60's Spy culture came back hard in the late 90's/early 2000's, with film adaptations of Mission: Impossible and Charlie's Angels, Pierce Brosnan re-introducing Bond to Generation Y, and Mike Myers spoofing the whole thing in Austin Powers.

The one property that never got a reboot off the ground was The Man From U.N.C.L.E, which you may have never heard of precisely because the reboot never got off the ground.

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Poor Great Gatsby. You opened right between the most anticipated movie of the year and the other most anticipated movie of the year.

After two weeks of Iron Man 3 dominance in the box office, Star Trek Into Darkness has claimed the weekend for its own, leaving Gatsby without a chance in hell of reaching #1.

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The Marvel cinematic universe is expanding. Just like the real universe!

Which means that at some point the Marvel Universe will contract, which also means that we will eventually return to the Big Marvel Bang and that "Marvel time" is a meaningless construct.

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Christopher Nolan, the man who essentially codified the "gritty realism" thing happening in every Superhero movie these days, has been approached to direct Bond 24.

Maybe Nolan can inject some gritty realism into the Bond franchise. No more kids-only Bond movies!

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