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The early reviews for Gone Girl indicate that the David Fincher-Ben Affleck collaboration is a tense, taut thriller that's sure to please fans of Gillian Flynn's wildly popular novel.

More importantly, however, the film offers audiences something that no other movie in history has given us. That's right - we have Affleck dong!

Ben Affleck Red Carpet Look

Yes, Ben opened up about going full frontal in an interview with MTV yesterday, and it seems now that he's no longer collaborating with Matt Damon, he's relying on a different little buddy to help bring in the box office gold:

"There's some brief, very brief nudity," Affleck said.

When the interviewer suggested that the promise of peen might help attract audiences, Affleck added, "The penis is in there! It costs extra! It's IMAX penis! You've gotta pay 15 bucks to see it in 3D!

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We hope you're sitting down, Twihards. And we really hope you aren't operating any heavy machinery at the moment.

Because the following news may cause you to faint on the spot.


Kind of. Sort of. Allow us to explain...

Twilight Saga Scene

According to The New York Times, Lions Gate and novelist Stephenie Meyer will be choosing five aspiring female directors to make short films based on Twilight characters.

These productions will be shown exclusively on Facebook in 2015.

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Twentieth Century Fox reportedly paid Liam Neeson $20 million for Taken 3, so there's a lot of pressure on the 62-year-old Hollywood veteran to use his "particular set of skills" to do what he does best: Namely, cracking skulls and packing audiences into the theater.

Now that the film's first trailer has been released, we can safely say Neeson is still very capable of performing at least one of those feats.

Yes, Taken 3 (or Tak3n, if you prefer, which you shouldn't) features more things being taken followed by Neeson taking them back.

You may have thought this movie already came out, but that was actually a A Walk Among the Tombstones, another film in which Neeson growls for 90 minutes straight and kicks seven kinds of ass.

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Directed by David Fincher, based on a global bestseller by Gillian Flynn and starring Ben Affleck, Gone Girl opens this Friday as one of the more heavily anticipated movies of the year.

Does the big screen adaptation live up to the hype? How is relative unknown Rosamund Pike in the key role of Amy Dunne? And what about that altered ending?

With critics having gotten an advanced look at Gone Girl, we've compiled a number of their (mostly VERY positive) reviews below.

Scroll down and decide whether Gone Girl will be worth your time and money this weekend...

Gone Girl Poster
This new Gone Girl poster has us crazy excited for the movie. Is it October 3 yet?!?

Gone Girl is a rare bird: a tricky, weird mystery that benefits from people knowing its twist from the outset. - Kate Erbland

Why doesn't the movie claw us as "The Social Network" did? Who could have predicted that a film about murder, betrayal, and deception would be less exciting than a film about a Web site? - Anthony Lane

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Michael Strahan is a busy guy these days.

In addition to co-hosting Live! with Kelly Ripa, the Giants legend makes regular appearances on Good Morning America and provided pregame analysis for Fox NFL Sunday.

So yeah, he's got a lot going on. But no matter how packed your schedule is, you can always find time for the things you love. And Michael's case, the thing he loves is giving the ladies what they want:

Yes, today on Live! Strahan announced (to the delight of the mostly-female studio audience) that he had accepted ChanningTatum's offer to star in Magic Mike XXL, the highly-anticipated sequel to the dong-jingling 2012 film that helped win Serious Actor cred for Tatum.

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Some used to be married... with children.

Others formerly taught us the facts of life.

And still others came together to comprise a special sisterhood, one that was centered on some traveling pants.

Laguna Beach
The boys of Laguna Beach got together recently at a wedding and recreated an image from their glory days of MTV Reality programming.

Indeed, over the past few weeks, a number of memorable television and movie casts have come back together, much to the excitement of fans who thought they could only see these folks if they decided to watch TV online or watch movies online.

That remains true, but it's also now true that you can be taken back in time by clicking through the following photo gallery.

We've compiled these reunion in one place. Flip through the slides below and enjoy!

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Last week marked the 15th anniversary of the release of American Beauty.

The film would go on to gross over $350 million and win five Academy Awards including Best Picture.

Kevin Spacey
Spacey won his second Oscar for American Beauty and remains one of the most esteemed actors in Hollywood. He currently stars in the Netflix series House of Cards.

Beauty was widely considered to be among the best of the '90s, but years since have seen a critical reappraisal of the the film, with the term "overrated" being tossed about a good deal. 

Recently, even the film's director Sam Mendes confessed that he considered Beauty to be "over-praised" when it first hit theaters in 1999.

Even so, Beauty has retained an incredible level of cultish adoration and seems poised to be the sort of movie that will find an audience amongst disaffected teens and bored, middle-aged suburbanites for generations to come

The film's cast has experienced its own share of ups and downs, with some actors going on to A-list success, others fading into an obscurity, and at least one achieving a remarkable comeback.

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Sexy cats and nurses? Those things are so last year.

This Halloween, we have some exciting and timely news: Frozen costumes are all the rage, and we're not talking about G-rated ones for the kids.

Dads, avert your eyes and lock up your daughters ...

Frozen Sexy Costumes

If you thought the apparently real Frozen wedding dress was the most ridiculous product stemming from the hit movie you could buy ... you're still right.

Getting married in Frozen-themed attire is, by a wide margin, more ridiculous than donning it for Halloween, a fun holiday dedicated to such things.

Nevertheless, wow on the costume front.

Sexy costume purveyor Yandy (dot) com is selling the aforementioned items, including a Olaf the snowman in a white leotard (our personal favorite).

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Justin Bieber hasn't had much success driving fast cars, as the singer's license is littered with traffic violations.

But will the artist excel in voicing a very fast car? We'll soon find out.

With Bieber having been spotted alongside David Hasselhoff this week - sitting passenger in KITT, the talking Pontiac Firebird Trans AM from the latter’s 1980s television show Knight Rider - we can now confirm that Bieber will actually serve as the voice of this iconic vehicle in an upcoming movie.

  • Hot Justin Bieber Selfie
  • The Hoff!

Few other details are available at this time, but the comedy is now being filmed; it will star Hasselhoff; and it may be titled either "Killing Hasselhoff” or “Celebrity Death Pool."

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Looks like Anna Faith Carlson might not be the only real-life Queen Isabella!

Peruvian author Isabella Tanikumi is suing Disney and the producers of Frozen for $250 million, claiming that the story is plagiarized from her 2011 autobiography, Yearnings of the Heart.

Frozen Siblings

Sadly, Tanikumi's life story doesn't include any talking snowmen, and she's not able to turn everything that she touches to ice. Even so, the author says that her adventures in the Andes following a family tragedy bear a stunning resemblance to Isabella's exile.

The suit doesn't go into specifics with regard to which elements of her life Tanikumi feels were lifted for the script, but we imagine she won't be a fan of season 4 of Once Upon a Time, either. As far as we can tell, it's basically Frozen for grown-ups.

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