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Matty B is a young "rapper" who's been trying for years to become the next Justin Bieber by uploading his terrible music videos to YouTube.

Matty B's Taylor Swift covers have received tens of millions of views but most of those come from folks curious to see if an 11-year-old rapping to a Taylor Swift song is actually the whitest thing that ever took place. (We'll save you some time: it is.)

They said it couldn't be done, but it looks like Matty may have out-WTFed himself with his latest video in which he raps over the beat of the 1994 Notorious B.IG. classic "Juicy."

Yes, a middle school kid dancing around the suburbs and spittin' rhymes in the style of one of the hardest rappers that ever lived. This is the kind of thing YouTube was made for.

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MattyB is hilariously at it again.

The nine-year old rapper is back with another cover of a Top 40 hit, this time focusing his impressive efforts on Taylor Swift and her latest breakup anthem, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together."

Only the young singer has tweaked the lyrics a bit to make them more appropriate for someone in his age group. How so? Watch the following to see him talk about mothers and play dates and how he's never seeing a couple other toddlers ever again:

Have you see the official We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together video from Swift? Check it out now!

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Matty B is young. And he's already set the world on fire with his rapping, but he's now back to do so again.

Indeed, the 12-year old has returned with another cover - he's already put his own twist on Justin Bieber and Britney Spears, among others - and this time he's focusing on the hottest single of the spring:

"We Are Young" by indie pop band Fun, featuring Janelle Monáe.

Watch Matty (real name: Matthew Barrett), who releases tracks under his very own label, B-Style Entertainment, do his impressive, adorable thing in the following video.

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He's often referred to as Little Justin Bieber, and that title is unlikely to go away following Matty B's latest cover.

The young rapper - who has put his spin on Bieber before, listen to this version of "Pray" - has released a new video in which he also desires to be under the mistletoe with a female acquaintance. We'll assume he isn't singing to Selena Gomez, however.

Give Matty's rendition of Justin's holiday hit a chance below and then keep watching to learn how you can win a special prize from the rising star.

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Matty B is eight years old. Eight.

Kid likes to rap/sing covers of other artists' material, and is actually petty decent considering the number of years he's been alive don't exceed one digit.

His latest track, a rendition of Britney Spears' hit "Hold It Against Me," serves as a homage to the pop princess and a message to Matty B's own haters.

Defiantly posting some negative comments his efforts have received online, the youngster vows, while frolicking in some freshly-fallen snow, to sing on ...

Don't hold it against Matty that he's eight years old and probably makes more money than you. Hopefully Kanye agrees and will let him be #1 someday.

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