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A nearly three-minute video montage of various goats yelling like humans has surpassed eight million views on YouTube in under three weeks.

Why? Because it's a montage of goats yelling like humans.

Kind of speaks for itself, doesn't it? Exactly.

While not nearly as cute as babies laughing at dogs, these goats play off a different comedic element. Basically because they sound like people yelling.

And that's just about all we've got. Enjoy.

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Here Comes Honey Boo Boo has officially struck it big.

Not because it has set TLC ratings records and made one southern family rich beyond its wildest dreams.

But because it's received the same Taiwanese animation treatment as the Tiger Woods scandal, Jersey Shore and other pop culture mainstays.

Watch now as the folks behind this production company imagine June Shannon as some kind of deranged feline, while money floats through the air and everyone on the show farts. A lot.

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This montage of babies laughing at dogs may just be the cutest video ever.

Why? Babies are cute. So are dogs. Combine them and smile ear-to-ear!

If you're a baby - or an adult for that matter - does it get any funnier than watching the rambunctious, kind and loving animal who lives with you do its thing?

Listening to the youngsters guffaw as if they'd just heard a Chris Rock bit should make even the most hardened, bitter individual crack a smile of their own.

The title of this video might as well be "Life is Good."

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Shanteona Keys, a basketball player at Georgia College, missed a free throw so hilariously last weekend that ... well, it says it all that we're talking about it, right?

The 5'8" sophomore guard had 20 points against Columbus State, so it's not like she's got no game. But wow. One wonders how anyone physically manages this:

Also amazing? Keys is an 81 percent free throw shooter.

So what the heck happened on this particular attempt?

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We've all been tailgated by people we felt were following us too closely, but it takes some serious brass to do something about it ... let alone what this guy pulled.

With the tailgater's dashboard camera apparently recording, this well-dressed motorist decided to make his point by stopping in the middle of the road.

Calmly, he gets out of his car and gives the tailgating driver a stare down ... all while wearing a pink power tie. Now that's how you drive. Like a BOSS.

Of all the methods to combat tailgating, this is definitely the craziest/ballsiest/awesomest. Please don't try this at home, unless you feel like getting run over/shot.

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In hilarious news, Donald Trump was hacked Thursday by some nefarious character who posted Lil Wayne lyrics to his Twitter before the account was disabled.

"These hoes think they classy, well that's the class I'm skippen," he Tweeted.

Alas, it was not actually the Donald who posted that philosophical gem.

Trump is Pumped

The message wasn't directed at any hoes in particular; it's a line from Lil Wayne's rap in the "Scream & Shout" remix (also featuring Britney).

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The original Harlem Shake video is pretty absurd, but some of the many parodies and takeoffs on the viral craze have made us laugh / scratch our heads even harder.

Case in point? The instant classic appearing below.

We never thought an apparently overheating front-loading washing machine would have such rhythm, but when it hears that beat - and has a cinderblock tossed inside it - LOOK THE F--K OUT.

Watch that thing do the Harlem Shake and go INSANE!

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Is the Harlem Shake so infectious that even Grumpy Cat can't resist?

This would be saying a lot. The incorrigible feline, a.k.a. the web's surliest, least impressed meme of 2012, does not often let us see beneath his gruff exterior.

Until now? In this video posted by Mashable ... will he finally give in?

Guess this dance craze is no Gangnam Style. But really, what is.

NOTE: Watch the original, absurd Harlem Shake video below ...

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Burger King's Twitter was hacked today. It was hilarious.

In the last half hour, the fast food giant's account on the social network was hijacked, allegedly by "iThug," who instructed people to follow "LiLinternet."

The logo and name were promptly changed to McDonald's and a number of classic Tweets were fired off before the Burger King handle was disabled.

One of the best included BK's latest menu offering ...

BK Tweet

Apparently, Burger King has been sold to McDonald's because the Whopper flopped, and its new Bath Salts Burger features 99% Methylenedioxypyrovalerone.

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Some people have way too much free time on their hands.

And thank goodness for that.

In one of our favorite videos of the past few weeks, mashup artist Richard Sandling has set up the cast of this British favorite to lip dub along the One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful."

Maggie Smith making like Harry Styles? Yeah. Safe to say this is a must-watch.

NOTE: The Downton Abbey Season 3 finale airs this Sunday in the States!

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