Jennifer Aniston worked hard for her bikini body and it shows in the first We're the Millers red band trailer. This new trailer we get even more Aniston, both as a stripper and as a loving pseudo-mom. 

All right the loving part might be stretching it, but she still looks hot as she throws her "baby" onto the highway.

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If you've read Marcus Lutrell's book Lone Survivor then you know the story. If you haven't, then prepare to see a movie with a story you'll find hard to believe. However, it is real, and we now have a first look at the new film.

Check out the Lone Survivor trailer below!

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It appears as if we are in the middle of an industry-wide trailer length pissing match. One movie puts out a trailer that is three minutes and ten seconds long?

Well I see your three minutes and ten seconds and raise you this Elysium extended trailer!

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