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Earlier this summer, Rob Kardashian Tweeted that he has a son.

The actor was kidding (we think), but plenty of male celebrities face the very serious issue of having a child out of wedlock.

From rappers... to DJs... to basketball players... to whatever the heck Scott Disick does for a living, most of these stars have taken responsibility for their actions, while hopefully offering up a lessons to fans around the world:

Don't cheat. Do use protection. And put a ring on the finger of Kourtney Kardashian if you wish to be categorized differently. Sheesh! 

Pauly D
Pauly D produced a daughter named Amabella after a one-night stand with a native of New Jersey. He is active in his child's life.

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Prior to L'Wren's Scott's suicide in March of 2014, the renowned fashion designer had been dating Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger for nearly 13 years.

So Scott's family was understandably upset to hear reports of Mick dating someone new less than three months after her tragic passing.

They were so angry, in fact, that her sister blamed Jagger for her death

  • Mick Jagger Image
  • Melanie Hamrick

Now the woman with whom Jagger has been spotted in Zurich has been identified, and the timing of their first meeting, coupled with the fact that she's more than 40 years younger than Mick is unlikely to earn much sympathy for Jagger.

Melanie Hamrick is a 27-year-old ballerina who met Jagger in late February of 2014, less than three weeks before Scott's suicide. The two apparently became close almost immediately which only bolsters the claims made by L'Wren's sister - Jan Shane - that Scott was driven to depression by Jagger's womanizing:

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Less than three months after the tragic suicide of L'Wren Scott, the fashion designer's longtime boyfriend Mick Jagger has already found another young woman to come to his emotional rescue. 

Jagger was spotted getting close to a much younger woman over the weekend - a sight that enraged Scott's sister, Jan Shane.

"And people wonder why L'Wren was so depressed," said Shane, implying that Jagger's womanizing ways may have been the cause of Scott's suicide.

"These pictures make me really wonder what Mick is thinking and feeling," said Shane referring to photos of Mick embracing a woman who appears to be in her twenties. "His daughter says that he is still heartbroken and so devastated after losing my sister and then you see these photos. He will never change."

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When L'Wren Scott committed suicide on March 17, rumors abounded that the 49-year-old fashion designer was broke and drowning in debt.

Those rumors were put to rest today along with reports of theas the details of her will - and the giant fortune she left behind - were revealed.

L'Wren Scott and Mick Jagger Pic

At the time of her death, Scott had dated Mick Jagger for nearly 13 years and she reportedly left $9 million to the already wealthy Rolling Stones frontman in her will.

In addition to cash, Scott left Jagger an estimated $1 million in jewelry, clothes and cars.

Her family, meanwhile, receives nothing and the mystery of why this woman who seemed to have everything decided to take her own life only gets deeper.

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Mick Jagger says he is still "struggling to understand" why his girlfriend L'Wren Scott, a renowned fashion designer, ended her life in New York yesterday.

On his website, Jagger posted a black and white photo of the former model, simply titling it "L'Wren." On the homepage, he wrote a brief statement:

L'Wren Scott and Mick Jagger Photo

I am still struggling to understand how my lover and best friend could end her life in this tragic way.

We spent many wonderful years together and had made a great life for ourselves.

She had great presence and her talent was much admired, not least by me.

I have been touched by the tributes that people have paid to her, and also the personal messages of support that I have received.

I will never forget her,

The 49-year-old designer was found dead in her apartment of an apparent suicide, according to police. Her motivation for doing so is very much unclear.

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Mick Jagger is slamming rumors that he and longtime love L'Wren Scott broke up right before the fashion designer tragically took her own life this week.

The rocker's rep was quick to refute this, calling "the story in the New York Post re a split between Mick Jagger and L'Wren Scott is 100 percent untrue."

L'Wren Scott and Mick Jagger

In the wake of the death of L'Wren Scott, "There is absolutely no basis to this ... horrible and inaccurate piece of gossip during this very tragic time for Mick."

Rumors aside, Jagger is taking time to mourn Scott, 47. The Rolling Stones frontman, 70, canceled a Wednesday Rolling Stones concert in Perth, Australia.

An insider told celebrity news magazine Us that the rock 'n roll legend is "terribly devastated," and "inconsolable" following the death of his love of nearly 13 years.

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Katy Perry broke into the music stratosphere with “I Kissed a Girl” in 2007, but for years before that, she toiled and struggled to find fame in Hollywood.

Now 29, the recalls doing backing vocals for some major stars, including Mick Jagger, with whom she had a very interesting encounter a decade ago.

Katy Perry, Jagger

In a recent interview with Australian DJs Ash, Kip & Luttsy, on Nova FM, Perry claimed that Jagger came on to her when she was just 18 years old.

Perry worked with the Rolling Stones rocker on his hit “Old Habits Die Hard,” and she said she even went out to dinner with the now 70-year-old icon.

“I actually went to dinner with [Mick] one time, and he hit on me when I was 18!” she said.

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Looks like Katy Perry's got the moves like Jagger. And on Jagger.

The singer tweeted a photo of herself with the Rolling Stones frontman after she sang with the rock icon during a Rolling Stones concert in Las Vegas.

Katy Perry, Jagger

After the concert, the sexy 28-year-old captioned the above image:

"Yes, I just gyrated on Mick Jagger. WHAT?! #Stones50."

"Mick & Kate forever!" she wrote the next day alongside another photo with the band. "Thanks for letting me be the 5th wheel last night! @Rollingstones"

Not one of the hottest Katy Perry pics we've seen, but a classic.

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Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger cracked at joke at the 12-12-12 Concert For Sandy Relief last night in New York that didn't sit well with some fans.

“This has got to be the largest collection of old English musicians ever assembled in Madison Square Garden,” he said of the star-studded benefit show.

“But I’ve got to say, if it rains in London, you’ve got to come and help us, OK?”

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50 years ago today, The Rolling Stones hit the stage at The Marquee Club in London, England. It was their very first show, and they were billed as "The Rollin' Stones." 50 years, a ton of drugs, and one 'G' later, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, and Charlie Watts are still making music.

Jagger closed out the last season of SNL with an amazing tribute to Kristen Wiig, Richards recently wrote an award-winning autobiography, and the band is rehearsing in preparation for a possible world tour.

The Rolling Stones Anniversary Photo

Jagger and Richards are almost 70 years old, and the band has been around for as long as Axl Rose has been alive. Rose is as washed up as whale skeleton, but somehow the Stones are still kickin' it.

What do you think? Are the Stones too old to be rocking? Should they hang up their instruments? Or do they still make their tight pants look good?

Should the Rolling Stones Call it Quits?


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