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Nina Davuluri was crowned Miss America 2014!

The 24-year-old Miss New York, whose talent routine was a Bollywood fusion dance, became the first Indian-American pageant queen to win the Miss America tiara.

Nina Davuluri Picture

She is the second consecutive Miss New York to win the Miss America crown, succeeding Mallory Hagan, who was selected in January in Las Vegas.

The Miss America Organization will compensate Hagan, also 24, for her shortened reign at the top after the group changed its venue and schedule.

Interestingly, a report surfaced just a few days ago in which Nina Davuluri was allegedly recorded calling Mallory Hagan "fat as f--k" in a hotel room.

Whatever the case, she's succeeding her now.

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Miss New York Nina Davuluri is under fire after she was reportedly caught on tape calling the reigning Miss America, Mallory Hagan, fat as ... expletive.

According to Page Six, another beauty queen recorded Davuluri blasting Hagan, who was Miss New York a year ago before winning the Miss America crown.

Nina Davuluri allegedly made the comments in a hotel room after being named the Empire State's top beauty pageant queen on July 16 on Staten Island.

"Davuluri invited friends back to her hotel room after her win," a source said.

"A girl in the next room overheard the conversation, and was so offended she decided to tape it. A friend of Davuluri's was supposedly heard making racist remarks."

"Davuluri is allegedly heard on the tape blasting Miss America, ‘Mallory's fat as f--k.' The [tape] has been making the rounds of pageant contestants and officials."

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When you think of a Miss America contestant, Theresa Vail is not who you picture.

A military sergeant and member of the Army National Guard’s Medical Detachment, Vail is an archery expert, amateur boxer and skydiver, with tattoos.

She's also Miss Kansas.

Theresa Vail Photo

"If there is one thing that competing has taught me, it’s that you need to be unapologetically yourself and not let others dictate how you feel," she wrote on her blog.

Theresa Vail, who is competing in Sunday's pageant, will not be covering up her tattoos during the competition - a first for any Miss America hopeful.

Vail has tattoos of the Serenity Prayer and a military medical insignia, and she says she decided to display them proudly during the swimsuit round.

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On Saturday night, Analouisa Valencia will aim to be crowned Miss South Carolina.

If she's successful, she will move on to the Miss America pageant in September, which would make her similar to about 50 other women at that event, with one notable exception:

Valencia is gay.

Analouisa Valencia Image

She is, in fact, the first openly gay contestant to compete at Miss South Carolina and, if she wins, she will become the first openly gay contestant to complete for the title of Miss America.

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Nicole Kelly was crowned Miss Iowa last night, giving this 23-year old the chance to compete in September at the Miss America Pageant.

Why is this especially noteworthy? Because Kelly was born with only one arm.

Nicole Kelly Image

The Keokuk native won over $10,000 in scholarship money with the win.

She graduated from the University of Nebraska in 2012 with a degree in directing and theater management and says in her official bio that her dream job is to work as a stage manager on Broadway.

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Last night’s Miss America pageant saw Mallory Hagan win the coveted tiara, but also offered a host of fascinating, LOL-tastic revelations from the contestants.

For example, Miss Iowa (whose real name is Mariah Carey, seriously) says she only supports marijuana for medical or recreational use ... so basically everything:

Meanwhile, Miss California Leah Cecil thinks euthanasia is a vaccine apparently:

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Mallory Hagan is Miss America 2013. The reigning, beautiful Miss New York bested the talented field to capture the prestigious pageant last night!

Mallory Hagan Photo

Fifty-three ladies danced, twirled, flashed pearly whites, worked it in bikinis and strutted their best stuff in a quest for the tiara and the scholarship cash.

In the end, the 23-year-old from Brooklyn emerged victorious.

Prior to being named Miss America, Mallory Hagan attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, eyeing a career in global cosmetics marketing.

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Allyn Rose will participate tomorrow night in the Miss America pageant.

Win or lose, however, the Miss DC has a far more important agenda to take care of following the event: she is scheduled to undergo a double mastectomy.

The 24-year old is doing so as a preventive measure to reduce her odds of developing the disease that took her mother, grandmother and great aunt.

Allyn Rose Bikini Photo

"My mom would have given up every part of her body to be here for me, to watch me in the pageant," Rose said Wednesday. "If there's something that I can do to be proactive, it might hurt my body, it might hurt my physical beauty, but I'm going to be alive."

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Allyn Rose, a 24-year-old Maryland native set to compete for the Miss America title next year, is planning to undergo a precautionary double mastectomy.

Allyn Rose Photo

Rose explained that she made the hard decision to have both breasts removed at such a young age because of a genetic mutation in her family's DNA.

Saying that this predisposes females in her family to get breast cancer early in their lives, Allyn decided she would take a preventative measure.

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Here she is... Miss America!

Congratulations are in order for Laura Kaeppeler, as this 23-year old brunette from Kenosha, Wisconsin earned the honor in Las Vegas last night, impressing judges with a chic evening gown she compared to Kate Middleton's wedding dress.

Kaeppeler sang an Italian aria for her talent, while responding to a question about whether or not Miss America winners should voice their political views by rambling on about how they represent the country as a whole and, therefore, no, should remain neutral on all such topics.

Kaeppeler earned a $50,000 scholarship for her victory and hopes to build a platform around mentoring children of incarcerated parents. She's one of those herself.

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