Ghost Shark tries to follow up on Sharknado's surprising and incredible success for Syfy tonight. Only it doesn't quite turn out that way. At all.

Some movies are so bad they're great, if they're self-aware, are original and strike just the right balance between drama and unintentional comedy.

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One Direction: This Is Us opened in the U.K. and if you close your eyes, you can almost hear the squeal of the British preteens all the way across the pond. 

How does the film play out for those who don't have their walls plastered with posters of the boy band?

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Lee Daniels' The Butler has been quite the buzz lately. It's easy to see why when you see the long list of big stars involved in the film. 

Very often, though, the more A-list names are involved, the worse the movie actually is. Does The Butler fall into that familiar trap?

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Pixar hit it out of the park with Monsters University, but can Disney find that kind of success with a second movie this summer without Pixar behind the wheels?

Planes, like the undeniable hit Cars, features modes of transportation given voices and a dream. Originally planned as a direct to DVD film, Planes hits theaters this weekend.

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Starring Amanda Seyfried, Lovelace tells the behind the scenes story of the first porn feature film, Deep Throat, and the heartbreaking story of its star, Linda Lovelace.

There's no doubt that Linda Lovelace found success in the world of porn. Will her biopic fare the same?

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