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MTV somehow managed to upstage the antics of Teen Mom firebrand Amber Portwood this week with a controversial episode of 16 and Pregnant.

The special, entitled "No Easy Decision," chronicled the decision of Markai Durham, 19, to terminate her second pregnancy. Yes. She had an abortion.

Durham already has a daughter with her teenage boyfriend, and the couple concluded, sadly, that they simply couldn't afford to raise another child.

16 19 AND PREGNANT: Markai Durham made the decision to end her second pregnancy. Reactions to this vary widely depending on one's view of abortion.

While Entertainment Weekly called the MTV reality show a "vivid, unsparing look" at a "harrowing decision," Fox News described the special as "controversial."

The N.Y. Post reports that anti-abortion critics railed against the "one-sided portrayal" of the issue, saying "the pro-life issue will simply get tackled."

For her part, Markai Durham is standing by her decision saying, "I get sad from time to time thinking about it, but then everything happens for a reason."

A post on Durham's Facebook fan page sought to quell negativity as well:

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