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Sheena Monnin insists the Miss USA pageant is rigged, despite what Donald Trump says, and that's why she resigned as Miss Pennsylvania USA.

Monnin, who claimed the list of top five Miss USA contestants she was told before the show perfectly matched the top five, alleges a conspiracy.

Pageant co-owner Trump says he will sue for defamation, claiming the voting is closely monitored ... and no one cares who wins anyway.

Monnin is doubling down on her claim, though ... citing psychology.

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"It's too coincidental for someone to be able to call out in order the top five," she said on the Today show Friday. "I know what I heard, and there is no doubt in my mind that the contestant is serious when she laid out what she saw."

Sheena Monnin claims Miss Florida - who now says she was kidding - told her she saw a list of the top five. No way was it a joke, Miss PA claims.

"I have many years of psychological training," says Monnin. "I know when someone is scared and serious. Her body language was serious."

Two points here:

  1. Miss USA officials now say Miss Florida only had one name right, meaning she missed either runner-up Audrey Bolte or champ Olivia Culpo.
  2. Monnin's "many years of psychological training" consists of a master's degree from the University of Phoenix. Just saying.


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Kristen Danyal, Miss Michigan USA, is finding herself in some hot water this week after a photo of her apparently partying HARD hit the web.

But rest assured, she says she does not drink. Mmm hmm.

Despite the image below, Kristen insists that she did not have even ONE DROP of vodka during the Miss USA 2012 after party in Vegas Sunday.

She posed with the bottle, she says, but never swallowed.

Kristen Danyal, Miss Michigan

The 27-year-old swears she doesn't drink whatsoever - she's not "that kind of person" - but posed for the photo above because friends goaded her into it.

Kristen told TMZ, which posted the image, "Everyone was telling me to drink and wanted me to drink, but everyone that knows me knows I don’t drink.”

Danual says friends just tried to make her laugh: “I had friends who came to watch me and other girls from previous pageants saying 'Drink! Drink!'"

"They knew I was upset about losing the pageant and tried to cheer me up."

Basically, there's no way of proving she drank it, and as Bill Clinton proved, you can make absurd excuses like this and still be revered in 15 years.

Also, Sheena Monnin is occupying all of D-Trump's wrath at the moment.

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Donald Trump has announced that the Miss Universe Organization - which he owns! - plans to sue Miss Pennsylvania USA, a.k.a. Sheena Monnin.

Monnin resigned her crown Tuesday claiming Sunday’s Miss USA pageant was rigged ... and has no morals for allowing transgendered contestants.

Miss Rhode Island Olivia Culpo won Miss USA 2012, while Monnin, who did not place in the top five, said it was predetermined from the start.

Trump begs to differ and says he hopes Monnin has a good lawyer.

“We’re going to bring a lawsuit against this girl,” he told Today co-anchor Ann Curry and ABC's George Stephanopoulos in separate interviews.

“It is so ridiculous,” Trump told Curry of Monnin’s charge, noting that the voting is “supervised by Ernst and Young and everything is certified.”

“They've done an investigation. I just found out about it ... the person that supposedly showed the list totally denies that that ever took place.”

Besides, he noted later, “the organization doesn’t care who the Top 5 are, or the Top 10,” adding, “I mean, what difference does it make?”

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Miss Pennsylvania USA Sheena Monnin resigned this week, calling the Miss Universe Organization "fraudulent, lacking in morals, inconsistent and trashy."

Let's start with the first part. She wrote on Facebook that a fellow contestant saw a list revealing the top five Miss USA finalists before the show took place.

The Miss Universe Organization denies this, saying in a statement:

Sheena Monnin Photo

"The Miss Universe Organization can confirm the resignation of the Pennsylvania title holder after she did not place in the Top 16 at the Miss USA pageant."

"In an email to pageant organizers, she cited the Miss Universe Organization's policy regarding transgendered contestants as the reason for her resignation."

"Today she has changed her story by publicly making false accusations claiming that the pageant was fixed, however the contestant she privately sourced as her reference has vehemently refuted her most recent claim."

"We are disappointed that she would attempt to steal the spotlight from Olivia Culpo of Rhode Island on her well-deserved Miss USA win."

Culpo, who won Sunday, was asked during the show about the inclusion of transgender contestants, which the organization permitted two months ago.

"I do think it is fair," she said. "I could understand how people could be apprehensive to take that road, but I do accept that ... I believe it's a free country."

After the organization changed its rules to allow Jenna Talackova, who was born male, to compete (for Miss Canada), Sheena Monnin was PISSED.

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Olivia Culpo may have earned the title of Miss USA last night - and will go on to represent the United States in the Miss Universe pageant later this year - but Internet users are the true winners here.

That's because the bikini-clad women who took to the stage this weekend are the latest to participate in a "Call Me Maybe" lip dub, moving and shaking and pretending to sing to Carly Rae Jepsen's catchy hit.

