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Are you one who enjoys movie promotions that are a bit off the beaten path? Then you will surely like these Catching Fire posters!

These posters are ads for "Capitol Couture" and it is not hard at all to imagine the residents of the Capitol donning such fashions. 

Check out the two new viral Catching Fire posters below!

  • Catching Fire Capitol Couture Sunglasses Poster
  • Catching Fire Capitol Couture Perfume

It's not certain if you must wear a full body suit in order to pull off those glasses or if the perfume smells like haughty obliviousness, but either way, there is no denying these viral posters are fun.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will premiere in London on November 11th before it opens in wide release on November 22nd. 

Can't wait until then? Well then check out this newest Catching Fire trailer now!

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We'd already gotten a peek at Zac Efron, Marcia Gay Harden, and Billy Bob Thornton in our first look at Parkland, and today the poster was released along with new images.

Check out the Parkland poster below!

Parkland Poster

Opting for understated rather than sensational, this poster is a win in my book.

Even though the tagline "The JFK Assassination As You've Never Seen It Before" is there, along with a second tagline, "November 22nd, 1963," it doesn't scream "This is a JFK Assassination movie!!!"

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The upcoming comedy, A.C.O.D., has a stellar cast, but don't be looking for them on the first A.C.O.D. poster.

Nope, that honor goes to the always funny and seemingly always horrified, Adam Scott.

A.C.O.D. Poster

Had he been wearing a plaid shirt, it'd be easy to believe this was Ben Wyatt of Parks and Recreation but instead it is Carter, an Adult Child Of Divorce.

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Did Marvel leave anyone out of this new Thor: The Dark World poster? It doesn't appear that they did. 

Thor: The Dark World Official Poster

Obviously Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman as Thor and Jane. Tom Hiddleston's Loki and Anthony Hopkins' Odin. Is that Kat Dennings or Jaimie Alexander off to the right there?

Overlooking them all is Christopher Eccleston as Malekith looking very stern. Wonder why he never busted out those ears for Doctor Who, they look nice. Pointy, but nice.

Thor: The Dark World opens in theaters on November 8th.

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If you've read Marcus Lutrell's book Lone Survivor then you know the story. If you haven't, then prepare to see a movie with a story you'll find hard to believe. However, it is real, and we now have a first look at the new film.

Check out the Lone Survivor trailer below!

Starring Mark Wahlberg as Marcus Luttrell, the film tells the story of the failed mission "Operation Red Wings" and that of Luttrell's teammates. Wahlberg is joined by Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch, Ben Foster, and Eric Bana.

Click through to see the Lone Survivor poster!

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In a "less is more" tutorial, Gravity has released its IMAX poster. Very simple but at the same time conveys effectively the plot of the film. 

Check out the Gravity IMAX poster below!

Gravity IMAX Poster

I do believe I said it when discussing the Gravity trailer, I find myself developing a fear of space that I never had before.

There was a time you'd look up at the stars and try to find Orion's Belt. Now we'll be searching the night skies for a glimpse of Sandra Bullock!

Gravity floats into theaters on October 4th.

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Just when you think there can't be another JFK assassination movie, along comes Parkland.

The upcoming Parkland is told from the point of view of the doctors, nurses, and staff of Parkland Hospital in Dallas where President Kennedy was treated and ultimately pronounced dead.

Zac Efron in Parkland

Zac Efron stars as the young surgeon, Jim Carricon, who first treated the President after he arrived at the hospital. Carricon stayed at Kennedy's side until he was pronounced dead. Quite a bit of distance with this role from the rumored Star Wars 7Ben Skywalker role.

Click through for more Parkland images including Marcia Gay Harden as a nurse and Billy Bob Thornton as Secret Service Agent, Forrest Sorrels.

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Oh man, the 70s were not an attractive time when it comes to clothing choices. If there was any doubt of that, check out these new images from the upcoming American Hustle.

  • Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale in American Hustle
  • Amy Adams and Christian Bale in American Hustle

When not even Bradley Cooper can pull something off, you know it was a bad idea. I imagine an entire generation of men look back at their ill-advised perms (although we've been assured that Cooper's curls are not a perm) and just shake their heads.

However, with the team assembled for the upcoming American Hustle - Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, and Jeremy Renner, with director David O'Russell - we can be pretty certain that the story will overpower any and all bad hair.

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Tom Hanks is a busy guy. One minute he's in the Saving Mr. Banks trailer, the next he's popping up on these new Captain Phillips posters.

Check out both the one-sheet and international Captain Phillips posters below!

  • Captain Phillips International Poster
  • Captain Phillips Official Poster

As you can see in this Captain Phillips trailer, the film follows the events surrounding Captain Richard Phillips his ship, the MV Maersk Alabama, being taken hostage by Somali pirates.

These are two great posters. The international one, featuring Hanks, does a great job at conveying the general plot. There are pirates (one of whom has a case of the crazy eyes)... they have guns... Tom Hanks is nervous. The domestic one-sheet is just an exercise in great composition. 

Captain Phillips, directed by Paul Greengrass, opens in theaters on October 11. 

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A poster for The Canyons was released today and begs the question... did anyone ever predict that Lindsay Lohan's name would someday appear next to those of movies like American Psycho and Taxi Driver? I sure didn't.

But it does just that in this new The Canyons poster below!

The Canyons Poster

Nothing about this poster suggests "this movie is about making sex tapes and the fallout that can occur with love triangles" that we saw in The Canyons trailer.

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