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Last night on Modern Family Season 6 Episode 4, the Dunphy's house had to be treated for mold, which Phil tried to turn into a positive as they checked into a hotel.

Great opportunity to bond in close quarters, right?

As you might expect, Modern Family Season 6 Episode 4 gave off the feeling that we'd seen it all before, and this has become a hallmark of the acclaimed comedy.

Acclaimed as it is, things never really evolve.

The show is at its best when the characters and plot lines intertwine with each other, which was not the case with the Dunphys and their hotel experience.

Not that it wasn't amusing, even hilarious at times. If you watch Modern Family online, you're likely doing it in large part because of Phil, Claire and the kids.

All the characters are solid, but a Dunphys spinoff could work in ways the other Modern Family family members could not. And this was proof positive.

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Last night's Modern Family Season 6 Episode 3, "The Cold" began a bit slowly but came together cohesively by the end in a solid, if not stellar, installment.

Ostensibly, if you watch Modern Family online this week, what you'll see is an episode framed around a family health epidemic, something we've all experienced.

Beneath the surface, however, are a group of people trying to put on a good front and look tougher, stronger, and better than ever for the sake of ... who knows.

We all want to appear to be our best selves, especially around family, and no matter how open and honest we are with each other, it's a tough act to pull off.

Phil had done Mitchell and Cam a solid and gotten a friend to shoot the video at their wedding, though he uncovered a scary detail while editing:

He was Patient Zero, the man who started it all.

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On Modern Family Season 6 Episode 2, Alex went on college tours, while Lily made things uncomfortable for her dads and Jay and Gloria also had a storyline.

At times, the acclaimed show's biggest issue is not its formulaic storytelling, but the fact that time seems to stand still for the family ... until it doesn't.

Modern Family Season 6 Episode 2 was a prime example of how it almost comes out of nowhere when they reach a coming-of-age period like college.

The kids are growing up (alarmingly fast, in the case of Lily and Luke), and yet it rarely feels significant to the overall dynamic, which is Simpsons-esque.

When the laughs are coming a mile a minute, and storylines intertwine in hilarious fashion, such things seem like nit-picking. That was not the case here.

If the show isn't moving in any kind of direction, the standalone episodes can run out of juice, as there are only so many ways to tell the same stories.

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Sarah Hyland has been put through hell by former boyfriend Matt Prokop, but she has her TV family, one that's always by her side and pulling for her.

Ariel Winter, who plays Hyland's sister on Modern Family, says that off screen, the co-stars have been the closest thing they have to actual family.

Sarah Hyland: Escape From HELL!

Winter was embroiled in legal drama herself recently, becoming estranged from her own mother, so she has some idea of what Hyland is experiencing.

At least in terms of the scrutiny and the public spotlight on her private life.

Few, if any of us had any inkling that Sarah has been enduring domestic abuse by Matt Prokop, who she recently filed for a restraining order against.

Hyland hasn't commented on the case, saying the restraining order speaks for itself. Instead, she's quietly leaning on her "family" for support.

“We all love Sarah [who plays Haley] very much,” Ariel tells In Touch Weekly in its the new issue, adding that the cast of the hit comedy is “super close."

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Modern Family Season 6 Episode 1 meant the end of the honeymoon phase, and not just for Cameron and Mitchell, who returned from their actual honeymoon.

Two to three months ago.

Through five Emmy wins in as many seasons, Modern Family has gone from must-see TV to everything that is wrong with TV in some viewers' minds.

It's not that the show isn't good - it always has been, and still is - but the critical acclaim is seen as so over the top that it makes you want to dislike it.

There is truth to the oft-quoted refrain that it's not as consistent as it once was, and that the characters continue to play off the same one-note jokes.

Modern Family Season 6 Episode 1 was still funny, though. At times very much so. Is this a worthy showcase of an Emmy winning comedy?

Probably not, but it would still warrant discussion in that arena, because the show still does what it does very well, as Wednesday's show proved.

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The Primetime Emmy Awards are being held a little earlier than usual this year, and so in order to avoid competing with preseason football and the 2014 Video Music Awards, the ceremony is being held on a Monday for the first time in 38 years.

But if you're feeling a bit confused, worry not!

For one thing, the show is unlikely to feature anything as unexpected as Miley Cyrus' homeless date to the VMAs. In addition, we've got everything you need to no about who's gonna take home the gold tonight in the handy gallery below:

Best Drama Series: Will Win - Breaking Bad
Expect a repeat win for the final season of the groundbreaking AMC drama.

Yes, the Emmys may have switched up their air date this year, they remain the most predictable of award shows.

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Are you in love, on a budget and living in New York City?

Then get yourself over to the City Clerk's office ASAP!

As promoted today by Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet on Good Morning America, ABC is footing the bill (typically $35) for all marriage licenses and wedding ceremonies that take place inside this building on Monday.

Cam and Mitchell

They are doing so in promotion of the Modern Family Season 5 finale, which focuses on their characters of Cam and Mitch finally getting tying the knot after years of dating and raising a daughter.

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Wednesday night's Modern Family Season 5 Episode 9 saw the whole family come together for Manny's final freshman football game of the season.

You can imagine how that played out for certain family members.

True to Cam's nature, he really, really wanted to win this thing. Also true to his nature, he was incredibly theatrical and superstitious about the athletic event.

Mitchell, for his part, made snide comments and eye rolls. Usual.

Meanwhile, Claire tried to act all stealthy and failed miserably in front of Jay, who was hilarious in his work environment, and Phil was Phil. Always hilarious.

Watch Modern Family Season 5 Episode 9 in full right here!

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