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Miss New York Kira Kazantsev stood alone, having triumphed over some of the most awe-inspiring young women in the entire United States last night.

Taking home the Miss America tiara after showcasing her good looks, brains and an unexpected talent, the 23-year-old blonde beauty reigned.

Here are five fun facts about the super cool stunner from NYC:

Kira Kazantsev Bikini Picture
Kira Kazantsev of New York poses in a bikini. The beauty queen knows how to rock one!

1. She survived abuse, and is committed to domestic violence awareness. As a student at Hofstra University, Kazantsev found herself in an abusive relationship.

Given the NFL's recent handling of former Baltimore star Ray Rice knocking out Janay Palmer, the issue has never been more at the forefront of public debate.

"I want people to stop asking, 'Why doesn't she just leave?'" Kira Kazantsev, who works with the domestic violence advocacy group Safe Horizon, told NPR.

"Every woman is an expert in her own case, and there are just so many extenuating circumstances that lead to a woman staying with her abuser."

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Miss America crowned Kira Kazantsev its 2014 champion last night, giving a representative from New York the title for the third consecutive year.

But to many (male) viewers, the real winner of the Miss America pageant was Miss Nebraska, Megan Swanson.

While beloved The Bachelor host Chris Harrison was discussing the evening wear portion of the competition, noting how judges will be evaluating the "personal style and flair" of each contestant, the camera panned to Swanson.

Or, specifically, to Swanson's crotch as she uncrossed her legs and turned this ABC program into a late-night Cinemax movie. Whoa there! NSFW Alert, people!

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There she is, Miss America 2014: Kira Kazantsev! The New Yorker is the third consecutive beauty queen from the Empire State to claim the coveted tiara!

Kira Kazantsev Pic

During the talent portion, Kazantsev sang Pharrell Williams' "Happy" while sitting cross-legged on the stage and banging a red plastic cup on the floor.

That immediately touched off a furor on social media networks, where many were critical of her performance, but Kara said she was inspired by Pitch Perfect.

In the 2012 movie, fans may recall that the beloved Anna Kendrick's character auditions for an a capella group by performing rhythmically with a cup.

Kazantsev said she did it to show future Miss America contestants they can win pageant by performing whatever talent routine they like, no matter what others think.

Looks to have paid off, considering she walked away with the title!

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Miss Idaho, Sierra Sandison, isn't afraid to rock a bikini like a boss.

She's also not afraid to show off her insulin pump along with it.

On Monday, the 20-year-old posted a picture of herself on the pageant stage with her pump clipped to her bikini bottom, hashtagged #showmeyourpump.

Sierra Sandison Photo

The goal? Inspiring other diabetes patients to share their own pictures of their insulin pumps. Given how fast this went viral, many undoubtedly will.

"There it is," Sandison wrote of the Instagram pic above.

She shared it on social media became "diabetics from all over the country have been asking to see me and my insulin pump on the #MissIdaho2014 stage."

"I am overwhelmed with hearing how many lives have been touched by me simply wearing my pump on stage. It means so much to me, and I hope I can touch many more."

"Honestly, it is terrifying walking out on stage in a swimsuit, let alone attached to a medical device. Diabetes turned my life upside down when I was first diagnosed."

"Don't let your challenge hold you back or slow you down. Use it to, not only empower yourself and grow as an individual, but to serve and influence other people as well."

Sandison, whose viral photo comes just weeks after Bethany Townsend posed in her colostomy bag, says she took inspiration from a much older woman.

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Amanda Longacre, a 24-year-old woman stripped of her Miss Delaware title for being too old, is suing state pageant officials and the Miss America organization.

In a lawsuit filed this week, Amanda is seeking to be reinstated as Miss Delaware 2014 and to be allowed to compete in this year's Miss America pageant.

Miss Delaware Amanda Longacre Photo
Miss Delaware 2014, Amanda Longacre, has been forced to give up her title because of her age. H

She wants $500,000 in damages for herself and $2.5 million for others she says were recruited to compete in pageants before being told they were too old.

Miss America pageant rules require contestants to be between 17 and 24. Amanda Longacre turns 25 on October 22, after this year's national pageant.