And, yes, Donald Trump even gets into the act around the 40-second mark. Watch now:

Last week, a video was released that summed up a number of similar lip dubs, from those featuring Katy Perry to James Franco to the Harvard baseball team. Check out their "Call Me Maybe" versions now!

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Miss USA 2012 Olivia Culpo should thank Audrey Bolte.

The 23-year-old Miss Ohio was the second runner-up at last night's pageant - not a poor showing, but Bolte's title hopes were likely undone by one answer.

She was asked by judge Marilu Henner, "Do you think women are depicted in movies and TV in an accurate and positive way and please give us an example."

Miss Ohio's amazing response:

Audrey Bolte Photo

"I think it depends on the movie. I think there are some movies that depict women in a very positive role and some movies that put them in a little bit more of a negative role, but by the end of the movie they show that woman power that I know we all have."

"Such as the movie Pretty Woman."

"We had a wonderful, beautiful woman, Julia Roberts, and she was having a rough time. But you know what? She came out on top and she didn't let anyone stay in her path."

Yeah. We sort of see Audrey's point about the character's perseverance and strength, but still ... saying a hooker is a positive depiction of women on screen? Ouch.

Roberts' Vivian Ward was a likable woman, but she come out on top when a rich man hired her for sex for a week and then rescued her from a life of prostitution.

Probably not what the judges were looking for.

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Olivia Culpo is Miss USA 2012.

The 20-year-old Miss Rhode Island won the 61st annual pageant Sunday and will go on to represent the United States in the Miss Universe pageant later this year.

She topped a field of 51 contestants on Sunday to take the title at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip to take the coveted title.

Olivia Culpo, Miss USA

First runner-up was Miss Maryland Nana Meriwether, while second runner-up was Miss Ohio Audrey Bolte. Congratulations go out to all three lovely ladies.

There can be only one winner, though, and it was the beautiful brunette , a student at Boston University who donned a stunning purple Grecian-style gown.

Throughout the night, Culpo discussed her love of music - she played the cello for 13 years and was an avid band camper - and for quoting celebrities.

Culpo's best moment was when she explained why it would be fair if a transgender woman - like Canada's controversial Jenna Talackova - won the title:

"I do think that would be fair, but I could understand how people could be apprehensive to take that road," she said. But, "there are so many people who have a need to change for a happier life. I do accept that because I believe it's a free country."

Well said, Olivia Culpo. Well said.

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Tori Vance, the former Miss Arizona Teen USA, was arrested last weekend in L.A.

The charge: Suspicion of DUI. Law enforcement sources confirm Vance, 18, was pulled over Saturday around 9:15 p.m. for making an illegal U-turn in Hollywood.

The officer approached her Mini Cooper and Tori showed signs of intoxication, so the cop asked her to get out of the car. She was given a field sobriety test.

Spoiler alert: It did not go well.

Tori Vance

Tori Vance was subsequently arrested, taken to a nearby police station and booked for misdemeanor DUI, also known as the Amanda Bynes.

Sources say that Tori registered a blood alcohol level of just over .08, the legal limit in California. Vance has yet to comment on the incident.

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The Miss Teen USA pageant crowned a new, gorgeous titleholder last night in Danielle Doty, an 18-year-old hailing from Harlingen, Texas.

Doty beat out Audra Mari of North Dakota to win the title and will take over from the reigning Miss Teen USA, Kamie Crawford of Maryland.

Alexis Swanstrom (Miss Teen California), Taylor Clark (Miss Teen Kansas) and Sydnee Stottlemyre (Miss Teen Missouri) rounded out the top five.

Danielle Doty, Miss Teen USA

The prestigious beauty pageant, which streamed live online, did not take place in the United States, but rather at the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas.

Danielle Doty is the second Texan to be named Miss Teen USA. Christie Lee Woods, who later starred on The Amazing Race, won the title in 1996.

Other notable Miss Teen USA title holders include Bridgette Wilson-Sampras (1990), Vanessa Minnillo (1998) and Tami Farrell (2003), who later went on to become Miss California after Carrie Prejean stripped and was stripped of her crown.

Alyssa Campanella was named Miss USA last month.

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Alyssa Campanella and Torrance Coombs, Miss USA 2011 and self-proclaimed second-rate actor, respectively, are a romantic item. How sweet!

On Monday, NHL star Paul Bissonnette joked on Twitter:

"[Alyssa's] a huge hockey fan. So you're telling me there's a chance?" Campanella's boyfriend, best known from HBO's The Tudors, set him straight.

"Nah, she's into second rate actors," he quipped.

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Before the pageant, the actor Tweeted that he was "ridiculously proud" of his lady and encouraged his followers to tune in to watch her do her thing.

Shortly after Alyssa received her title, Coombs couldn't contain himself.

"Pardon my French, but holy f**k! She won! Congrats to Alyssa Campanella, Miss USA 2011," the actor Tweeted Sunday night. "I am a puddle."

Hard to blame the guy there. Congrats again to Alyssa ... and to Torrance for actually landing Alyssa. Nice work man ... surprising, but nice.

[Photos:, HBO]

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