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Gerard Butler is a man of many interesting talents.

He proved this and then some on a visit to the German talk show Wetten, dass..? First, he found himself imitating his guest, a professional nut cracker.

He decided, hilariously, to try to crack nuts with his rear end - one of his best features - but could only break two of them and could not stop laughing.

The host then recalled an anecdote Butler once offered regarding pouring ice down his pants during a sweltering movie shoot, and begged him to reenact it.

Reluctantly, Butler obliged. You gotta watch:

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Do you believe in magic?

What about hilarious responses to magic tricks that go viral and cause a couple of news anchors to laugh at their on-location reporter?

That's what happened to KTLA's Allie MacKay this week when she assisted Justin Willman with a trick… sorry, Gob Bluth, with an illusion.

Watch her priceless reaction to it here, but note: Willman says MacKay did not actually curse and he added in the bleep himself for comedic effect. Hey, it works!

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Brian Williams has sort of gone gangsta.

But he's definitely been lip-dubbed.

On Wednesday's edition of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the host introduced the NBC Nightly News anchor covering Snoop Dogg's 1992 classic, "Nuthin' but a G Thang."

Lip-dub style, that is. Still, it's pretty hilarious stuff. See for yourself now:

Among other favorite lip-dubs posted on THG:

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Well, at least he's not texting while driving.

A video of a man perched on the hood of a car speeding along the highway in Saudi Arabia has gone viral, with a passing vehicle capturing the odd sight on camera.

The individual filming is traveling around 60 miles per hour, meaning the other car is going at about the same pace.

But the guy doesn't seem bothered in the least, does he? Check it out now and please do not try this at home. Actually, okay, you can try this at home.

But don't try it on a car that's moving...

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Mister Rogers is back with a new remix.

Following the enormous success of "Garden of Your Mind" - which was released one year ago and which earned PBS Digital Studios a Webby award for best remix/mashup - the late children's program host has returned with "Sing Together."

Fred Rogers passed away in 2003, but videos such as these keep the memories of the minister/educator/songwriter alive and well.

They're also pretty hilarious. Take a look now:

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Facebook has changed our lives, and not just because it's helped Kim Kardashian stay in the news.

The website enables users to update friends on their new babies, their latest vacations of whatever meal they just cooked for dinner.

We can stalk our exes, we can investigate potential love interests, we can pretend as if we can easily live without this social media apparatus... but we know we'd be lying.

This addiction is covered in Facebook: The Musical, an impressively produced video that has already garnerned hundreds of thousands of hits on YouTube. Watch it here.

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Now this is how you dump your cheating boyfriend or girlfriend:

Keep your head held high and leave your former significant other looking over both shoulders at all times.

In a hilarious/creepy letter making the viral rounds, a young woman ditches her man after discovering a Facebook message from someone named "Kelsi."

Read now to see how the scorned manages to be sweet and funny, vengeful and scary, ominous and reflective, all at the same time. It's awesome stuff:

Break Up Letter

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This video is both hilarious and incredibly touching.

When a toddler named Luiz Antonio is served octopus gnocchi, he begins to engage his mother in a series of questions about the meal.

Was it ever alive? Where is its head? And why would we kill animals just to eat them?

"I don't like that that die," he says at one point in the translation below. "I like that they stay standing up."

Watch now as his mother is eventually brought to tears by her caring son - and send along some vegetarian recipes to the household! They may needed in the future.

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Sick of P90X?

Too lazy to head to the gym?

Have no idea how to bench press?

Don't worry: Joanna Rohrback has the fitness plan for you. Invented in 1989, Prancercise is somehow making the rounds again, thanks to the beauty of the Internet.

It involves a "spring, rhythmic way of moving forward, similar to a horse's gait," according to Rohrback. And, no, this is not a joke. There's an actual Prancercise book out there!

Gallop away and look for it now!

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Third grader Maggie Ciara has a serious case of Stanley Cup fever, as evidenced by an answer the Chicago Blackhawks fan put on a recent math test.

The question: “What is 9 times 9?” The answer? Hossa.

Marian Hossa wears No. 81 for her favorite NHL team.

  • Blackhawks Fan Test
  • Nine X Nine

As you can see, her Oak Lawn, Ill., teacher was baffled.

What is this? The best part? After seeing that she didn't get it, Maggie clarified it for her teacher, Christine Mech ... who gave her full credit and an A+ overall.

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