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Where's the director? Who the hell is Benedict Cumberbatch playing!? HOW DID InAPPropriate COMEDY GET MADE!?????

These are the big movie questions of the week. Here's a recap of all the week's biggest movie news, trailers, and premieres, via our friends at Movie Fanatic.

Benedict Cumberbatch in Star Trek Into Darkness

The Week's Biggest Trailers:

This week, we had a couple of major trailers drop. On Tuesday we saw the new Despicable Me 2 trailer, starring Steve Carell.

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Is Stephen Amell set to star in Fifty Shades of Grey?

It's far from a done deal, and the production of the film adaptation of the best-selling novel is a ways away, but for what it's worth, he was in a meeting about it!

Stephen Amell Photo

Amell, who stars on the CW's Arrow, recently told fans in a video post, "I get questions about Christian Grey all the time. That project is a long way off."

"I know this because I had a meeting about it. Long way off. I mean not that long, but not close. I wouldn't call it long, but I wouldn't call it close."

Hey, he had a meeting about it! Let the speculation begin!

Would Amell make a good Christian Grey, and who would you like to see play Ana Steele along side him? Share your comments and vote in our poll:

Would you like to see Stephen Amell as Christian Grey?


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Yup, an Oscar winner has been cast in Divergent.

Following weeks of speculation it's been confirmed that Kate Winslet will play a key role in the adaption of this wildly popular novel.

She will come on board as Jeanine Matthews, the most powerful member of the Erudite faction and someone who pens articles to smear the Abnegation faction.

Kate Winslet Cleavage Shot

Divergent tells the story of a teenager (Shailene Woodley) in the future, as she looks to break free from her homogeneous society, one that divides people based on human traits.

She leaves her sect and joins its rival, where she falls for a young man played by the recently cast Theo James.

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Steve Jobs is somewhat of a sacred cow. And with every sacred cow, there's gonna be someone making fun of it.

With two dueling Steve Jobs movies in the works - jOBS starring Ashton Kutcher famously being the first one to be released, while the Aaron Sorkin film is still in production - Funny or Die has announced that the comedy website will in fact release the first Steve Jobs biopic. Sneaky.

iSteve Poster

The movie, called iSteve, will run about 60-75 minutes and star Justin Long in the title role.

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Hollywood is about to get a whole lot less handsome.

Ryan Gosling tells AP Entertainment that he's "been doing too much" acting and it's time for a break.

Ryan Gosling in a Suit

"I've lost perspective on what I'm doing," Gosling explained. "I think it's good for me to take a break and reassess why I'm doing it and how I'm doing it. And I think this is probably a good way to learn about that. I need a break from myself as much as I imagine the audience does."

Somewhere, about 49 million women disagree with that statement.

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It won't be too long before James Bond is drinking martinis and chasing down bad guys again.

On a conference call with investors yesterday, MGM Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Gary Barber said everything is full speed ahead for the 24th film in this beloved spy franchise.

Daniel Craig in Germany

"We are currently developing the screenplay and working with our partners," Barber said. "We look forward to developing the script soon and signing a director. We are hoping within the next three years it will be released."

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Marvel Studios 2. It sounds horrifying. Like we're all gonna die. But really, we all just get to see a bunch more fun Superhero movies. They should rename it something like "Marvel's Awesome Funsplosion: Part 2: The Reawesoming: How Good is Popcorn?"

Speaking of all that nonsense, Iron Man 3, the first film of The Reawesoming, is looming ever closer. And here's the new Iron Man 3 IMAX poster:

Iron Man 3 IMAX Poster

Robert Downey, Jr. returns to the role of Tony Stark, with Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts. Ben Kingsley stars as the villain Mandarin.

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Remember those blue people with the big ears that wear only bottoms? Smurfs? Their cousins from Pandora are getting another movie!

Yes, we've known for a little while that two Avatar sequels were on their way, but now director James Cameron has given an update during a new interview.

James Cameron Picture

"I'm deep into it and I'm living in Pandora right now," said Cameron, who is currently writing the scripts in New Zealand.

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The Jodi Arias trial isn’t even over, but Lifetime is already planning a film about it.

Accused of murdering ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander by shooting him, stabbing him 29 times and slitting his throat, Arias has claimed self-defense.

Jodi Arias Court Photo

Filled with explosive testimony, it's a case that has gripped the nation as Jodi Arias, 32, faces possible death by lethal injection if found guilty of first-degree murder.

Not surprisingly, the network renowned for ripped from the headlines movies is planning to cash in on the trial, which is still underway in Arizona.

Arias follows in the Lifetime footsteps of the Craigslist Killer, Casey Anthony, Drew Peterson, Clark Rockefeller and other celebrity crime figures.

Who do you think should play Jodi Arias in the movie? Any ideas?

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Kristen Stewart tells the Chicago Sun-Times that she was inspired to play "wild, sexy girl" Marylou in On The Road, despite pushing her own boundaries.

Kristen Stewart in a Red Dress

The actress says her sex scenes were "necessary," that Marylou was surprisingly self-aware, and that in the end, "human beings are just animals.”

“It’s about fiercely living and squeezing every single drop out of life and not denying any aspects of it,” she said, calling the sex scenes "non-gratuitous."

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