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As we can see in this The To Do List trailer, Aubrey Plaza has a plan for this summer. Will she find success on the big screen? Or will she and her numerous small screen friends end up wishing it was fall?

Let's turn to the critics!

Check out these The To Do List reviews, compare them to the Fruitvale Station reviews and The Wolverine reviews and you'll be one step closer to making a movie viewing decision!

The To Do List Photo

Don't go to The To Do List expecting a comedy genre-buster along the lines of Bridesmaids. Rather it's more of a one-joke repeater set in the hot Boise, Idaho, summer of 1993. -- Linda Barnard, Toronto Star

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Hugh Jackman returns to theaters once again as Logan, the Wolverine. It is his sixth time playing the character in both Wolverine solo outings and in the group X-Men films. 

Does The Wolverine have what it takes to justify yet another trip with the adamantium powered hero?

We'll check out what the critics say in these The Wolverine reviews, you can compare them to both the Fruitvale Station reviews (it opens in wide release today) and The To Do List reviews and make your weekend plans!

The Wolverine Banner

In its astronomically budgeted, effects-laden way, it's appealingly modest. And it has the glory of Hugh Jackman's chest. -- Craig Seligman, Bloomberg News

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As you can see with this The Conjuring trailer, it is based on the experiences of a real family. This makes the premise all the more creepy, but does the creepy idea translate into a good movie?

We'll consult the critics, you can compare The Conjuring reviews to the R.I.P.D. reviews and the Red 2 reviews and make your weekend movie plans!

The Conjuring Poster

The dread gathers and surges while the blood scarcely trickles in "The Conjuring," a fantastically effective haunted-house movie. -- Manohla Dargis, New York Times

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With the R.I.P.D. featurette, we got a nice peek behind the scenes of this Men in Black-esque comedy, but was a good looking avatar enough to save this not very original idea?

We'll take at look at what the critics are saying, then you can compare them to the Red 2 reviews and make an informed movie-goer decision this weekend!

Ryan Reynolds R.I.P.D.

If ever a movie was made for countless repeats on the USA Network, this is it. -- Bill Gibron, Film Racket

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We've seen the Red 2 trailer but does the full movie follow in the fun footsteps left by the first? 

Let's go to the critics and see what they have to say!

Then you can compare them to the R.I.P.D. reviews and see what action flick to see this weekend!

Red 2 Poster

Cars careen, lazily written infiltration plans are executed, and the violence is plentiful and toothless. -- Nicholas Rapold, New York Times

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We've seen the Pacific Rim reviews but let's take a moment and look at a film that is all the way at the opposite end of the movie spectrum.

Unless you are a soap opera watcher, Michael B. Jordan is best known for his work as Wallace in the HBO show, The Wire. A talented actor for sure, will his performance in Fruitvale Station, opening this weekend, be of the same caliber?

Check out these reviews, give a glance at the Grown Ups 2 reviews and hopefully the critics give a better idea as to which movie to see this weekend!

Fruitvale Station Poster

Fruitvale Station is a gut punch of a movie. By standing in solidarity with Oscar, it becomes an unstoppable cinematic force. -- Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

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There are some movies that should just never be repeated. It appears as if Grown Ups 2 might fall into that category.

That's just my humble opinion though, let's see what the professionals have to say with some Grown Ups 2 reviews. 

After checking out these reviews, go see what the Pacific Rim reviews look like and make your weekend movie going decisions!

Grown Ups 2 Photo

Friendship, family and breasts: Sometimes that's all you need. -- Adam Graham, Detroit News

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Pacific Rim is Guillermo Del Toro's very highly anticipated robot/monsters/sci-fi blockbuster starring Idris Elba, Charlie Day, and Sons of Anarchy's Charlie Hunnam.

Will it succeed at the box office? Can it knock Despicable Me 2 from it's perch? 

Let's check out some of the reviews and see what the critics have to say!

Pacific Rim Photo

In a field rife with impostors and poseurs, Del Toro, like his mentors, is the real deal. It's good to have him working his magic again. -- Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

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When I wrote about the Sharknado trailer this week, I said there was no was no way on earth I'd be watching this cinematic masterpiece.

Well, as I'm sure it will with plenty of others, curiosity got the best of me. Even though I've watched it and am writing about it, I'm still not quite sure if it was a good idea.

Sharknado Poster

Let's go ahead and tackle the incredibly deep, complex plot of Sharknado. See, there are sharks, and these sharks find themselves sucked up into a hurricane and the subsequent tornados the hurricane spawns.

And then... nope, that's it. That is the entire plot. 

Wait, there was an early scene in which we are party to an illegal shark fin poaching operation. Complete with man of presumable Asian descent there to purchase said shark fins.

At first I thought, oh, this might be a statement on the awfulness of shark fin harvesting. No. Apparently that was just the best way the writers could think of launching into this story.

How on earth can this be anything but spectacular?

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So you saw Gerard Butler and Bradley Cooper snap a selfie at Wimbeldon Sunday, but what you didn't know is that it was actually the premiere of Butler's new film, Man in Blue Jacket Watches a Tennis Match!

Mark Kermode, an English movie critic, has done the honors of reviewing this riveting film:

How spot on is this review? Shouty Scotsman indeed! I particularly enjoyed how Kermode was able to change his own opinion of Gerard Butler. 

I do take a little bit of umbrage with his love of Butler's work while glancing over Bradley Cooper's incredible portrayal of American Man Watches Tennis Match in a Foreign Country, but we'll let this one pass.

Good stuff Mark Kermode!