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Jared James Abrahams, a 19-year-old Southern California computer student, is facing federal prison for hacking the webcam of Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf.

Wolf and a dozen other young women worldwide were hacked and blackmailed with the threat of going public with naked pictured he secretly took.

Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf Picture

Abrahams pleaded guilty to four counts of extortion and one count of unauthorized access of a computer. He will serve 27-33 months in federal prison.

Court records show that his victims, which included some minors, were located in Southern California, Maryland, Ireland, Canada, Russia and Moldova.

The plot lasted from early 2012 until June 2013.

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Jared James Abrahams has been arrested in the case involving alleged sextortion photos of Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf and seven other women.

Abrahams, 19, of Temecula, Calif., is believed to have used malicious software to control their computer webcams and tape the women in the nude.

At that point, he allegedly sent them emails threatening to publish the photos of Cassidy Wolf and the other women if they did not send him more.

Abrahams went to great lengths to gain access to the victims’ computers, even creating a VPN to disguise his identity when he sent email threats.

Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf was the most high-profile victim, and allegedly the first target of his attacks, as well as an acquaintance of Abrahams.

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Reigning Miss Teen USA winner Cassidy Wolf is reportedly  involved in a case being investigated by the FBI, following an anonymous threat she received.

The 19-year-old blonde beauty was targeted by an anonymous person who claimed to be in possession of nude photos taken of her from her webcam.

The Orange County, California-based pageant queen said the suspect tried to extort her, demanding money to keep the photos from going public.

A spokeswoman for the FBI's Los Angeles office confirmed to the Los Angeles Times that the investigation is several months old but would not elaborate.

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A topless photo of Miss Alabama 2011 Madeline Mitchell is being shopped, according to TMZ.

It's reportedly a selfie and she's reportedly quite topless, just in case you were wondering.

It's far from clear how the seller got the photo, or if there have been any offers, but she's hot, and showing her boobs, if you're into that sort of thing.

Mad Mitch

Other classic Miss USA hotties involved in scandals in recent years, for various reasons:

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Tough break today for former Miss Pennsylvania Sheena Monnin in court. She lost an appeal and owes Miss USA $5 million for defaming the organization.

Sheena Monnin Photo

Monnin resigned as Miss Pennsylvania last year, saying Miss USA contest was rigged - claims that did not hold water in the eyes of a judge.

She claimed another contestant learned the top five finishers hours before the show, then turned in her crown when those contestants were named during the show.

She posted a series of messages on Facebook and spoke publicly about her claims. Doanld Trump's Miss Universe Organization sued her immediately.

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Erin Brady, Sunday night's 2013 Miss USA winner, has stolen America's hearts.

Fortunately, some guy already locked hers down. She's engaged! Sorry fellas.

The Connecticut beauty queen proved that "she's beauty and she's grace," to hear the judges tell it last night, but who is the girl behind the tiara?

Here are some fun facts about the new Miss USA title-holder:

Erin Brady Picture

She's smart! Brady, 25, is a Central Connecticut State graduate and accountant for Prudential Financial in her home state, who has "always been math-oriented."

She hearts cooking. "If there were a talent portion to the competition, I would make my turkey meatballs recipe with homemade tomato sauce," says Erin.

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Miss Utah Marissa Powell stumbled over her words in response to a question about women's wages late in Sunday night’s Miss USA 2013 pageant.

Powell's awkwardly-phrased goal “to create education better” made for the viral clip of the night. See her take on the thought-provoking issue below:

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes asked:

“A recent report shows that in 40% of American families with children, women are the primary earners, yet they continue to earn less than men. What does it say about society?”

Powell's response?

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Erin Brady is now Miss USA 2013! Give it up for Miss Connecticut!

The 25-year-old, from East Hampton, Conn., works as a financial accountant and recently earned a finance degree at Central Connecticut State University.

Erin Brady Photo

The brunette beauty, who opened up about struggling with alcoholism in her family, has said she intends to become an advocate for children of addicts.

Miss Alabama USA was first runner-up in the field of 51 Miss USA contestants, a group that became progressively smaller over the two-hour contest.

After pageant pros strut their stuff and answered questions about privacy concerns, treason, swimsuits and packing, Erin Brady came out on top.

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Four Miss USA winners in the nude? Together? Sign us up.

A gorgeous quartet is teaming up, sans clothes, for PETA.

Miss USA Winners Nude

Ahead of this year's pageant, past champs Shanna Moakler (1995), Shandi Finnessey (2004), Susie Castillo (2003) and Alyssa Campanella (2011) are naked!

In the gorgeous black and white photo, the four lovely ladies appear along with the tagline "Feel Beautiful in Your Own Skin, and Let Animals Keep Theirs."

Needless to say, this will attract attention to the cause!

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Miss USA Nana Meriwether has a crush on Prince Harry.

The 27-year-old Maryland beauty queen admits she has a major thing for Kate Middleton's brother-in-law and Prince William's younger sibling.

  • Miss USA Nana Meriwether
  • Ginge

"He is doing a wonderful job of representing your country here," Meriwether told Britain's Telegraph at a fundraiser honoring Prince Harry in NYC.

"I am really hoping to meet him," said Nana Meriwether, who took over as Miss USA when Olivia Culpo claimed the Miss Universe title in December.

"He is single, right?" she added. "Well so am I. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we married? He is very tall and good-looking, I hear. Perfect. We are meant to be."

Cressida Bonas may have something to say about that.

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