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Ellen DeGeneres has - to quote Chris Treager from Parks & Recreation - quite litch-rally inserted herself into the ongoing reality TV cat-fight that is The Bachelor.

In a funny new video, the talk show host splices actual footage from the Monday's confrontational Women Tell All special and puts herself in the hot seat.

Much like the controversial Courtney Robertson was in real life, Ellen finds herself on the defensive amid a barrage of allegations, name-calling and worse.

Costumed like a stereotypical Bachelor girl, sporting sparkling earrings and an equally glittering jacket, she admits she was there for the wrong reasons.

"I really did come here to make friends," Ellen says. "I was not here for Ben. I mean, let's face it, I was here for the girls." Watch the hilariousness below:

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This minute-long photo morph of Britney Spears' face, spanning her entire life from her birth to the present, may give you nightmares. But it's pretty awesome.

Capturing her innocence, cuteness, raw sexiness, fall from grace, turmoil and return to glory, this video beautifully encapsulates our favorite pop singer's life.

Just don't watch it while under the influence of drugs. Please.

She really has been through a lot, hasn't she? From the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. We're glad she's in a better place now than a few years back.

Some of our favorite Britney Spears pics made the video:

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Your move, piano-playing dog.

This may top even your act. What's not to love about a singing canine? With a small child on harmonica accompaniment, laying into that harp with gusto and feeling?

NOTE: If this duet sounds familiar, as Tosh.0 helpfully points out, it's because a howling bloodhound plus a harmonica-playing toddler basically equals Miley Cyrus music.

Enjoy the future Grammy-winning duo below:

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Testing the stream of your water bottle. What a great pastime.

This dude might consider getting a job or take up a more constructive hobby that doesn't involve badgering public servants at some point in his life, but you do have to admire the creativity that went into this expertly executed prank.

Watch him totally look like he's urinating in public a lot below!


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Pets. They continue to amaze, amuse and surprise us every day.

You never know when they're going to start drinking from the tap ... or channel their inner virtuoso on a piano symphony! This video of a dog (Runty) playing and singing is trending across the Interwebs today, and for good reason. He's not bad!

Your move, cats. The gauntlet has been thrown down.

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This viral video can't be staged ... and yet it can't not be.

How else can you explain the fact that this downtrodden-sounding, scraggly apartment dweller just happened to turn on his webcam to lament that his roommates have been (allegedly) stealing his food, only to unknowingly capture the real culprit in the act?

Also, why videotape this at all? Who are you talking to?

Questions for another day. Regardless, this is a classic:

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Before you jump all over this cat for being so inefficient in its consumption of natural resources, take a moment to appreciate the pure effort that went into this.

Most cats hate getting wet in any way. Think about what he went through just for a cool, refreshing beverage! And look at how cute he is getting drenched!

Also, who among us hasn't done a similar think trying to drink out of the tap at the local pub, only to be thrown out by the bouncers? Hello? No one? What?

The jazz piano music playing in the background? A classy touch:

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We would've loved to use the headline "Cat DOMINATES at Shell Game" here, but dude only went 2-for-3. Which is still good (better than most people even), just not dominant.

Keep practicing, kitty!

Nevertheless, you gotta respect the sheer focus and determination exhibited by the feline subject of this fun viral video. He is LOCKED IN on the popular gambling pastime.

Watch in awe at this cat's quasi-mastery of the shell game below:

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