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A new trailer for Total Recall is out, and director Len Wiseman's remake of the 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger hit looks like a non-stop adrenaline rush.

Starring Colin Ferrell and Kate Beckinsale, the film features a lot of memory loss, confusing over what is real, and stuff being blown up ... awesome.

Set in a different era with advanced technology (and women with three breasts), Recall also features Jessica Biel, who dukes it out with Beckinsale.

The film arrives August 3. Watch the new Total Recall trailer below:

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Matthew Fox, whose apparent mean streak has been well-documented of late, transforms into a serial killing cage fighter in the trailer for Alex Cross.

The 45-year-old actor radically transforms his body into 100 percent muscle for the film, in which his character goes up against ... Tyler Perry.

Yup, the actor-director plays the titular hero, based on author James Patterson's famed detective and played by Morgan Freeman in Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider.

Big shoes to fill for Perry. Check out the trailer:

­The thriller, directed by The Fast and the Furious' Rob Cohen, finds Cross investigating murders committed by ex-military hitman, Matthew "The Butcher" Sullivan (Fox).

Sullivan eventually targets Alex's wife, obviously.

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Monsters University is the prequel to Pixar's 2001 film, Monsters, Inc.

Set about 10 years prior to the events of the first film, the sequel / prequel is due out in 2013. In it, a young James P. Sullivan and Mike Wazowski meet in college and make big career plans to become scarers at Monsters, Inc.

Enroll in Monsters University now by watching the first trailer!

The movie will once again star Billy Crystal, John Goodman, Steve Buschemi, with Dave Foley, Joel Murray, Ken Jeong, Kelsey Grammer, and Rob Riggle.

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Taken 2 hits theaters on October 5 and, don't worry, Liam Neeson is bringing his particular set of skills back to the big screen.

A follow-up to the surprising 2008 hit, which established Neeson as a really surprising action star, the sequel will find his character of Bryan Mills going after his kidnapped ex-wife (Famke Janssen's Lenore).

It will also find him kicking, punching and shooting a whole lot of people in order to bring home his loved one. That's just how Bryan Mills rolls. It's what he does best, as he says below.

Watch the latest international trailer for Taken 2 now:

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The upcoming film Dredd, based on the British comic book character Judge Dredd (who previously inspired a Sylvester Stallone vehicle), has a new trailer out.

Starring Karl Urban (Star Trek, Star Trek 2) and Olivia Thirlby (Juno), Dredd will not be a sequel or a remake of that film, but a fresh look at the character.

Probably smart, as Judge Dredd was one of the worst films in the history of human civilization. Okay maybe not quite that bad, but still. Anyway ... trailer:

Dredd takes place on a post-apocalyptic fictional Earth, where law enforcers (or judges, if you will) have the power to use brutality to stop notorious criminals.

The titular character, for those unfamiliar, is basically this mysterious, fierce lawman in world where law enforcement equals judge, jury, and executioner.

Badass. Hey, the zombie apocalypse is nigh. It's good to know that when those undead freaks take over, someone like Dredd will be on our side.

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The moment you have not been waiting for has arrived: Octomom's porn movie has a HOT trailer, and we've posted it for you here if you're into that sort of thing.

Yes. Following last week's Octomom porn photos, Wicked Pictures has released a trailer for Nadya Suleman's inaugural adult film, called Octomom: Home Alone.

Fitting, as you might make the famous Macaulay Culkin face after watching it. The NO-face, you could say. Anyway, FOLLOW THIS LINK for the Octomom porn trailer!


If you're a fan of Nadya Suleman, or just tempted by morbid curiosity or looking for a gag gift for an unwitting friend, the porno film is due out later this summer.

Despite adamant claims in years past that she'd never do porn to pay the bills, Octo caved obviously, though she still refuses to touch another human's flesh.

Appropriate, since she applied the same rules to getting pregnant.

According to Wicked, the film features the mother of 14 in a variety of "erotic vignettes" that "take playful aim at different aspects of her Octomom persona."

Try to at least aim away from the computer while vomiting.

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With all apologizes to The Incredible Hulk: Bruce Wayne is angry. And you don't want to see him when he's angry.

In the latest The Dark Knight Rises trailer, we see a chaotic Gotham, ravaged by Tom Hardy's chemically-imbalance and altered Bane. There are hijacked vehicles, turned-over cars, teams of armed police officers, a few shots of Catwoman, panoramic views of the troubled city and, finally, these words from Batman himself:

"I'm not afraid. I'm angry."

Oh, it's on Bane. You're in for it now...

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Edward Cullen turns 111 years young today and in honor of the occasion, the folks behind The Twilight Saga have released a new full-length Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer.

This one expands significantly on yesterday's quick tease, giving us glimpses at Bella as a vampire and her pressing need to protect daughter Renesmee, who is targeted by the Volturi in the final installment of this epic franchise.

There sure are a lot of red eyes throughout the preview, as noted by Jacob, as it all builds to one climactic battle between blood suckers around the world.

Watch now and remember: Breaking Dawn Part 2 starts to destroy box office records on November 16.

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Happy early birthday, Edward Cullen!

With this iconic blood sucker turning 111 years old tomorrow, the folks behind The Twilight Saga will be releasing a new Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer in honor of the character Robert Pattinson has made famous.

But that's like 24 hours away. Who can wait so long?!? That's why the studio has also unveiled a 10-second teaser for the extended preview. It centers around Renesmee - check out these first look Breaking Dawn photos of her! - and you can peep it here:

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Milla Jovovich could be our only hope of staving off the zombie apocalypse.

The actress is back in Resident Evil: Retribution, and the action-packed, full-length trailer below leaves little doubt about the amount of smack she's about to lay down on any freaking monsters insane enough to front on her.

With returning faces Michelle Rodriguez, Oded Fehr, Boris Kodjoe and Sienna Guillory, and new video game characters Ada Wong and Leon Kennedy along for the ride, Retribution promises to be as entertaining as it is bloody.

Watch the trailer below and see what we mean ...