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Four Miss USA winners in the nude? Together? Sign us up.

A gorgeous quartet is teaming up, sans clothes, for PETA.

Miss USA Winners Nude

Ahead of this year's pageant, past champs Shanna Moakler (1995), Shandi Finnessey (2004), Susie Castillo (2003) and Alyssa Campanella (2011) are naked!

In the gorgeous black and white photo, the four lovely ladies appear along with the tagline "Feel Beautiful in Your Own Skin, and Let Animals Keep Theirs."

Needless to say, this will attract attention to the cause!

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Miss USA Nana Meriwether has a crush on Prince Harry.

The 27-year-old Maryland beauty queen admits she has a major thing for Kate Middleton's brother-in-law and Prince William's younger sibling.

  • Miss USA Nana Meriwether
  • Ginge

"He is doing a wonderful job of representing your country here," Meriwether told Britain's Telegraph at a fundraiser honoring Prince Harry in NYC.

"I am really hoping to meet him," said Nana Meriwether, who took over as Miss USA when Olivia Culpo claimed the Miss Universe title in December.

"He is single, right?" she added. "Well so am I. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we married? He is very tall and good-looking, I hear. Perfect. We are meant to be."

Cressida Bonas may have something to say about that.

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After first denying that she had appeared in the porn video that ended her reign, former Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King may subtly be admitting it.

She's been re-tweeting up a storm and dropping hints to that effect.

Melissa King Image

She has not come out and said the alleged Melissa King video is her, however if you read between the lines of her Twitter feed, that's the clear implication.

One of the messages she posted: "Be strong, life has a funny way of working out. Kim K made it and now is one of the most powerful women in the US."

She also re-tweeted a message from Kim Kardashian herself.

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Melissa King, Miss Delaware Teen USA, has relinquished her crown amid allegations that she filmed a porn video just after her 18th birthday last year.

The story broke this week when a sex video on the "real amateur girls" website GirlsDoPorn (dot) com surfaced that allegedly starred Melissa King.

The site is very NSFW obviously, as is the video. The clip seen above is just King - or a King doppelganger - talking. No clothes are taken off here.

In the Melissa King video, she says she turned 18 three months ago - in March, her birth month - and is doing porn because she needed the money.

She then says that she participates in beauty pageants, though she doesn't reveal in which state (she also says she likes to be on top).

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Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King has resigned her crown after an explicit movie allegedly featuring the 18-year-old beauty queen surfaced online.

Melissa King Photo

Melissa King denies it's her in the sex tape footage, however the naked girl bears a striking resemblance to King ... and why resign if it's not really you?

The video, filmed in June 2012, features a girl addressing the camera and stating that she turned 18 a few months ago in March (King's birth month).

Always gotta clear that up, right?

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Sheena Monnin, a Pennsylvania beauty queen who resigned after saying Miss USA is rigged, was ordered to pay the pageant organization $5 MILLION in damages.

  • Donald Trump Red Carpet Pic
  • Sheena Monnin Photo

Monnin, who is "shocked" by the ruling, tells the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that the "most logical course" would be to contest it, but she's considering her options.

In any case, her claims didn't pan out, and she's paying the price.

Arbitrator Theodore Katz says Monnin's allegations that finalists had been selected in advance were false, harmful and malicious and cost the pageant millions.

Specifically, a $5 million fee from a potential 2013 sponsor.

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We recently said Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively may be the hottest couple ever.

Ryan Lochte and Olivia Culpo (Miss USA!) might give them a run for their money.

If they're even a couple, of course. The Olympic swimming stud and reigning beauty queen were spotted at New York's Fashion Week together. #JEAH!

  • #JEAH
  • Olivia Culpo Picture

Ryan Lochte and Olivia Culpo continued the night together at NYC hotspot 1Oak where they were seen sitting and chatting at a table around 1 a.m.

According to news reports, the not-unattractive duo met last Wednesday at shoe designer Brian Atwood's party at the Four Seasons restaurant.

Hopefully Ryan's not just rebounding now that his crush Blake - who he wanted to cameo on Gossip Girl just to meet - is off the market for good.

Either way, Olivia's hardly a consolation prize. She's Miss USA, people! What do you think ... do they make a cute couple? Lochtulpo? Rylivia?


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Here she is, Miss... well, Teen USA!

Logan West, a 17-year old from Southington, Connecticut took home this honor on Saturday night, defeating 15 other finalists from across the nation in a ceremony held in the Bahamas.

Teen USA

The first Teen USA pageant winner in that state's history, West defeated runner-up Miss Michigan Courtney Pizzimenti for the title.

Perhaps sealing Logan's fortunate fate? Her response to the question of what has been her greatest accomplishment in life. The impressive response?

When West was 14, she started a program to combat bullying in school. Way to go, Logan! And congratulations to all the finalists!

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Former Miss Pennsylvania Sheena Monnin may or may not be a crazy conspiracy theorist or anti-LGBT, but she's definitely one catty beauty pageant girl.

Miss Colorado and Miss South Carolina shouldn't have made the Top 16 at the Miss USA pageant, because they lacked in the face, Monnin said.

Miss USA obtained texts it claims Sheena sent to a pageant official during the competition, in which Sheena says the competition was rigged.

In them ... Sheena basically just bitches about losing to other girls.

  • Miss Pennsylvania Sheena Monnin
  • Monnin Texts

Sheena Monnin, who resigned as Miss Pennsylvania because of this and accused Miss Universe of fraud, writes, "Colorado? South Carolina? I'm done. This is ridiculous. It's obviously rigged so the girl they want can shine."

"They kept several beautiful girls out for that reason."

Monnin also alleged that Miss Florida Karina Brez saw a list of the final five before the show even aired, an allegation Brez says is totally false.

Miss USA sources believe the texts and Brez's denials show Sheena's conspiracy theory is 100% emotionally-motivated, not based on fact.

The Miss Universe organization has filed a defamation suit.

While texts don't exactly disprove Sheena's conspiracy theory ... they definitely show how hilariously catty models/beauty queens can be.

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Karina Brez, the reigning Miss Florida title holder, is speaking out and denying the allegations lobbed by former Miss Pennsylvania Sheena Monnin this week.

Specifically, that Brez found out Miss USA is rigged.

Monnin is now being sued by the Miss Universe Organization over her accusations, which stem from Brez's alleged discussion of seeing a list of the five finalists before last week's pageant even took place - which Brez denied.

  • Karina Brez Photo
  • Sheena Monnin Photo

Sheena Monnin claims Brez said she saw the list of the final five, but Miss Florida claims what she saw did not reflect the big Miss USA winner(s).

"Looking back, it's definitely a rehearsal list, because from the names that I read off that sheet, it wasn't even the top five," Brez told E! News.

The pageant's eventual winner, Olivia Culpo, wasn't even on it, she adds.

"It was nowhere close to what [Monnin] is saying, so her claims are incorrect ... I know that I made the comment out loud saying something about a rehearsal list backstage ... maybe she assumed that I said a fact, [while] I said it jokingly."

"I honestly don't even remember speaking to her ... I feel bad at how this has been handled ... [Monnin's] been taking it just way too far."

When Donald Trump seems like the voice of reason, we'd have to agree.

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