Wealthy, successful white men vying for even more money and power; shockingly old-fashioned beliefs about women, minorities and equality; a consequence-free environment in which no topic is taboo and no insult is career-ending ...

The world portrayed on Matthew Weiner's brilliant AMC drama Mad Men and the life of Donald Trump have a lot in common - but we don't think anyone imagined they'd ever intersect like this.

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As the credits rolled following Mad Men Season 7 Episode 14, one of the best and most celebrated shows ever came to a bittersweet conclusion.

How did the final chapter of the life and times of Don Draper and company play out? Where will this rank among recent finales of iconic TV series?

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After seven seasons of critically-acclaimed existential despair, Mad Men will come to an end on Sunday, and even the most devoted fans really have no idea what to expect from the finale.

That’s not because the show is known for wild, Shyamalan-esque twists (though there were certainly some surprises over the years), but rather because, like The Sopranos (the show on which Matthew Weiner cut his teeth), Mad Men is unpredictable in the sometimes maddening and often meandering way that real life is.

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