The Book Thief is an incredibly popular novel from Markus Zusak that is the latest of many book to film adaptations. 

Starring Geoffrey Rush, Emily Watson, and Sophie Nelisse, the film tells the story of a girl who is taken in by foster parents and the Jewish man they hide from the Nazis in World War II Germany.

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What is happening to the movie industry? Even by TV movie standards, Sharknado was just awful, but it was lapped up by the public like hungry kittens at a bowl of milk.

Now? Well now we've moved on from the ocean and into the beautiful forest filled with all the cute woodland creatures... who want to eat you.

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A new The Counselor trailer has arrived! This time, an international trailer, we get an even better look at just what the storyline might contain. 

We already knew that Michael Fassbender got wrapped up in drug smuggling somehow, but with this new trailer we get a good look at some of the ways he is going to attempt to work out that situation. None of them seem like good ideas.

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Quite the man of mystery, J.J. Abrams and his production company, Bad Robot, have released a trailer for... well, we don't know what for.

But it's titled "Stranger" and you can view it for yourself below!

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