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Sheena Monnin has been served by Donald Trump to the tune of a MILLION dollars for having claimed years ago that the Miss USA pageant is rigged.

She got owned so hard, he might literally own her after this.

  • Miss Pennsylvania Sheena Monnin
  • Donald J. Trump

A former Miss Pennsylvania, Sheena Monnin made the bombshell claims a few years back, and promptly got whacked with a defamation lawsuit.

Donald's threats to sue people are so frequent and ridiculous, most of the time you can just laugh them off ... but not in this case, Sheena learned.

An investigation proved that the Miss USA pageant is, in fact, not rigged, and Monnin was pounded with $5 million judgment for falsely, publicly claiming so.

She claimed at the time that she saw a list of the final five girls that year before the judges even picked the finalists, but this turned out to be incorrect.

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Reigning Miss USA Nia Sanchez is engaged to her actor boyfriend Daniel Booko, who popped the question on a private terrace in New York City Saturday.

Nia Sanchez, Daniel Booko

"We're engaged!! Ahhhh!" Daniel Booko revealed on Instagram. "Can't wait to spend forever with my love and best friend @realniasanchez @missusa!!"

"#bestnightever #TheBookos."

Booko also provided a glimpse of Sanchez's platinum, two-carat diamond ring, complete with a red, white and blue stone in honor of her Miss USA title.

Sharing the same photo on Instagram, Miss USA 2014 Nia Sanchez wrote on her account, "We are engaged!! so in love with my fiancé @danielbooko."

For his proposal, Booko rented out the Suite Royale at the NoMad Hotel, a 700-square-foot terrace he decked out in flowers and candles before surprising Nia.

"She's thinking she's going to an event with friends [and] I will be there looking all dapper in a suit decorated with candles and flowers," he teased.

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Miss South Carolina K. Lee Graham wowed judges and fans with her blend of beauty, charm, charisma and intelligence to win the Miss Teen USA 2014 title.

"I can't even talk right now. This is literally a dream come true," Graham said after earning the coveted sash. "Thank you for supporting me. We did it!"

K. Lee Graham Bikini Photo
K. Lee Graham of South Carolina was just crowned Miss Teen USA 2014. Here's one of many great pictures of her.

Not just a pretty face, the high school junior is at the top of her class and loves writing, and is striving toward attending the University of South Carolina Honors College!

Lee hopes to encourage other girls to find true beauty on the inside with her blog, Live Beautifully. "[My blog] has become an outlet for me," she writes.

Her goal? "To address and express opinions about issues regarding body image, self-esteem and personal identity that young adults are challenged with every day."

It's a noble pursuit, and a topic that can always use strong role models.

In taking over the crown, the lovely Graham bested 50 contestants in a Q&A session and a bikini catwalk, among other challenges along the way.

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Miss Idaho, Sierra Sandison, isn't afraid to rock a bikini like a boss.

She's also not afraid to show off her insulin pump along with it.

On Monday, the 20-year-old posted a picture of herself on the pageant stage with her pump clipped to her bikini bottom, hashtagged #showmeyourpump.

Sierra Sandison Photo

The goal? Inspiring other diabetes patients to share their own pictures of their insulin pumps. Given how fast this went viral, many undoubtedly will.

"There it is," Sandison wrote of the Instagram pic above.

She shared it on social media became "diabetics from all over the country have been asking to see me and my insulin pump on the #MissIdaho2014 stage."

"I am overwhelmed with hearing how many lives have been touched by me simply wearing my pump on stage. It means so much to me, and I hope I can touch many more."

"Honestly, it is terrifying walking out on stage in a swimsuit, let alone attached to a medical device. Diabetes turned my life upside down when I was first diagnosed."

"Don't let your challenge hold you back or slow you down. Use it to, not only empower yourself and grow as an individual, but to serve and influence other people as well."

Sandison, whose viral photo comes just weeks after Bethany Townsend posed in her colostomy bag, says she took inspiration from a much older woman.

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What is it with beauty pageants these days? The first runner-up in the Miss Teen Colorado contest, is reportedly making a stab at another career in porn.

The website Gawker says a second adult video starring Kristy Althaus has popped up on an online porn site offering a discount with the code "ColoradoIsBack."

Miss USA Nia Sanchez and her alleged carpetbagging seem tame now.

