What better way to celebrate the birth of this great nation than with a porn biopic? Well the trailer for one at least. 

Lovelace stars Amanda Seyfried as Linda Lovelace, an icon in the world of porn and star of Deep Throat. Peter Sarsgaard does what Peter Sarsgaard seems to do best by playing her creepy husband. 

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If there was any doubt as to how well Matt Damon would do in the role of Max De Costa, that is chipped away with each new view of the film.

In the previous Elysium trailer and in this new one, we are given a greater glimpse of the part Damon plays in this desolate yet beautiful existence on Earth Neill Blomkamp has created. 

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If you like the animation and story telling style of Laika Studios' Coraline and ParaNorman then you'll no doubt like their newest project, The Boxtrolls.

The premise of the new film is a little odd, which comes as no surprise to those of us who have followed Laika Studio's but this even seems weird for them. 

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As a fan of the first Red, I'm looking forward to Red 2 if for no other reason than to see Anthony Hopkins once again as a somewhat sassy villain. Throw in Catherine Zeta Jones in a uniform and oh boy have we got a movie!

Summit Entertainment has released two new "TV spots" for the film and they do nothing but make me even more excited for Bruce Willis and his ex-CIA pals' return to the theater. 

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For as long as it's been around, Dreamworks Animation has tried to escape from Disney's shadow. It's found success with movies like Shrek and Madagascar but even then they've been compared to their counterparts. With their newest outing Turbo, the comparisons are only going to continue. 

Voiced by Ryan Reynolds, Ken Jeong, Bill Hader, Paul Giamatti, Louis Guzman, Snoop Dogg, and Maya Rudolph, Turbo looks to be rather adorable but one can't help but think that we've seen this story before back when it was called Cars. 

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