The lawsuit filed by Longacre alleges that one or more other contestants in the 2014 Miss Delaware pageant also were too old to compete under those rules.

Basically ... the rule is not only unfair, it's selectively enforced by a poorly-run organization that is ruining people's lives as a result of its ineptitude.

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Amanda Longacre has seen the ugly side of beauty pageants.

The 24-year old was stripped of her Miss Delaware title last week after officials ruled Longacre had violated the competition's age requirement.

In her place, Brittany Lewis was given the crown and she will go on to compete in the Miss America pageant on September 14.

And while Longacre has been told she can keep $9,000 in scholarship money she originally earned, she appeared opposite Savannah Guthrie on Today this morning and told Savannah Guthrie she wants "the title I rightfully won."

"I am Miss Delaware," said Longacre. "I was nothing but honest from the beginning. I did not know that rule, I did not know that rule at all, and they reiterated to me since they beginning that I was eligible to compete.

"I asked from the beginning, 'Am I eligible?' They said yes, they signed off on my contract, they had my birth certificate. I gave them everything."

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Another beauty pageant queen has lost her crown this week for seemingly no reason at all, as an unrelated snafu cost her the title she just earned.

Amanda Longacre, a 24-year-old who was named Miss Delaware 2014, lost hers because she is older than the Miss America organization allows.

Longacre didn't lie about her age; Miss America apparently just forgot she wouldn't be 24 (the maximum age) for the duration of her yearlong reign.

Now in Florida, a voting tabulation error cost Elizabeth Fechtel her tiara.

Elizabeth Fechtel Pic

Officials from the Miss Florida Organization shockingly named a new Miss Florida 2014 late Friday after discovering a tabulation error in the judging.

As a result, Fechtel, who won the crown last Saturday, is now the runner up. The woman who had come in second, Victoria Cowen, is the new Miss Florida.

Executive Director Mary Sullivan says the tabulation error was noticed during a routine recount, with one mark on a judge's ballot inadvertently overlooked.

The ballots were tabulated again by an independent auditor and when that mark was correctly counted, contestants were notified of the correct results.

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Amanda Longacre recently was crowned Miss Delaware, but her tenure under the tiara was short-lived, as she was stripped of her title. Due to her age.

Longacre was crowned June 14, but she since been disqualified. The Miss America Organization says that contestants must be 17 to 24 years old.

She will turn 25 in October. Brittany Lewis, also 24, was crowned in her place a brief ceremony at the Dover Downs Hotel Casino on Thursday.

Amanda Longacre isn't going down with a fight, however, claiming she signed a contract with her age and birthday clearly stated, before winning.

She says a member of the board signed off on that contract on a local, state and national level. Only Tuesday was she notified that her age was an issue.

Longacre will not able to compete in the Miss America Pageant in September. In addition to being stripped of her title, she loses all prizes associated with it.

The organization said in a press release Thursday:

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Nina Davuluri, who was crowned Miss America earlier this month, was asked for her take on the deluge of racist Tweets that followed her surprise win.

Her take on it:

  1. Depressingly, she saw it coming, as she dealt with the same thing winning Miss New York earlier this year (succeeding Mallory Hagan).
  2. The vocal critics might get all the headlines, but for every negative Tweet, she received many more positive and supportive messages.

Nina Davuluri says she can't dwell on the haters. Nor should she.

She's freaking Miss America after all, so some people must like her - and again, she said the online hate paled in comparison to the love she received.

What kind of hating are we talking about? As bad as it gets.

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Nina Davuluri of Syracuse, N.Y., is your Miss America 2014.

Striving to become the first Indian-American Miss America, she pitched herself as the "diverse" contestant from the get-go and stuck to that theme.

  • Nina Davuluri Miss America
  • Nina Davuluri Image

Nina Davuluri danced to a Bollywood song in the talent portion even though insiders reportedly warned her the performance would be "too foreign."

The risk paid off, clearly. She won, succeeding Mallory Hagan.

While plenty of the usual racist idiots took to Twitter to decry Davuluri's win with disturbing ignorance, most reactions online were happy and congratulatory.

The irony, however, at least according to Indian and Indian-American writers, is that Davuluri, who is dark-skinned, may have fared less well in India.

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