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There are run-of-the-mill practical jokes, and there are these.

A viral video making the online rounds this week documents 10 of the most AMAZING gags ever concocted. Melding creativity, foresight and laugh out loud humor, there may not be words to describe the awesomeness of these pranks.

Seriously, prepare to laugh until you pass out ...


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Anderson Cooper just cannot keep it together sometimes.

The CNN anchor, whose laughter famously got the best of him last year during a story on Gerard Depardieu (or Depard-two if you will), lost it again last night.

The giggling started during a segment about Dyngus Day (a Polish holiday marking the end of Lent) and progressed to the point of sheer ridiculousness.

A voiceover describing the holiday's traditions was the tipping point. Once the words "a tap from a pussy willow branch" were uttered, AC checked out.

Watch the Dyngus Day segment, followed by Anderson Cooper's hilarious giggling display - which got so bad he had to get up and leave - below:

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Aside from a few Twitter-fueled Miley Cyrus anorexic rumors, things are going well for the star lately. She's got a hot career and a hotter guy in Liam Hemsworth.

Miles is having a tougher go of it in her new movie, however.

In LOL (seriously, that's the name), Cyrus stars as Lola (or Lol, for short, seriously), a high schooler navigating through peer pressures of romance and friendship.

Lol breaks up with her BF after he reveals he's been seeing someone else, battles her rival (Ashley Greene) and sees her grades slip. That's just in the trailer, too!

Watch the preview for this modern day piece of cinematic brilliance, which also stars Demi Moore as the mother to Cyrus' frequently sad-facing character, here:

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From the set of Spring Breakers comes this viral video of James Franco, looking like Kevin Federline pre-obesity and lip-syncing to "Love You Like a Love Song."

The actor was captured serenading the pop singer, his co-star in the upcoming film, while she shot a scene in the back seat of the car. Not distracting at all.

Not the highest quality video of all time, but if nothing else, it's James Franco, in cornrows, rocking out to Selena Gomez. That's hilarious enough:

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Despite her initial claims, McDonald's worker Mirlande Wilson didn’t actually win the Mega Millions lottery. She just made that story up ... for reasons unknown.

The Maryland woman claimed she won the lottery but couldn’t find the ticket, perhaps in hopes that someone would just take her word and cut her a check.

Alas, three winners - all female teachers from Maryland who wish to remain anonymous - have come forward to claim the record $218 million winnings.

This was a disappointment to Wilson, but she's hanging in there.

Mega Millions Chick

“I’m doing OK,” she said about finding out that her “missing ticket” ultimately didn’t have the winning numbers. “That’s alright that I didn’t win this time.”

The winners, who call themselves “the three amigos,” were “privately laughing” about Wilson, who publicly proclaimed herself the winner before they did.

When asked why she claimed to have the winning ticket, Wilson said, “I don’t even know what happened, but everybody doesn’t know what really happened.”

Okay then. “If the money is for getting then I’m going to get it,” she added, while her sister added that she will "no doubt" keep playing Mega Millions.

“If she has $20 and spends $19, she’ll take the last $1 and buy a ticket,” she said.

So she spends five percent of her income, after taxes, on lotto tickets. Smart.

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What if you could harness all the power of YouTube ... without the unnecessary constraint of sitting down at a laptop or looking down at your smartphone?

In honor of the 'Tube's sixth birthday, Google is issuing a limited-release, collector's edition of YouTube that takes the pesky Internet out of the equation!

Never has video content been available like this. Order now and 175 truckloads of files, CDs, DVDs and laser discs will be delivered to your door ASAP.

Okay, not really. This is a spoof, but so slickly-produced it makes you think:

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First there was Kony 2012.

Now there's Kony Meloni.

Law & Order: SVU badass Christopher Meloni has had enough of the Ugandan warlord made famous by Jason Russell's film ... before Russell went crazy. He's so irate, he's going to take him down personally. Dressed as Dog the Bounty Hunter.

After being encouraged to raise awareness for the humanitarian cause by releasing a funny but informative video that highlights the problems in the world and shows people how to help, the actor says ... f*%k that, I'm goin' to Africa.

Joseph Kony, you're on notice.


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Lil Wayne has a knack for making it rain. This is unquestioned. No matter the timing, no matter the circumstances, the rapper wants to throw dat cash!

Hey, when you gots insane amounts of bank, flaunt it.

With that in mind, The Chive created this amazing photo gallery of Weezy making it rain in all sorts of interesting situations ... ones you might not typically associate as the most natural fits for his notorious strip club behavior.

For instance, here's him right after the royal wedding ...

Lil Wayne at the Royal Wedding

... and in President Barack Obama's Situation Room, during the raid on Osama bin Laden's compound in Pakistan last year. Someone's gotta lighten the mood:

Lil Wayne in the Situation Room

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton looks understandably shocked, but the rainmaker does what he's gotta do. Follow the link above for a dozen more of these gems.

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The gauntlet has been thrown down, young rock stars.

Bruce Springsteen, 62, jumped into the crowd during his Wrecking Ball tour stop Tuesday night in Philadelphia, grabbed some stranger's beer and chugged the entire thing in the middle of a song, surrounded by a sea of devoted fans.

All in a day's work for the beloved blue-collar rock icon. Watch Bruce chug, then throw the empty cup triumphantly into the crowd like ... well, like a Boss:

Floor seats at Wells Fargo Center: $125. Watered down domestic beer: $9.50. The Boss ganking it from you during a rendition of "Raise Your Hand"? Priceless.

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