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In Contraband, Mark Wahlberg stars as a reformed hoodlum who thought he was out of "the game," only to find himself pulled back into it by his family.

Having gone straight, but needing to save a brother-in-law who got in over his head, he rejoins his old crew for one last job. Funny how that works out!

Giovanni Ribisi plays what appears to be the main bad guy in this explosive - seriously, a lot of stuff blows up - film. Contraband hits theaters January 13.

Check it out the trailer below, although be forewarned that there are some spoilers. All trailers lay out the story a little, but this one more than usual:

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A pair of much-anticipated films hit theaters today. What did we think of 50/50 and What's Your Number? Both comedies succeed, albeit in different ways.

Actor Seth Rogen and writer Will Reiser lived the experience portrayed in 50/50, at once a comedy about cancer (that actually works) and a poignant story.

With Joseph Gordon-Levitt portraying Resier's cancer patient and Rogen as his BFF, the pair combine to bring audiences an astounding character study.

Knowing that much of this took place in real life only enhances a movie of surprising depth. Follow the link to read Movie Fanatic's official 50/50 movie review.

Far less original but still entertaining is What's Your Number?

That's not a question we're asking, the punctuation mark is part of the title of this film starring Anna Faris and based on the book 20 Times a Lady.

Continue Reading...

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Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close arrives in theaters Christmas Day.

Who better to anchor a film about a day no American will forget - September 11, 2001 - than two of America's favorite stars, Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock.

The movie focuses on an 11-year-old who lost his father in that day's terrorist attacks, and tells the story of him embarking on a journey through New York City.

His efforts to find the lock to a key his dad left behind, and the people and items he encounters along the way, tell a unique, but relatable and poignant story.

Check out the official trailer below and see what you think:

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Seth Rogen has always made us laugh, but with 50/50, Rogen strikes a different kind of comedic chord - one that makes us, cheer, cry and hope, while still laughing.

Over his best friend's cancer.

The actor spoke with our partners at Movie Fanatic about his best friend Will Reiser’s experience with cancer and transforming it into a truly unique motion picture.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Adam, based on Reiser, while Rogen is Kyle, based on himself. Watch the trailer below, then read Movie Fanatic's interview with Seth Rogen!

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In the upcoming romantic comedy What's Your Number?, Anna Faris plays a Bostonian, Ally Darling, who looks back at the 20 men she's been in relationships with.

Shocked at how high her number is, she wonders if one might be her true love, and enlists the help of neighbor Colin (Chris Evans) in tracking them all down.

Check out the official trailer for What's Your Number? here:

From our own lives and various celebrity news stories, we all know getting over our exes isn't easy. Some stars who this movie might hit close to home for:

  • Reggie Bush, who texted a soon-to-be married Kim Kardashian
  • Michaele Salahi, who ran off with her former lover Neal Schon
  • Teen Mom's Amber and Gary, who never stay apart for long
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt, whose number must be at least 20

Wondering if you're over your ex, and what he or she is doing nowadays? Time to make like Ally and go find out with the help of SheKnows' Ex Spotter!

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With Abduction, Taylor Lautner is looking to shed the persona of Twilight second fiddle Jacob Black and come into his own as a movie star. He succeeded.

That said, is Abduction simply for his younger, adoring fans, or can it be enjoyed by a wider audience? Short story: If you love Lautner, you'll enjoy this.

On its own merit, the work has some problems. If plot and execution are elements of a film you appreciate, let's just say there have been better movies.

Movie Fanatic sat down with the personable young star last week to discuss the role. Here's their Taylor Lautner interview and official Abduction review.

Here's the trailer for the film, in theaters now:

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Brad Pitt may finally get a reprieve from the firestorm over his comments about Jennifer Aniston. Moneyball hits theaters Friday, and it is flat-out brilliant.

Based on the book by Michael Lewis, a story of baseball stats, strategy and differing personalities may not seem like a natural big screen adaptation, but it works.

Tremendously, at that. Here's the trailer for the film ...

Whether you're a baseball fan or not, you'll love this one.

Our partners at Movie Fanatic sat down with the cast at the Toronto Film Festival to discuss the film, likely to emerge as a bona fide Oscar contender.

For the full scoop on this can't miss film, follow the links for exclusive interviews with stars Jonah Hill and Chris Pratt, and their official Moneyball review.

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The longest trailer to date for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, starring Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara in the widely-anticipated film adaptation of the Stieg Larsson book trilogy, dropped this morning, and it does not disappoint.

Charged with investigating a disappearance where everything isn’t what it seems, Craig and Mara shine along with David Fincher's direction and Trent Reznor's score.

There's only one problem with the trailer, and that's that the film doesn't come out until December 21. Still, this should give fans plenty to discuss until that date:

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Machine Gun Preacher recounts the true story of Sam Childers, a former drug dealer who undergoes an astonishing transformation in Sudan, finding an unexpected calling as the savior of hundreds of kidnapped and orphaned children.

Gerard Butler stars as Childers, and emits a tidal wave of emotion as his character sees the horrors in Africa with his own eyes and transforms himself wholly.

Our partners at Movie Fanatic sat down with him this week to discuss the film. Follow the links for their Gerard Butler interview and official Machine Gun Preacher review.

Here's the trailer for the film, opening Friday ...

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Twenty years. That's long enough to make you feel nostalgic (or just old), and it's how long Seattle rock band Pearl Jam has been in existence as of this year.

That milestone is marked by a new documentary, Pearl Jam Twenty, chronicling their tragic beginnings as Mother Love Bone, through their triumphs to the present.

Almost Famous director Cameron Crowe the band members themselves combine to make a riveting film, one about much more than music history and hits.

The group's impact on its fans and the musical culture at large is nearly peerless. Check out the trailer below, then read Movie Fanatic's Pearl Jam 20 review:

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