Kristy Althaus' name and likeness were nixed from the Miss Colorado website in January following a report that she made a porn video after turning 18.

This was her first foray into porn. Now she's back for an encore effort.

“I just wanted to come back,” the woman says in a short interview.

When the first video surfaced, Roger Neal, a rep who has worked closely with the Miss USA, said that "the pageants these days seem to like controversy."

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Miss USA 2014 Nia Sanchez fueled speculation that she is a beauty pageant carpetbagger when she could not name the capital of her (supposed) home state.

The former Miss Nevada was on the morning radio program The Todd Show Monday when the show’s host asked her to name the capital of the Silver State.

“Oh oh ahhh, ummm, oh my gosh,” she stammered before being rescued by the show’s host, who gave her the admittedly tricky answer, “Carson City.”

“Thank you, I was gonna say that, I was like, that one DJ host on MTV, back in the day, his name, that’s how I always remembered it,” she said.

Carson Daly could not be reached for comment as of press time.

Nia Sanchez, 25, met the residency requirements in order to compete for the Miss Nevada crown, although it's unclear how long she's lived there.

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Nia Sanchez may have taken the Miss USA 2014 crown, but she's still under fire from some feminists thanks to an answer she gave Sunday night.

Asked what she would do to combat the epidemic of sexual assault against young women, Nia Sanchez suggested women "learn to protect themselves."

Some critics felt this implied that women are responsible for preventing violence against them, but Nia later defended her controversial answer thusly:

"We have 30 seconds to answer a question," she said. "I feel like all you can do up on that stage on national television is answer the best you personally know."

"I answered with something that I know. I always believe in women's empowerment and encouragement and for me, in my life, that's self defense."

"Maybe for somebody else it's a Taser or something else," said the fourth-degree tae kwon do black belt, "but that's the way I could relate to it personally."

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She may not have won the title of Miss USA 2014 Sunday night, but Miss Indiana USA Mekayla Diehl can add Nia Sanchez to her growing list of fans.

Mekayla didn't win the tiara, but she won the Internet, as her "real" bikini body became the most discussed social media hot topic after the pageant.

During an appearance on the Today show, Sanchez, the former Miss Nevada who took the Miss USA title, had only had nice things to say about Diehl.

And the Winner is?

Mekayla Diehl or Nia Sanchez? Whose bikini body was more banging at the Miss USA 2014 competition? View Poll »

"I feel like this year we really had a healthy class of girls," Nia said.

"That's what the [Miss USA] pageant is about to me ... not being skinny and having the clothes fall off your bones but being fit, healthy and active."

"Mekayla is definitely that."

"We were at the gym working out together. She told me how she does different sports. We all do. Someone else did hockey and we had girls who were wrestlers."

"It's an active year!"

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Nia Sanchez, who was crowned Miss USA 2014 Sunday night, doesn't just have the coveted beauty pageant tiara and a great career ahead of her.

She's got a supportive, loving boyfriend in actor Daniel Booko.

Daniel Booko, Nia Sanchez

The 24-year-old stunner gushed about the love of her life at a press conference after her big win, revealing that they've been together for over a year.

Booko, who has appeared in The Hunger Games, X-Men: First Class and Pretty Little Liars, among other film and TV credits, could not be happier:

"I can't believe!! I love and am so proud of u baby!!! it's gonna gonna be an amazing year!!!! #missusa2014 #teamnia #proudboyfriend," he wrote.

The couple certainly looks totes adorable in the photo above.

Booko is pals with none other than Evan Ross, Ashlee Simpson's fiance. Ross wrote to her: "Congrats!! @missnvusa2014 so excited for you. You won!!!!"

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Mekayla Diehl did not win the title of Miss USA 2014.

That honor, instead, went to Nia Sanchez of Nevada.

But many consider Diehl to have been the true winner of this annual competition after the reigning Miss Indiana showed off what many consider to be a "normal" bikini body:

Mekayla Diehl Bikini Pic
Mekayla Diehl looks hot in a bikini. Hot and not alarmingly skinny. Go Mekayla!

As a result, fans were upset she didn't advance further.

"The fact that Miss Indiana is not a complete twig makes me really happy!" Tweeted viewer Kadee McKoin, while @StephsDangerout added that she was “upset” because the 25-year old didn’t make it beyond the semifinals.

"Miss Indiana looked like a normal person... and she didn't make the cut," wrote that user.

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