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As pranks go, Human Chair Prank ranks fairly high on the list.

In a hilarious video going viral this week, a man dresses up as a coffee shop chair (with remarkable attention to detail) and ... well, you know what comes next.

That doesn't make it any less hilarious, though ...

Nothing like settling in to relax with your morning coffee only to realize, in a moment of abject terror, that you have sat on a human being instead.

Makes you want to kick every cushioned chair first from now on.

Pretty amazing. A few similar stunts of note:

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We've all observed how animals eat their food at some point.

Never quite like this, though. That much we can promise you.

In the viral video below, appropriately titled How Animals Eat Their Food, a guy demonstrates the various techniques employed by many of Earth's creatures.

If you've ever wanted to see a guy eat like a cow, alligator, lizard, whale, groundhog, kangaroo, flamingo, rhinoceros or T-rex, you are officially in luck:

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A Tumblr account documenting a little boy's meltdowns went viral this weekend and provides an illustrated view of what life with a toddler is really like.

If you have one, you really don't require an explanation.

Cry 1

The Tumblr, titled "The Reasons My Son Is Crying," is a photo series of one very tearful little boy, Charlie, along with short descriptions of why he's crying.

The image above is captioned "Because I won't let him eat mud."

Charlie's dad, Greg Pembroke, said of his viral hit, “I think every parent experiences meltdowns and I was trying to have a little fun with it.”

Greg, who also has a three-year-old, certainly is doing that.

Check out five more classics (and reasons) after the jump:

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Well, this is downright adorable.

And a tad frightening.

In the following video, a father reacts in pain, anguish and anger as calls go against the Boston Celtics, while his daughter imitates his every word and move.

Seriously, how was that not a travel?!?

Watch the world's cutest, onesie-wearing basketball fan in action now:

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Game of Thrones Season 3 is off and running, as more and more TV viewers tune in to scowl at Joffrey and laugh at Tyrion.

But there's one contingent of fans who aren't smiling, despite their affection for the residents of Westeros - and The Axis of Awesome speaks for them in a hilarious new music video.

Titled "Rage of Thrones," the song sends a message to bandwagon jumpers who think they've discovered something new and amazing in the HBO series... even though George R.R. Martin wrote the first book in 1996.

Watch the Axis take anger-filled issue with those very late to the Game now:

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It looks like Overly Attached Girlfriend has met her match.

In fact, this guy could be even more creepily obsessed.

A funny viral video entitled "ONE NIGHT misunderSTANDing" (stylizing intended) begins in the aftermath of what was casual sexual encounter ... for her.

All she wants to do is move on with her day, and life, but he's ready to move on in, tell his mom and raise the baby (not) inside of her. Check it out:

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As workout equipment goes, exercise balls seem like easy enough to use and enjoy. These people found out the hard way, though, that they will PUNISH you.

This compilation of some of the most awkwardly awesome exercise ball snafus shows us some fantastic eff-ups, flops and fails ... the holy trinity of pain.

Even if you're not into laughing at the misfortune of others, you can just use this as an excuse to sit around and be lazy today instead of hitting the gym.

See? The video has something for everyone.

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The Internet's most favoritest, grumpiest cat turned 1 this week.

As you can imagine, it sucked. This is Grumpy Cat after all.

Grumpy Cat Birthday

Despite achieving more in a year than most of us could dream about in a lifetime - fame, fortune, meeting Ian Somerhalder at SXSW - Tardar Saurce remains incorrigible.

One can sympathize here. Birthdays often fail to live up to expectations, even for eternal optimists. People make such a BFD about them, and for what?!

Ooooh, you didn't die in 12 whole months!? Whoop-dee-doo.

Anyway, hopefully year two will eat it slightly less maybe?

Happy birthday, Grumps.

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If you got a girl pregnant during a one-night stand, at your parents' house no less, and then had to tell your mother about it ... how do you think that would go?

Would she be crushed? Irate? Speechless?

Needless to say, this guy who accomplished exactly that probably wasn't expecting the dreaded sit-down with mum to turn out quite the way it did.

Take a look:

This was posted on Reddit Wednesday; it's not clear why one would choose to record such a thing ... but the same goes for a lot of things on the Internet.

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Taylor Swift makes being 22 look pretty fun in her latest music video.

32? Not quite as blissfully care-free, according to this new parody.

While Taylor Swift's "22" music video implies that the singer and her girlfriends are having the time of their lives, with bright futures ahead, just give it time.

By 32, they'll be tired, jaded, broke alcoholics.

Farewell hipster sunglasses, perpetual smiles and staying up all night having a blast. Hello, sweatpants, wine, cheese, wrinkles and perpetual exhaustion.

Good times.

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