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With Abduction, Taylor Lautner is looking to shed the persona of Twilight second fiddle Jacob Black and come into his own as a movie star. He succeeded.

That said, is Abduction simply for his younger, adoring fans, or can it be enjoyed by a wider audience? Short story: If you love Lautner, you'll enjoy this.

On its own merit, the work has some problems. If plot and execution are elements of a film you appreciate, let's just say there have been better movies.

Movie Fanatic sat down with the personable young star last week to discuss the role. Here's their Taylor Lautner interview and official Abduction review.

Here's the trailer for the film, in theaters now:

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Brad Pitt may finally get a reprieve from the firestorm over his comments about Jennifer Aniston. Moneyball hits theaters Friday, and it is flat-out brilliant.

Based on the book by Michael Lewis, a story of baseball stats, strategy and differing personalities may not seem like a natural big screen adaptation, but it works.

Tremendously, at that. Here's the trailer for the film ...

Whether you're a baseball fan or not, you'll love this one.

Our partners at Movie Fanatic sat down with the cast at the Toronto Film Festival to discuss the film, likely to emerge as a bona fide Oscar contender.

For the full scoop on this can't miss film, follow the links for exclusive interviews with stars Jonah Hill and Chris Pratt, and their official Moneyball review.

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Machine Gun Preacher recounts the true story of Sam Childers, a former drug dealer who undergoes an astonishing transformation in Sudan, finding an unexpected calling as the savior of hundreds of kidnapped and orphaned children.

Gerard Butler stars as Childers, and emits a tidal wave of emotion as his character sees the horrors in Africa with his own eyes and transforms himself wholly.

Our partners at Movie Fanatic sat down with him this week to discuss the film. Follow the links for their Gerard Butler interview and official Machine Gun Preacher review.

Here's the trailer for the film, opening Friday ...

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Twenty years. That's long enough to make you feel nostalgic (or just old), and it's how long Seattle rock band Pearl Jam has been in existence as of this year.

That milestone is marked by a new documentary, Pearl Jam Twenty, chronicling their tragic beginnings as Mother Love Bone, through their triumphs to the present.

Almost Famous director Cameron Crowe the band members themselves combine to make a riveting film, one about much more than music history and hits.

The group's impact on its fans and the musical culture at large is nearly peerless. Check out the trailer below, then read Movie Fanatic's Pearl Jam 20 review:

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In addition to Ryan Gosling's Drive, a couple of other films opened with much fanfare this weekend. But should you rush out to see either? Movie Fanatic examines:

In I Don't Know How She Does It, Sarah Jessica Parker stars as Kate, a wife and mother of small kids with a flourishing career that leads to the title question.

Audiences' question will be: Is it worth a trip to the theater? Debatable, given that the film has basically been done before with various incarnations and stars.

Straw Dogs, a new spin on the 1971 film starring Dustin Hoffman and now featuring James Marsden in the driver's seat, continues Hollywood's remake trend.

But is it a remake that even needed to be made?

Despite powerful visuals and the efforts of Marsden and Alexander Skarsgard, both of whom turn in fine performances, the film falls short at times as well.

With plot elements seen a mile away, and a conclusion that seemed out of left field, perhaps the original Sam Peckinpah classic should have been left alone.

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You could sum up Drive in four words: Ryan Gosling owns it.

Although he says next to nothing in the first 20 minutes of the film, opening this weekend, Gosling’s impact is immense - the true hallmark of an A-list star.

Gosling plays Driver, a movie stunt driver who moonlights as a getaway driver for anyone who will hire him, with intensity that makes this a must-see.

With a great lead, cinematography and supporting roles (you can include L.A. itself in that category), Drive is so much more more than meets the eye.

Follow the link for Movie Fanatic's official review of Drive!

Ryan Gosling in Drive

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Nick Swardson is born to be a star.

As the titlular character of Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star, he manages to be funny while crafting a film that is not crass as much as it is creatively sweet.

While the movie isn't the best comedy of the year, with this performance, Swardson earns his place among the most talented comedians in the biz today.

Adam Sandler produced the screwball comedy that co-stars Christina Ricci. Check out the trailer below, then read Movie Fanatic's Bucky Larson movie review!

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How would the human race collectively react to a biological catastrophe?

Contagion, the latest film from director Steven Soderbergh, asks this question as it follows the rapid progress of a lethal airborne virus that kills within days, leaving the medical community scrambling to somehow curtail the outbreak.

Anchored by Oscar winners Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, Gwyneth Paltrow, Marion Cotillard and Soderbergh (plus Jude Law and Laurence Fishburne), it's equal parts ensemble film, thriller, international espionage tale and medical mystery.

You won't want to miss this edge-of-your-seat journey. Catch the trailer below, then follow the link for Movie Fanatic's official Contagion review!

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Will you be seeing a movie on this holiday weekend? Before you shell out big bucks for tickets, soda and Sour Patch Kids, consider the following advice from our friends at Movie Fanatic.

First up: Apollo 18. The film is meant to explain why America stopped going to the moon after 17 missions. The answer? "Lost" footage from the 18th mission that is downright scary! But is it really? At times.

"Audiences are given enough information to keep the story moving, but because of plot holes, too many questions are left unanswered and hamper the film’s effort to be taken seriously," writes the site. Visit it now to read the complete Apollo 18 review.

Then, there's Shark Night 3D. Does it have bite?

Not exactly, critiques Movie Fanatic: " It simply makes no sense in any realm or reality -- cinematic suspension of disbelief or not."

Ouch. Read the complete Shark Night 3D review, which implies one should fear this film more than it makes one fear the water.

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When is a history lesson also an engrossing time at the movies? When you go to see The Debt.

The unique film is set in two different eras, the 1960s and the 1990s, with two different stars playing each character: Helen Mirren and Jessica Chastain take on Rachel; Sam Worthington and Ciaran Hinds share David; while Tom Wilkinson and Marton Csokas both portray Stephan.

According to our friends at Movie Fanatic, the drama crosses generations and shows "the lengths to which a nation will go to achieve righteousness, or even the subconscious feeling of justice." Want more?

Read the full review of The Debt now!

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