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A news agency in Iran has published a report claiming that white, rural Americans would rather vote for its own head of state, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, than U.S. President Barack Obama.

Slight problem: The report was by the Onion.

Onion Obama Story

Quoting The Onion, Iranian news agency Fars (more like FARCE, are we right?!) cites a fake poll that says 77 percent would rather have a drink or watch sports with Ahmadinejad.

A made-up West Virginia resident is quoted as saying: "I like him better."

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President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are vying to spend the next four years in the White House. Current polls show a very close race shaping up for November 6.

We ask your opinion all the time on who should win the 2012 presidential election. But today, thanks to Jimmy Kimmel, we're asking ... who would win a scare-off?!

Last night, the talk-show host discussed the sales of the respective candidates' Halloween masks, pointing out that Obama was clobbering Romney in costume sales.

Kimmel then decided to find out which would scare his security guard Adelina more. Hilarious:

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A group of three women had just finished snorkeling in the Cayman Islands when a giant stingray felt compelled to produce perhaps the greatest photobomb of all time.

Terrifying for them. Hilarious for us.

Stingray Photobomb

The fish likely had some help. The photobomb, posted on Reddit this week, appears to show a man in the water behind the women lifting the stingray up at the absolute perfect moment.

Nicely played by both.

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Samuel L. Jackson wants America to wake the f--k up and re-elect President Barack Obama.

In a new viral ad, he conveys this dream as only he can ... with massive amounts of profanity.

Wake the F--k Up is a Dr. Seuss-style rhyme, written by Adam Mansbach, author of the children's book Go the F--k to Sleep (which Jackson also read aloud at one point).

Wake the F--k Up features Jackson and a little girl urging the rest of her family to vote for Obama. Same excerpts from the ad, produced by a liberal super PAC supporting Obama:

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Psy's mega-viral hit "Gangnam Style." Bill Nye the Science Guy's theme song.

It was only a matter of time until the Internet mashed up these two classics ...

Who knew the "Bill Nye the Science Guy" (or should we say Psy-ence Guy?) refrain meshed perfectly with Psy's refrain “Oppa Gangnam Style,” with Nye's head on Psy's body?

The world wide web, apparently. Nicely played, information superhighway. Other fun GS parodies of late: Britney Spears, Rampage Jackson and this awesome mother-son-duo.

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Even former UFC champions are doing it Gangnam Style.

In the wake of this PSY video taking over the Internet, everyone from Britney Spears to a mother and son combination on Ellen are doing a version of the wildly popular dance.

And that include Rampage Jackson, who told radio talk show host Ariel Helwani this week that he watched the video "twice a day" and then set out to prove it.

Watch him try his hand - and feet - at the dance now:

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With the iPhone 5's release captivating the tech-crazed world, a guy decided to glue one to the sidewalk on the device's release date and see if anyone would attempt to take it.

Spoiler alert: People did. Hard.

The collective obsession with the world's hottest phone made for one of the hottest viral videos of the week, as people in Amsterdam's Leidseplein Square tried to snag that piece.

This could also be a great ad for Super Glue. Strong stuff! That thing was not going anywhere. A few people even attempted to kick the iPhone 5 loose, to no avail.

Surprisingly, Kris Jenner was not one of them.

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With apologies and due credit to Panda Ross, Diamond White, Lexa Berman, Julia Bullock and Jeffrey Gutt, this was the highlight of the week on The X Factor.

In summation, Britney Spears freaked out during a thunderstorm.

It takes a lot to rattle Britney ... okay, not really. Many people expected this to be the norm this season, Fortunately, if this is as bad as it gets, she'll be fine.

Heck, she'll even endear herself even more to millions of viewers.

Watch the clip below to see the pop icon's priceless reaction to the rumble of lightning and thunder during a contestant's audition in Greensboro, N.C.:

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Before Mitt Romney's 47 percent comment gave it some competition, President Barack Obama's "you didn't build that" was the political gaffe of the year.

Obama said it this summer in a speech he gave referring to business owners, trying to espouse the idea that behind individual success is government infrastructure.

Not a terrible argument, but dreadfully worded by all accounts, igniting a firestorm of controversy that Republican opponents use against him to this day.

It also spawned this amazing viral video! Holla!

The latest in a string of people with no particular affiliation using clips of a political candidate's words to craft Internet classics, Hugh Atkin created this one.

An Australian lawyer and fan of political satire, Atkin hilariously took Obama's "You didn't build that" quote and spliced it together with other clips of the Prez.

The video, "U Didn't Build That," is set to MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This," with dance moves and amazingly detailed lyrical excerpts to boot.

If there's one thing people across the political spectrum can agree on, it's that this is freaking hysterical. "U Didn't Build That" should be his official theme song.