rival news team? You want Brick Tamland and his trident on your side.

Indeed, Ron Burgundy is a legend for a reason: he anchors what many consider to be the funniest movie ever made. And almost definitely the most quotable.

Watch Anchorman online to relive the best one-liners, quips, exchanges and insults... then and click through some of our favorite Anchorman quotes now. Don't act like you're not impressed by these...

Really? Yes, I do. Um...I'm sorry, it's's the pleats. Mm. It's actually an optical...

Veronica: Mr. Burgundy, you have a massive erection.
Rob Burgundy: Really? Yes, I do. Um...I'm sorry, it's's the pleats. Mm. It's actually an optical illusion. It's the pattern on the pants. It's not flattering in the crotchal region. I'm actually taking them back right now. Taking them back to the pants store. Well I'm gonna go walk it off. Don't act like you're not impressed!

Veronica: Mr. Burgundy, you have a massive erection. Rob Burgundy: Really? Yes, I do. Um...I'm sorry, it's's the pleats. Mm....

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The "Big Three" of Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher are due on the set of Star Wars: Episode VII soon, the latter revealed in an interview.

Promoting her appearance on The Big Bang Theory, Fisher confirmed as much, saying that the trio is expected on set sometime in “March or April.”

Star Wars Big 3

While it's long been rumored that Luke, Leia and Han would return in Star Wars: Episode VII, Carrie Fisher's confirmation is as concrete as anything so far.

It's also the closest thing we've had to a production schedule.

As for Fisher would like for her character? “I’d like to wear my old (cinnamon buns) hairstyle again - but with white hair,” she said. “I think that would be funny.”

How involved the iconic characters will be in this trilogy remains to be seen. Some have suggested they may be more Obi-Wan type characters in advisory roles.

Others have suggested that one (Han feels like the logical pick) or perhaps more will meet their demise, with their children seeking justice against the dark forces.

What would you like to see out of Star Wars 7? Tell us below, and don't forget to watch The Big Bang Theory online to see Carrie's guest spot on CBS.

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The Internet has always been run by cats, but with this video of Mean Girls reenacted by kittens, the entire web as we know it can officially hang it up.

You're not gonna do better than this, Cyberspace. At least not today ... unless Justin Bieber gets arrested again and is filmed trying to break out of his cell naked.

Now try to get that image out of your head as you feast your eyes on this feline-centric parody of the Tina Fey-Lindsay Lohan classic from the Pet Collective ...

The attention to detail throughout is tremendous, with the feline twists pulled off in fantastic fashion. You can't just ask people why they aren't lions!

Damian, for his part, is "too gray to function" while the girl at the end just wants to bake a cake out of "rainbows and catnip" so everyone can be happy.

Watch Pet Collective's masterpiece above from start to finish and be sure to click the slideshow below for many more classic cat videos from the THG archives ...

Cat Licks Vacuum Cleaner, Holds it Like Bong
Check out this awesome video of a cat licking a vacuum cleaner, and holding it like a bong.

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Things are getting heated on the Fifty Shades of Grey set, and we're not talking about Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson naked and slapping bodies.


Amid rumors that the movie may be watered down to lure in a younger audience (and earn a higher box office gross) comes reports of more tension on set.

E.L. James and the film's director Sam Taylor-Johnson aren't exactly seeing eye to eye, insiders say, with the latter becoming irritated by the former's input.

It all comes down to the sex, says a source of the two butting heads:

"E.L. James wants the movie to match the book exactly, but Sam has a different perspective. Sam is reminding E.L. she writes books and she makes movies."

Some say this confrontation was bound to happen sooner or later.

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Mockingjay has officially taken flight.

Although this Catching Fire follow-up isn't due in theaters until November 21, the folks at Lionsgate have revved up the PR machine nice and early with the following promotional image.

It depicts the mockingjay itself, wings spread and on fire.

Mockingjay Poster

“Check out the new logo for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1… and LIKE if you’re excited for #Mockingjay!” the official The Hunger Games Facebook page captioned the photograph.

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