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Those who tuned in for the beginning of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel might have been waiting for that moment they realized they were being rickrolled. 

Megalodon Documentary

The channel kicked off their legendary week celebrating the deep sea killers with the most infamous of sharks, Megalodon. In a two hour documentary, they took a good look at the mythic creature and did their best to draw him out.

In fact, they even used a "chum cannon" to help facilitate what they called "power chumming" to hopefully arouse the beast. 

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Pssst, Alex Rodriguez: Can you pass this dude some of your performance enhancing drugs?

It's not like you'll be needing them any time soon.

At this weekend's Kansas City Royals-New York Mets baseball game, a muscle-bound dude in a tight t-shirt was handed a water bottle and seemingly asked to help get it open.

He tried and he tried... he twisted and he twisted... and then he handed the bottle back to its original owner, defeated.

Watch now as the announcers - led by former Seinfeld guest star Keith Hernandez - mock the man's epic failure:

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Thanks to YouTube's "Geek Week" we have what might be the best thing ever to grace the internet. I said that this morning's Mumford & Sons "Hopeless Wanderer" video was the best five minutes of your day, but that might have been a lie. This is probably the best five minutes... ever.

Check out the Breaking Bad musical below and you be the judge!

This is just the most recent in a series of "Middle School Musicals" from YouTube duo Rhett and Link. While there are some other gems they've done, I think we can agree this is perhaps the best. 

Not often does "Pirates of Penzance" make its way into a video about making meth. Between that and the "I'm the One Who Knocks" song, I'm hoping these kids take their act on the road.

Who wouldn't want to see this genius live?

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Are bears in Alberta getting in on the Twerking craze too?

A pack of ursine creatures were recently captured on video taking turns thrusting hips, twerk-style, around a tree used to mark their scent in a Canadian national park.

The more Twerking animals we see, the funnier it gets:

An Alberta park ranger pointed a camera at the tree and captured a video of the bears gettin’ freaky. You have to say, they have some sweet dance moves.

They seem to bump and grind, pop and lock, even break it down! Not as appealing as Kate Upton Twerking in one sense ... but worth a look just the same.

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If there's anything cuter in this world than babies and dogs together, we challenge you to tell us what that thing is, 'cause we legitimately don't know, THGers.

Now that we've extended this challenge, we invite you to check out Exhibit A below, as little Hadley, who just learned to sit up, is sent tumbling backward.

A flurry of loving dog kisses will do that sometimes:

If that hasn't convince you, be sure to watch this baby laughing at a snoring dog, or another one cackling as its canine companion runs around going bonkers.

We're onto something cute here.

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Every woman has that memory of their first period. Some are funny, some are average, all have an element of fear mixed with a bit of pride. 

The people over at Hello, Flo? They seem to have captured that feeling amazingly with this promo for their new service to help you get prepared.

Check out "Camp Gyno" below!

Don't think this is just for first-timers. Oh no ladies.

We can all get in on the fun as well! With a variety of care packages, from light to heavy, you can set up a monthly shipment just for you. Seriously.

Tampons, pads, and candy... it really is like Christmas every month. 

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Yesterday was Harry Potter's birthday and who better to wish him a happy 33rd than his best friend Ron Weasley?

No one, that's who. Which is why Ron himself stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night to congratulate Harry on 33 years with a song.

Awww, such sad news. Hermione has left him. Perhaps it's because he is in his 30's, getting drunk on national television, and still wearing his high school robes. Get your act together Mr. Weasley!

Simon Pegg is the inebriated Ron Weasley and is making the rounds for his upcoming movie. Check him out in this The World's End featurette now!

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Twice in one week, cops in North Carolina were called out for disputes involving pizza. Amazingly enough, the two incidents were completely unrelated.

2 Million Dollar Pizza

Both stories are eerily similar as both men denied throwing pizza but cops were able to see through the untruths as there was evidence of splattered sauce and tossed pizza everywhere.

Jimmy Ray Poage initially claimed that he had thrown no pie, then later recanted saying his girlfriend was the first to fire. Despite his protests that he had changed clothes before the cops arrived, the officers found no pizza or pizza sauce on his clothing.

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Portuguese soccer god Cristiano Ronaldo is giving last month's Carly Rae Jepsen first pitch fail a run for its terrible money ... and he's a pro athlete!

Throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at the Dodgers game in Los Angeles last night, Ronaldo showed fans why he's made millions with his footwork.

He airmailed the catcher by a good five feet. Take a look:

Cristiano Ronaldo First Pitch

We'll give him a pass for at least getting it to the plate. Perhaps he was overcompensating out there, with Carly Rae's epic fail in the back of his mind.

Also, at least he didn't fall down fist-pumping a la Chad Qualls.

Check out the full video of his Ronaldo's first pitch below:

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There's something to be said for making sure no one is able to hack into your computer, no matter if you are a high powered attorney or even just the ad copy guy at a newspaper in Wales.

Unfortunately the Pembrokeshire Herald knows this all too well... now. They sent out their paper, well 20,000 copies of their paper, with a rather lewd edit to an Enterprise Rental Car advertisement.

Instead of the usual "we'll pick you up", the ad expounded with "Free pick-up from your home, office, repair shop, and c--cksucking."

How's that for service? 

Of course the newspaper immediately set out apologizing to their readers and have gone so far as to contact the police in the matter.

Good luck Pembrokeshire Herald, I saw the episode of The Simple Life when Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie changed the Sonic sign to "1/2 price anal salty wiener bugers" and I'm pretty sure they didn't even get fired.

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