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Lifetime has found an actress to play Casey Anthony in the upcoming film about her trial. Young, relative unknown Holly Deveaux will portray Tot Mom.

Although Kristen Stewart and other fan hopefuls were rumored as candidates to play the accused child murderer, the network settled on Deveaux.

The film will be titled Imperfect Justice, a Lifetime rep confirmed.

Holly and Casey

Deveaux, 19, has appeared in TV programs Less Than Kind and Baxter in her native Canada, as well as in a made-for-TV TNT movie, Silent Witness.

Though the actress' role is a crucial one, Anthony won't be the focus. Instead, the story will center on the attorneys behind the controversial trial.

Rob Lowe has been cast as Jeff Ashton, the prosecuting attorney alongside Elizabeth Mitchell (who will play fellow prosecutor Linda Drake Burdick).

The Office's Oscar Nunez will tackle the role of Anthony's defense attorney Jose Baez, who pulled a rabbit out of his hat and got Casey off the hook.

In other news, Casey Anthony got served with a subpoena in the lawsuit filed against her by Zenaida Gonzalez, and is dreading going back to court.

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On August 18, the world will be watching. Again.

That's the date Katniss Everdeen fans must circle, as Lionsgate has announced the upcoming DVD release of its episode, The Hunger Games.

Included on the two-disc DVD set will be:

  • Three hours worth of unreleased material.
  • Cast and crew member interviews.
  • An eight-part documentary entitled The World is Watching: Making of The Hunger Games that depicts behind-the-scenes aspect of creating the movie.
  • A full-length "Propaganda Film" shown during the Reaping.

Catching Fire, The Hunger Games sequel with a new director, comes out in November 2013.

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On July 20, The Dark Knight Rises once again. For the final time, at least under the direction of Christopher Nolan and with Christian Bale underneath the iconic black suit.

Will the blockbuster live up to the hype? Will it exceed The Avengers' haul at the box office? Will we be able to understand a word Tom Hardy says as Bane?

So many questions, not many answers in the first Dark Knight Rises trailer. But plenty of excitement, that's for certain.

Warner Bros., meanwhile, has released a new set of promotional photos from the film, featuring Bale as Batman; Anne Hathaway as Catwoman; and Hardy as Bane. Click on each to enlarge and then bookmark The Dark Knight Rises section at Movie Fanatic for the latest scoop throughout the summer.

  • The Dark Knight Rises Promotional Photo
  • Batman Poster
  • Catwoman Poster
  • Bane Poster
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A look at the cast of the classic film Top Gun then and now reveals just how little some of the stars have changed since their 1986 heyday.

Some being the operative word here. A quarter century can take a toll.

Tom Cruise looks barely older than when Maverick uttered the classic Top Gun quotes we know and love. His rival the Iceman? Well ...

Maybe Scientology is onto something. That's all we'll say. Scroll down:

Top Gun Peeps
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The Avengers sunk Rihanna's Battleship and everything else. Again.

The superhero smash raked in $55 million, maintaining its first place position at the box office for the third straight week. It has made $450 million domestically since its May 4 release and has earned over $1 billion nationally.

Battleship, which also stars Brooklyn Decker, Alexander Skarsgard and Liam Neeson, ended its debut weekend at #2 with a somewhat underwhelming $25.3 million.

Sacha Baron Cohen's zany The Dictator earned $24 million in its opening weekend, putting it in third place. Dark Shadows was next at $12.5 million.

What to Expect When You're Expecting, the ensemble comedy based on the book of the same name, debuted with a disappointing $10.3 million.

Rounding out the top 10:

  • Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (No. 6, $3.5 million)
  • The Hunger Games (No. 7, $2.8 million)
  • Think Like a Man (No. 8, $2.7 million)
  • The Lucky One (No. 9, $1.7 million)
  • Pirates! Band of Misfits (No. 10, $1.6 million)

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Battleship director Peter Berg was doing an interview for his new movie last week when he somehow started grilling an Israeli reporter about foreign policy matters ... as well as the journalist's own military service (or lack thereof).

After outlining a bellicose view of the political situation in the Middle East, Berg asked the 25-year-old reporter if he ever served in the Israeli military.

When the reporter replied "No," Berg responded, "What?! How did you get out of that? Are you a draft dodger? You better join the army motherf**ker!!!"

Yeah. It was awkward, and we don't really get it either.

At least Berg added that Rihanna is a great actress.

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They will all reconvene later this year in the final installment of The Twilight Saga, but Robert Pattinson (Cosmopolis), Kristen Stewart (Snow White and the Huntsman) and Taylor Lautner (below) have been doing their own thing these days.

Taylor Lautner Still

Lautner will be seen at the Cannes Film Festival this week in Tracers, a Parkour-based film that finds the actor starring as a bike messenger named Cam.

The character gets involved in an organized crime ring, along with Parkour, which is described by Wikipedia as "a physical discipline which focuses on efficient movement around obstacles."

It's what all those people are doing in those YouTube videos across your Facebook feed, bouncing off walls and railings.

Pattinson's Cosmopolis, meanwhile, will also be screened at Cannes. It's a major honor for both studs.

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The Avengers soared to new heights over the weekend, blowing past the $1 billion barrier internationally and once again finishing atop the box office in the United States.

Three Avengers

The superhero blockbuster set another record in the process, finishing with the highest second weekend box office haul in Hollywood history: $102.3 million. Avatar had held the previous mark.

It also set the pace by becoming the fastest film to ever earn more than $300 domestically, accomplishing the feat in nine days. Sorry, The Dark Knight. It's now second place for you.

Here's a look at the top five biggest earners from the weekend:

  1. The Avengers: $103.2 million
  2. Dark Shadows – $28.2 million
  3. Think Like A Man: $6.3 million
  4. The Hunger Games: $4.4 million
  5. The Lucky One: $4.0 million

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LOL, the coming-of-age drama starring Miley Cyrus and Demi Moore, opened in limited release this weekend. And we mean VERY limited release:

The movie played in seven cities across the country. Total. As a result, it earned about 1/1,000,000,000th of what The Avengers brought in: $46,500.

Still, Miley has taken to Twitter and expressed gratitude for the dozen or so folks who did shell out their hard-earned money for this unfortunate flop.

LOL Poster

"Thank u so much for everyone who went to see LOL," Cyrus Tweeted on Monday. "It is a film I loved making and I am proud of.... That's really all that matters to me."

As for what the future holds for Cyrus at the box office? Analyst Len Klady isn't optimistic. He tells Yahoo:

"Miley Cyrus has a real image problem. Basically she's been undone by Saturday Night Live... people don't take her seriously."

And that's, like, totally not cool for Miley and her team. But it might bode well for fans of this star's music. The more flops she makes, the more likely it is that Cyrus wll return to the album scene.

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The Avengers will officially assemble again.

Disney announced the obvious today: following a record-shattering opening weekend, the superhero blockbuster will come out with a sequel at an undetermined date in the future.

In related, even less obvious news, Kim Kardashian likes money.

The Avengers

"The Avengers isn't just a film," said Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger to CNBC. "It's a franchise from our perspective. Obviously, it was helped a lot by the success of the Iron Man movies and of Thor and Captain America. From The Avengers we get a chance to make Thor 2 and Captain America 2 and Iron Man 3... So this one film that is immensely successful."

What other heroes might you wanna see in The Avengers 2? That's what our friends at Movie Fanatic want to know.

What grade would you give the original? That's what we want to know: