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Finally, the Internet has found a way to incorporate cats.

"Cat Bearding" is apparently a new meme these days. Basically, it entails people envisioning themselves with beards, only with frowning felines as the beard.

See below for visual evidence if that's at all unclear:

Cat Bearding Photos

If that's not a purrfect web craze, we don't know what is.

Apparently, cat beards tend to make one look disgruntled. Grumpy Cat would be proud, if Grumpy Cat were to acknowledge such a positive concept.

We await the inevitable Taylor Swift cat bearing pic. Not 'cause we think Taylor Swift would look particularly great with a beard, she's just into cat stuff.

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Mia Grace is a prodigy when it comes to comic book trivia.

Rather than grilling her on spelling or math, her parents bombard her with specific questions about The Avengers, Fantastic Four, The X-Men and more.

Not just run-of-the-mill, introductory-level ones, either:

We think we're just going to call her Marvel Girl from now on.

Because she is one ... and knows a lot about their comics.

See what we did there! Play on words, people. THG out.

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Bill Murray and a crying baby are the latest darlings of the Internet.

This awesome photo comes to us from the equally awesome Reasons My Son Is Crying Tumblr, started by a dad who documents ... you get the idea.

Now other parents are submitting their own photos and captions explaining little kid meltdowns too, and Laura Pembroke recently posted this classic:

"He met Bill Murray." Enough said ...

Bill Murray, Crying Baby

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This video is from earlier this month, but hasn't lost any of its appeal since. When Kelly Ripa and the mad PSY-entist of YouTube join forces? Gold.

The Korean rapper posted a video of himself giving Ripa and co-host Michael Strahan tips on how to do his signature move, and the clip quickly went viral.

It began as an offhand request by Kelly, asked if she could be in PSY's next video. He suggested they make a cover of “Gentleman” right there.

“Let’s upload it to YouTube and let’s see what’s going to happen,” he said.

PSY, who appeared on last Thursday's American Idol finale and Sunday's Billboard Music Awards, keeps it rolling on this evening's final DWTS results show.

He is one busy "Gentleman."

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Drake has been a busy man of late.

Whether he's filming scenes for Anchorman 2, posing with Jay-Z in the studio or making a music video for DJ Khaled's new song, the rapper is everywhere!

It's the latter project that's going viral now, though, thanks to a photo posted on Instagram from the set of the video for Khaled's “No New Friends" ...

Drake No New Friends Photo

Looking awkwardly at Rick Ross, the Toronto native’s unorthodox pose in '90s clothing brand Dada quickly inspired many a humorous web parody.

Take a look at some after the jump:

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Wesley is looking for love.

Sure, he still lives with his parents, and spends most of his free time playing with dinosaur toys, but he's a cutie with a baby face and a heart of gold.

He's also Jimmy Kimmel's nephew. In a spoof of ABC's hit reality dating show, the talk show host decided to make him the first ever Baby Bachelor!

Take a look below:

Wesley looks like a true gentleman, opening doors for the ladies, grabbing hands, even giving one a kiss on the cheek when she’s crying. What a guy.

As for the real show and what we can expect when Desiree Hartsock's journey for love begins May 27, follow the link for The Bachelorette spoilers!

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If you liked the weird/hilarious/musical local auto repair shop ad that set the web on fire a few weeks ago, another L.A. business has followed suit.

This time it's the Ryan Lee Chiropractic Center going viral thanks to the advertising work of YouTube duo Rhett & Link, who crafted the awkward spot.

Dr. Lee earnestly addresses the camera whilst assuming unfortunate-looking positions and performing cringe-inducing adjustments on patients.

Who just happen to be young and female, obviously.

Creepy? Awesome? A little of both? You tell us:

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Ever wondered what a Facebook update would look like in real life?

We don't mean your status update, but one of Facebook's actual updates - of which there many, and which often flummox and frustrate a billion-plus users.

According to the video below, it would basically boil down to some annoying dude inundating you with changes he made to your home and lifestyle.

Ones you didn't ask for, no less, and don't necessarily care for.

Check out the fun video below, and then immediately go check your privacy settings to see how Facebook jerked you around during the last update:

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A simple Tonight Show gas pump prank took a sudden, unexpectedly hilarious turn last week as it became a karaoke session - and a classic one at that.

The show's "Pumpcast News" segment involves news anchor Jack Rafferty directly addressing customers at the pump until they realize it and get freaked.

Only this time, when the customer realized he was being spoken to by the news guy on TV - who had been complimenting him on his singing - he ran with it.

He proceeded to perform a killer rendition of Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer," and was later joined by his wife on "Sweet Dreams" by the Eurythmics.

The '80s never sounded so random and good.

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Last week, Jimmy Kimmel aired another edition of "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" on his show. If you have not seen it, the segment's name says it all really.

Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba, Kelly Ripa and many others recite harsh words that people on Twitter have said about them in recent weeks.

For Kelly, Jess and Modern Family's Julie Bowen, the haters bashed their weight, while Ray Romano and Zach Braff drew comparisons to fecal waste.

Gwen Stefani, meanwhile, makes some people want to "kill myself and then puke" with her band's music. Pretty standard. Check out the fun clip below:

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