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The Internet's most favoritest, grumpiest cat turned 1 this week.

As you can imagine, it sucked. This is Grumpy Cat after all.

Grumpy Cat Birthday

Despite achieving more in a year than most of us could dream about in a lifetime - fame, fortune, meeting Ian Somerhalder at SXSW - Tardar Saurce remains incorrigible.

One can sympathize here. Birthdays often fail to live up to expectations, even for eternal optimists. People make such a BFD about them, and for what?!

Ooooh, you didn't die in 12 whole months!? Whoop-dee-doo.

Anyway, hopefully year two will eat it slightly less maybe?

Happy birthday, Grumps.

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If you got a girl pregnant during a one-night stand, at your parents' house no less, and then had to tell your mother about it ... how do you think that would go?

Would she be crushed? Irate? Speechless?

Needless to say, this guy who accomplished exactly that probably wasn't expecting the dreaded sit-down with mum to turn out quite the way it did.

Take a look:

This was posted on Reddit Wednesday; it's not clear why one would choose to record such a thing ... but the same goes for a lot of things on the Internet.

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Taylor Swift makes being 22 look pretty fun in her latest music video.

32? Not quite as blissfully care-free, according to this new parody.

While Taylor Swift's "22" music video implies that the singer and her girlfriends are having the time of their lives, with bright futures ahead, just give it time.

By 32, they'll be tired, jaded, broke alcoholics.

Farewell hipster sunglasses, perpetual smiles and staying up all night having a blast. Hello, sweatpants, wine, cheese, wrinkles and perpetual exhaustion.

Good times.

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Forget Planking, Tebowing, Eastwooding, T'eoing, Harlem Shaking and McKayla Maroney-ing. This Star Wars-inspired craze is the latest web photo meme!

The gist? It features one guy using the Sith Lord's famous Force Grip on a hapless victim who happens to be in mid-air while choking and gasping for air.

Because Darth Vader is badass like that.


With Episode VII in the works and Star Wars day (May the Fourth be with you) just over a month away, expect Vadering to gain steam in the weeks ahead.

Dark Side FTW!

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YouTube has announced that it is shutting itself down until 2023 for a very good reason:

The company has gathered together a team of judges to pour over millions of submissions and select the greatest video in the history of the Internet.

Will it be Charlie Bit My Finger? Kids React to Grumpy Cat? David After Dentist? Girl Laments Dead Wisdom Teeth?

The world will find out in 10 years, as discussed below, when the winner is awarded with a brand new MP3 player and a $500 dollar stipend.

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Google. What those web geniuses won't think of next.

A video introducing Google Nose (below) explains that the company's new BETA program allows users to "search for smells." Google Nose what it's doing!

How does it do this? Essentially, the product intersects "photons with infrasound waves" and "temporarily aligns molecules to emulate a particular scent."

There's even an Android version. These guys think of everything.

Once again, Google is redefining what's possible.

Or not. It's obviously not a real thing. April Fools!

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Getting one's wisdom teeth pulled.

It may cause pain for the patient, but - my, oh my! - how it can lead to hilarity for everyone else.

In what must be considered one of the greatest viral videos in human history, the young woman in the following footage just got her teeth taken out... and she can barely stand to look at the victims in her hand.

"I deserve the pain. I took lives," a bawling Abbie Kritz says. "They were just trying to help me chew. And I didn't accept them."

Seriously, it gets better from there. Watch now:

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We've all asked random strangers to snap photos of us with friends before, but prankster Magic of Rahat just added a hilarious twist to this time-honored ritual.

He and a friend camped out on LA's Sunset Strip and asked strangers for a pic ... with only one guy posing with his arm around an imaginary friend.

The clearly weirded-out peeps oblige, after which Rahat shows the resulting photo to them and says, "Hang on, take another, my friend's eyes are closed."

The photographer is then shown an image, previously taken, containing his actual friend in the same pose, leading to some confused, insanity-inducing reactions:

If you swear you recognize Rahat, at least you are not crazy.

He was also the genius behind the invisible driver prank.

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A video uploaded several months ago poses the age old question:

Who wants a fake unicorn, when you could have the real thing!?

Although this poor little girl's mom tries to calm her down, the youngster is inconsolable when it comes to the lack of legit unicorn(s) in her life. Understandable.

"I just really want a real live unicorn!" she sobs.

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Some guy became a viral star this week after denying his girlfriend ice cream not once, but twice at an NBA game ... hey, it was mint chocolate chip, okay?

The poor girl just wanted a small taste, but without ever taking his eyes off the enthralling Magic-Pacers tilt, Ice Cream Guy and his beard were NOT having it.

The NBA "analysts" back in the studio had way too much fun deconstructing this clip, and the duo's clearly troubled relationship, afterward as well.

Take a look at the video breakdown below: