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Some hilarious L.A. Kings fans who didn't mind pissing off the people behind them found a great way to get in the heads of the New Jersey Devils last night.

Right behind the visiting Devils bench, the hockey/MTV fans held up enormous cardboard cut-outs of the heads of some of gang from MTV's Jersey Shore.

Photos showed blown-up heads of The Situation, Pauly D, JWoww and Snooki right behind the bench as the surging Kings whomped visiting Jersey, 4-0.

We give all the credit to these clowns:

JS heads

While the Garden State boasts American pop cultural icons like Bruce Springsteen, Frank Sinatra and Jon Bon Jovi, clearly there's not a lot to mock there.

The Jersey Shore cast, though? Ridicule away.

Of course, none of the Devils coaches or players are from New Jersey originally and 18 are not even American, but nevertheless, nicely played, fans.

Follow the jump for two more looks:

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Warning, Game of Thrones fans: squeaky toys are coming.

In the latest parody of this HBO smash's inspiring theme music, a YouTube user and his friends have borrowed a set of toys from the user's dog, Simba, and gone about recreating this score in their own unique way.

"My dog was biting on the toys shown in the video and by chance he ended up making a tune which sounded like the Game of Thrones music. That turned into this," the guy wrote along with the posting. "The audio is indeed recorded on these very toys from my phone and then auto-tuned to sound like the way it does."

Watch and listen now:

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Carly Rae Jepsen's summer jam, "Call Me Maybe" is as infectious as it gets.

Even President Barack Obama can't resist belting it out during commencement speeches, campaign visits and press conferences ... well, at least in the below video of clips spliced together to form the idiotic lyrics of the catchy pop hit.

Watch the hilarity and sing along with the Prez:

Incidentally, 19-year-old Fadi Saleh (a.k.a. "Barackdubs" on YouTube) created this viral masterpiece, as well as Obama singing "Sexy and I Know It" by LMFAO.

Also incidentally, for a greatest hits of sorts compiling some awesome moments from an unforgettable lip-dubbing meme, check out this "Call Me Maybe" video.

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We've posted plenty of local news blunders on THG, but this woman saying that Game 4 of the NBA's Eastern Conference finals ended in a tie is up there.

On Sunday night's news broadcast of Portland, Maine, ABC affiliate WMTW - a New England station no less! - News 8's Meghan Torjussen failed hard.

"The Boston Celtics, hosting the Miami Heat in Boston for Game 4 of the NBA Eastern Conference finals," Torjussen said. "I guess the game just ended."

"It ended in a tie. This is what my producer is telling me right now."

At that point, a graphic reading "Miami 89, Boston 89" appeared on the screen ... which was the score at the time, but the game was, of course, not over.

"There you go," Torjussen said. "There's the score, 89-89. Down to the wire, 21 seconds left, ended in a tie. ... All right, moving on to professional baseball."

Hopefully she's not moving on to a new career later this week.

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Colbie Caillat, best known for her hit single "Bubbly," was performing that very song in Pittsburgh this week when she asked the crowd to join in.

They obliged. A crowd of insects took a strong interest in her, as well.

Around the halfway point (2:00 below), bugs swarmed Caillat to the point where they interrupted the song, forcing the beautiful singer to run for cover.

Gamely, she returned and had the crowd help her finish the tune:

"My goodness. I am traumatized from the bazillion bugs that were literally raining on me from the sky while singing on stage," she wrote afterward.

Caillat, who's touring with Gavin DeGraw, may be a girly girl, but she's a good sport. One who will advocate for indoor venues from now on.

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The Republic of Dagestan is a federal subject (a republic) of Russia, located in the North Caucasus region. Dagestan is rich in oil, natural gas, coal, and many other resources.


Check out this video of a construction worker breaking it down on the job to Michael Jackson's classic "Billie Jean." Guy can moonwalk like a champion!

Hey, it's a recession. Gotta pass the time somehow.

NOTE: We've got to get him together with this Brazilian cab driver:

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Seriously, legal system?

While the jury did its job in delivering yesterday's John Edwards verdict based on the (lack of) evidence, it's hard not to be frustrated when a shady character walks.

"Not guilty" doesn't mean he's innocent - a fact that Edwards basically admitted outside the courtroom yesterday, though he maintains no laws were broken).

Nevertheless, that's hardly a consolation for some observers. Even animals can't hide their disgust for the disgraced politician. Case in point? This parrot:

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Unless you're the Miami Zombie, this video of a baby elephant playing soccer (or "football" as some call it) at a London zoo is guaranteed to make you smile.

A young Asian elephant named Donna recently showed off her dexterity with the ball and trunk-eye coordination at England's ZSL Whipsnade Zoo.

Not bad, especially for a two-year-old. She's got a bright future!

Baby elephants are "very similar to children," says Lee Sambrook, Whipsnade's assistant curator of elephants. "They like to play and run around and roughhouse."

"It gives us a great opportunity to just increase our bond with them, really."

No word if Donna has been offered a spot on England's 2012 Olympic squad.

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Good thing Mitt Romney won the GOP presidential nomination Tuesday night, as he may need some positive headlines to overshadow this awesome typo.

Twitter is ablaze with commentary this morning after it came to light that the Romney campaign's newly iPhone app, "With Mitt," misspelled "America."

The free app allows supporters to personalize pics superimposed with phrases like "I stand with Mitt," "Obama isn't working" and "American Greatness."

Or perhaps "Amercian" greatness would be more accurate:


Unfortunately for the candidate - and more so the developer who gets fired - one of the slogans amusingly plasters "A Better Amercia" across the image.

"Mistakes happen," Andrea Saul, Romney Press Secretary, said in an appearance on MSNBC this morning. "I don't think any voter cares about a typo."

Probably not, but it does make for some comic relief - especially from Mitt the micro-manager - amid a steady stream of often contentious political news.

BTW, as of now, the app still had not been fixed. Programmers ...

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Simply put: Way to go, Isaac.

In a video making its way around the Internet, this young man organizes what he refers to as a "live lip-dub," as he invites his girlfriend over; has his brother sit her down in the back of his car to so he can "play her a song;" and then... well, see for yourself.

But you might wanna grab a Kleenex before watching.

The only questioning remaining:

Which is more original and romantic: This set-up, or the video we posted one year ago of the movie trailer proposal?