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This classic video from Seattle's King5 (dot) com shows the graphic extent to which old man winter can absolutely own and punish the average citizen.

At least one without aggressive snow tires and/or competence.

These two minutes go out to anyone who's ever slipped on ice, gotten stuck in the snow or just plain cursed the weather during this particular time of the year.

It could be worse. You could be this guy (or the 29 people he hit):

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Rap duo Tweenchronic has a new single out that's BURNING up the Internet.

Tweenchronic is the latest creation of writer/producer Patrice Wilson, mastermind of Rebecca Black's "Friday" and later Nicole Westbrook's "It's Thanksgiving."

Listen to them teach foolz how to "Skip Rope" with a dubstep swagger now:

Will Tweenchronic's dance craze known as the "skip rope" catch on like wildfire?

Maybe, maybe not. But if Kate Upton does it a la the Cat Daddy, we're all for it.

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There are local news fails and there are epic local news wins.

We're not sure this qualifies as either, but it's worth watching.

Reporter Bob Herzog, of WKRC-TV's Good Morning Cincinnati, hosts "Dance Party Friday" each week in an attempt to make Ohio commuters' travel more ... interesting.

Whether it helps or hurts may depend on coffee intake, but watch as he recruits colleague Jen Dalton for a parody duet of "Somewhere Out There" from An American Tail:

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In this day and age, practically every life experience and waking thought is viewed through the prism of Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and Reddit.

OMG hang on let me get a pic ... OMG who can I share it with?

This can make for fascinating ethical quandaries, such as this:

Camel Eating Kid

We know. Hard to even comprehend. Decisions, decisions ...

What would you do in the below above situation? Vote!


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This dog is such a perv.

Some animals have absolutely no shame, walking up to sunbathing girls in bikinis without a care in the world and just going for it, with no regard for consequences.

The perverted canine gives new meaning to the phrase "sticking your nose where it doesn't belong." Is that even a phrase. In any event, you jealous, fellas?

You may not be able to be so forward (nor should you) in your day to day life, but there's always THG's bikini photos gallery. You're welcome, you're welcome.

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Conjuring up images of Escape From Alcatraz or The Shawshank Redemption, adorable orange cats Pumpkin and Squash recently pulled off a prison break for the ages.

Refusing to spend another hour behind bars, the furry, mischievous duo systematically broke down the seemingly impenetrable fortress that bound them.

Their mom Autumn, who makes a cameo briefly, may have provided some last-minute encouragement. All we need is Morgan Freeman to narrate:

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You've got some awfully absurd shoes to fill, 2013.

This awesome photo on Reddit pretty much sums up the year we just closed the book on in one image combining many of the best memes of 2012.

Who knew Grumpy Cat was so ripped. YOLO!

2012 Photo

Appropriately, PSY claims he's retiring "Gangnam Style" in 2013. Time to turn the page, world. What will the new year bring in terms of Internet phenomena?

Only time and Reddit will tell.

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Emio Tomeoni, a Kansas City dad, shot an amazing time lapse video to show his wife, Stephanie Ramos what goes on at home while she's at work.

The short answer: A ton of fun with 21-month-old Xavier!

The video condenses their afternoon into four minutes.

In typical toddler fashion, what begins with a clean living room quickly devolves into utter chaos. Diapers, toys, bongos, food ... this day had everything!

Mom, you really missed out.

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Fox News. Always there when you need fair, balanced, occasionally head-scratching, off the wall and some might even say borderline offensive reporting.

It's hard coming up with the best of the best, given the sheer volume of eye-popping material, but here are nine of the wildest things said on the network in 2012:

Just FYI, for those who don't normally watch the channel:

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Man, 2012 was a great year for videos.

Long or short, highly produced or randomly amateur, political or sexual, musical or viral, these 12 videos spread like wildfire across the World Wide Internets.

What videos stand out as your favorites over the past 12 months? We've chosen a dozen that defined the year. Let's take a look back at 2012 in moving pictures:

12. Gotye, "Somebody That I Used to Know." Overplayed as it is dinky as it is catchy, Gotye's song may be one-hit wonder material, but that one hit was HUGE!

Cool video, too. Often imitated, never duplicated.

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