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Forget those summer blockbusters for a moment.

And let's focus instead on the only 2014 blockbuster that really matters.

It features a certain District 12 Victor, it comes out on November 21, it's the third film in its franchise... and we positively cannot wait for it!

We speak, of course, about The Hunger Games: Mockingjay.

Lionsgate has released the first photos from this wildly anticipated film, and they feature Julianne Moore as President Coin, along with a look at Philip Seymoure Hoffman as Plutarch, a role he finished filming just before he died in February.

Click around now!

Julianne Moore as President Coin
This is our first look at Julianne Moore in Mockingjay. It's safe to say we're excited for the film.

We'll update this gallery when shots of Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and company are released.

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We're in the thick of Disney's Frozen taking over every corner of pop culture, so it seems like a fitting time to take a look at what makes Disney's princess movies so unique.

The answer: Not a whole lot. 

That hasn't sat well with many members of the Disney-viewing public, so Tumblr artist TT took matters into her own hands and released a series of racebent Disney princesses. 

What would our favorite Disney princesses look like if they weren't white? Take a look:

Ariel gets a makeover as artist TT's reimagined Little Mermaid.

Disney has long been accused of whitewashing its characters and failing to show women of color represented among the line of its princess stories.

It wasn't until 2009's The Princess and the Frog debuted Tiana that Disney had a Black princess. Prior to that, the only princesses of color were Jasmine, Mulan, and Pocahontas.

All the remaining princesses were white. 

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Just when we thought we couldn't be any more excited for Pitch Perfect 2...

Elizabeth Banks, who will reprise her role for this musical comedy follow-up and also direct the film, confirmed today via Twitter today that Katey Sagal has joined the cast of the sequel.

The veteran actor - who should have won an Emmy by now for her role as Gemma on Sons of Anarchy - will portray the mother of Hailee Steinfeld's character in the flick.

Katey Sagal Picture

Sagal joins an impressive cast that includes Rebel Wilson, Anna Kendrick and Adam DeVine.

Shooting has already begun on Pitch Perfect 2, which hits theaters on May 15, 2015.

To watch Pitch Perfect online and see what the fuss is about, visit our friends at Movie Fanatic.

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Let the furor over Ben Affleck as Batman begin anew.

Director Zack Snyder has given fans their first look at the Oscar winner in this iconic superhero role today, posting the following photo on Twitter and writing as a caption to it:

"I shot this with my @Leica_Camera M Monochrom. #Batman #Batmobile #Gotham"

Ben Affleck Batman Photo

Affleck was confirmed as Batman in August, much to the chagrin of many movie fans.

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The worlds of art and visual effects lost an iconic figure today.

While HR Giger may not be a household name in the US, if you're a fan of science fiction films, you've almost certainly enjoyed his work at some point in the last 35 years.

HR Giger Photo

Giger will perhaps be best remembered for a book of artwork he released in 1977 that inspired the appearance of the "xenomorph" character in Ridley Scott's original Alien film.

That movie, of course, launched a franchise that continues to spawn sequels to this day.

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This just in: People are REALLY excited for The Fault in Our Stars.

The trailer for this film - which opens on June 6 and which is based on a best-selling novel - has now been Liked on YouTube more than any trailer in the history of that website.

Viewed over 17 million times, The Fault in Our Stars trailer has received 272,320 Likes, surpassing a mark previously held by the preview for One Direction: This Is Us.

The Fault in Our Stars chronicles the relationship between Hazel Grace Lancaster (Shailene Woodley) and Augustus Waters (Ansel Elgort), two teenage cancer survivors.

It will make you cry. No matter how much you like it.

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Have you seen this adorable father-daughter timelapse video making its way around the Internet, in which a man filmed his daughter every week for 14 years and then compiled footage of her growing from a baby into a young woman?

The following video is sort of like that.

Except it's a guy doing the Napoleon Dynamite dance in his room for 100 straight days.

College student Matt Bray recently took part in the ProjectOneLife series on YouTube, accomplishing items from a wide-ranging bucket list that apparently includes doing a Napoleon Dynamite impression over and over and over and over.

Don't believe us? Check out perpetual routine here:

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Matt Smith is leaving the TARDIS for the Terminator.

The British actor, best known for playing the title character in Dr. Who for four years, has signed on to the rebooted Terminator franchise.

Details on the role are unknown at this time, except that Smith will portray a new character with a strong connection to anti-robot resistance fighter John Connor.

That famous character will be played by Jason Clarke. 

Matt Smith as Dr. Who

"We don't have a TARDIS, but we do have a Time Lord: we're pleased to welcome Matt Smith to the cast of #Terminator," Tweeted production company Skydance today, confirming the news.

Alan Taylor will direct Terminator: Genesis (working title) and Paramount has set a release date of July 1, 2015.

To see what all the fuss about Smith is over, watch Doctor Who online via TV Fanatic now.

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Reviews for the cast of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 are in - and they are positively glowing.

Come on, who doesn't love Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield?

But the reviews for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 itself? They are also in... and they aren't exactly as positive. Peruse a sampling below and decide if this is a film worth swinging into over the weekend.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Poster

Overstuffed plot and too many villains, but the visual effects pop, and Garfield/Stone are still better than Maguire/Dunst. - Richard Roeper

When Garfield conceals Peter's confused-angry- betrayed scowl beneath that shiny red mask, Spider-Man 2 summons the giddy derring-do of the best Iron Man offerings. It's a good movie that could have been great. - Robert Wilonsky

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In just a few weeks, Kanye West will officially play the role of husband to Kim Kardashian.

After that, however, the rapper will morph into a movie star and producer, as the promotional machine for Yeezus has been released online.

It's unknown just what the movie will entail - but author Bret Easton Ellis penned the script, so it's expected to be a lot more than the sort of basic concert film that Justin Bieber and One Direction have recently made famous.

Ellis also wrote the book American Psycho, on which this poster is clearly based.

Check it out here and then click through a number of memorable pieces of movie artwork:

Gone Girl Poster
Ben Affleck stars in Gone Girl. We can't wait to see this movie!!!

So, what can you expect from Yeezus?

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