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In 2004, Lost introduced itself to the world with the open eye of Jack Shepard.

Six years later, the show bid farewell when this same eye closed forever.

In between, fans were treated to an iconic TV series that was discussed online (and in offices, chat rooms, bars...) more than any in history. The same will likely be said for this week's series finale, in which all the castaways came together in an unexpected location... and let the light shine down on them all.

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Indeed, there was action, awakening, death and after-life. Read a detailed review of the episode HERE and sound off below: What did you think of the Lost finale?


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This is a reaction typically reserved for Megan Fox pictures, but: OMFG!

Last night's episode of Lost (titled "The Substitute" and reviewed in depth here) shed light on a number of topics that have plagued the minds of long-time fans since season one.

What are the numbers? Why were the castaways brought to the island? How impressive is Sawyer's tolerance? Discover the answers to these questions, and talk about them with fellow fans, below.

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Has your head stopped spinning yet?

The day after Lost premiered its sixth and final season, we have one major answer and a slew of questions.

Because some fans still may not have seen the episode, we'll recommend this detailed review of "LA X" and immediately continue this post on another page, lest we invite perpetual rage from readers for spoiling events and developments from the two-hour installment.

Come join us for what will become a weekly discussion of the most pressing Lost issues. You aren't the only one muttering WTF this morning...

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Warning: The following post contains a couple Lost spoilers.

If you wish to head into tonight's season six premiere completely fresh, go read about the insanity of Tila Tequila. Otherwise, read on to learn about when you might see Matthew Fox again.

Short answer: never.

"I won't be doing any more television," the actor told Us Weekly. "I've done two six-year shows, about 300 hours of television. I'm done with that."

The man that made Dr. Jack Shepard into an iconic figure says his family will move to Oregon and "I'm either going to make movies with filmmakers I want to work with or I'll be doing something else entirely."

As for spoilers more related to the greatest show in TV history? ABC has released the first Lost promo that shows new footage from the drama. Watch below and comment on what you're most looking forward to this season:

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We have one word for last night's season finale of Lost:


Okay, we also have three more: That was awesome!

Consider this your last warning (Lost spoilers ahead!), before we list a series of questions related to the show. While we employ an intelligent staff at The Hollywood Gossip, Einstein himself would be scratching his head after the most recent two-hour episode of this ABC drama.

With that in mind, we're asking for help from our readers.

Here are the most pressing issues that will leave us perplexed until Lost returns with new episodes on January 2010. Reply in the Comments section with your thoughts, answers and observations...

  • Is Juliette really dead?
  • Is Jacob really dead?
  • If so, how much was he complicit in his own death? (He helped bring people back to the island; he taunted Ben immediately prior to being stabbed; and he warned his killers that "they" were coming.)
  • Remember the blurry old man in the cabin from so long ago? The apparition viewers were led to believe was Jacob? Instead, was that his long-time nemesis, asking Locke to "help" him kill his rival?
  • Who do these "in the shadow of the statue" people work for?
  • Where does Ben fit into all of this? Was he merely a pawn in the feud between Jacob and his acquaintance?
  • Whose side is Richard on?
  • His response to the question about what lies in shadow of the statue, translated from Latin, was: "He who will save us all." To whom is Richard referring?
  • Could Jacob work for the Fraternity of Assassins from the movie Wanted? They also followed the heeding of a loom. Might next season be based around car chases and curved bullets?

We could go on (and on and on and on). But we'll stop for now. What questions from the episode do you have? What answers do you have to the set posed about?

Leave a comment. Chime in right now!

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Lost premieres on ABC on Thursday night (yes, Thursday night, fans) at 9 p.m.

In anticipation, movie theaters have been running the following preview for season four:


While the writers being on strike still sucks, at least we have eight Lost episodes, special editions of The Hills and a new season of The Bachelor to look forward to in 2008.

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It was a heartbreaking year in Hollywood. And, no, we're not just referring to recent troubles for that drug addicted Miss USA, Tara Conner.

On the small screen, main characters from some of our favorite shows were sent to the great big DVR in the sky.

Here's a recap of the most memorable:

  • As if the trials and tribulations of Meredith and McDreamy were not enough, Grey's Anatomy made us fall in love with Denny Duquette. And then killed him off in the season finale. George Clooney didn't love his pig as much as we loved Denny.
  • On Lost, meanwhile, fans were just getting to know Mr. Eko. Unfortunately, the smoke monster on the island was, as well. And the mysterious wanna-be priest didn't stand a chance against it.
  • We can't say we felt the same sort of loss when The OC cut ties with Marissa, played emaciatedly Mischa Barton, however. That annoying drag on Ryan worn out her welcome months earlier.

Good riddance to her. But best of luck to former real-life couple, Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody!

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Yunjin Kim, the portrayer of Korean beauty, Sun, on Lost, didn't spend any time this summer getting arrested.

Based on how the actress looks on the upcoming issue of Stuff magazine, she spent it at the gym.

Kim tells the publication that scripts for Lost are as closely guarded as you might expect:

"Actors are the last ones to get the scripts. Sometimes we get them a couple of days before the shoot. If there's a really big secret, they leave it out of the script, and we have to call the producers and hear it over the phone. Each page of the script has my name on it, so if they see it on eBay, I'm going to get a phone call."

No wonder Matthew Fox and company didn't have much to say in a recent cast interview.

According to Kim, she also fears frightening others that end up on a flight with her.

"I hate getting recognized on the plane, because I think, 'What if the person gets nervous just because I'm on the plane?'"

Then that person is an idiot? Don't worry, Yunjin, not everyone out there is Tori Spelling.

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Forget the other mysteries on Lost for a moment. What about this one:

How come so many actors from the show get arrested? Do they secretly wish to be Foxy Brown?

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje Photo

This time, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (aka Mr. Eko) was brought down by the cops. He was arrested on a traffic violation in Waikiki over the weekend.

The 39-year-old actor, was stopped early Saturday for disobeying a police officer and driving without a license. He posted $500 bail, was released after spending a little more than six hours in jail and is determined make a play for Kate this season.

He is scheduled to appear in district court Sept. 26.

Akinnuoye-Agbaje is the third cast member of Lost to be arrested for traffic violations in Hawaii, where the series is shot. In December, Michelle Rodriguez and Cynthia Watros were arrested for drunk driving. Mel Gibson congratulated them. Both pleaded guilty.

And were then brutally gunned down and left for dead on the show. Gosh, we can't wait until it returns.

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We miss the beaches and sunshine already. But as temperatures cool down, TV heats back up with new, original episodes of shows we love ... and the first-ever examples of shows we'll soon love.

No matter which fall premiere you're most excited about, at least you're excited. Let's take a look at a few photo shoots from upcoming shows ...

Lost Season 2 Cast Photo

It's a potential Lost spoiler, fans, but Desmond will be a full-time character is season three. The actor that plays him, Henry Ian Cusick, has no clue what he'll be up to, of course. Neither do we. That's why we can't wait.

30 Rock Cast Photo

Forget starring on Saturday Night Live - what about acting on a show that sort of mocks it? Tina Fey and Tracy Morgan will be doing just that on 30 Rock this season.

Are viewers ready for another mystery filled with flashbacks? The cast of The Nine certainly hopes so.

And, no, the name doesn't refer to all the men NOT named Harry Morton that Lindsay Lohan slept with last night. But that's a good joke.

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