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Remember when Ron Artest changed his name to Metta World Peace and everyone thought it was the height of ridiculousness?

Well, today the former New York Knicks forward set out to prove that when you're dealing with Mr. World Peace, things can always get more absurd.

Metta World Peace

Having been released by the Knicks at the end of last season, Metta is currently starting for the Sichuan Blue Whales of the Chinese Basketball Association.

Earlier this week, World Peace informed his Twitter followers that he'd reveal his "new Chinese name" in the near future.

Unfortunately for The Panda, a Chinese newspaper nearly beat him to the punch:

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Just 12 days after surgery on his knee, Metta World Peace returned to action for the Los Angeles Lakers Tuesday, playing 15 minutes in a critical victory over the New Orleans Hornets.

How did he pull off such a feat?

"I’m just too sexy for my cat," the man formerly known as Ron Artest explained in response to that question. "I’m too sexy for my cat.... If I wasn’t as sexy for my cat, I probably wouldn’t have came back. I’m so sexy, I came back."

Makes perfect sense to us.

Last night, meanwhile, Kobe Bryant was too sexy for all the cats in the world.

He dropped 47 points on Portland in a Los Angeles win, as the Lakers are now in sole possession of the final playoff spot in the Western Conference.

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Metta World Peace did not live up to his name last night.

In a move reminiscent of the old Ron Artest, the Lakers forward was celebrating after a dunk on Sunday night when he inexplicably threw a BRUTAL elbow into the back of the head of Oklahoma City's James Harden, giving him a concussion.

Watch the baffling and frightening flagrant foul below:

The volatile forward, who was playing some of his best basketball in April, was ejected and faces a certain suspension. The only question is how severe.

After the game, Metta World Peace, who had gone out of his way to rid himself of a nasty reputation in the past few years, apologized to James Harden.

"I got real emotional and excited, and it was unfortunate that James had to get hit with the unintentional elbow," said World Peace. "I hope he's OK."

"Oklahoma City, they're playing for a championship this year. I profusely apologize to the Thunder and James Harden. It was just unfortunate."

ABC analyst Magic Johnson called it "a cheap shot" but Peace said it was not, despite being whistled for a flagrant foul afterward. Do you agree?

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